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    Thread Does reflashing stock rom bring back camera quality?

    Hi guys. I know that the moment you install a custom rom you loose a bit in camera quality. Two questions. 1) Does camera quality go back to original when you flash a stock image? 2) Does camera quality drop if you unlock bl, root, but NOT install any custom recovery? Thank you for your answers :)
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    Thread Very small question from a potential moto g5 plus buyer.

    Hi guys! I'm a potential buyer of the moto g5 plus. Question. I see that stock moto fingerprint gestures (swipe for back, recents..) are super cool. Are custom ROMs​ implementing those too? Or at least is it a feature that people want? Having no software nav buttons is great. Thanks for the answer.
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    Thread Amoled burn still exists??

    I'm wondering whether led burning is still a problem. What is your experience on your amoled device? Are the new ones burn-free? Even after 2 years of use?
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    Thread A question for you all guys: is OP3T the new nexus?

    How do you feel with modding for OP3? I see there are more threads opened here than in the Pixel forum. Is the op3t the new nexus? What's your opinion now, after some months of happy modding? Also, what about camera source: are pics taken from custom roms THAT bad?