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    Post How to root Eonon GA2180A

    Can't get root on mine either, I can connect adb but can't force su access.
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    Post Eonon GA9465B BMW 3 Series E90 E91 E92 E93 "Android 10"

    Been trying to root mine as well GA2180A, I can connect via adb console but can't gain su access and disk is in read only mode. I can boot to recovery menu but I can't toggle any of the choices using vol- vol+ or power button
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    Thread Alarm and wm6

    I am now running on wm6 does anyone have any alarm issues, my alarm just plays the alert once (about 2 sec) which is really useless wm5 would play the tune for 1 min or so
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    Post wm6 contacts

    I got it working i wasn't doing a hard reboot holding down the voice record and wireless setup softkeys!
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    Post wm6 contacts

    No that didn't work. The error is out of space but i have 30 megs free. I also get cannot execute \windows\timewizard.exe
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    Post wm6 contacts

    what else do you need? Its the tmobile mda wizard phone when i hit contacts it doesn't do anything and when i try and sync i get an error support code 8007000e i tried underground wmm6 and Wizard_Most_beautiful_1010811_21911 Device info Rom radio 2.25.11 protocol
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    Thread wm6 contacts

    Upgraded to wm6 on tmobile mda 2.26 but the contacts don't work anyone run into this?