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    Thread Are there any custom ROMs for this device?

    Title speaks for itself. I can't find any Information on a custom ROM for this device anywhere.
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    Thread OnePlus 6 tempered glass screen protector problems

    I have had my screen protector from OnePlus on since I received the phone in May. As of right now, there is a crack spanning the entire screen, top to bottom and a half a ring shaped crack in the bottom of the screen protector. I have not dropped the device nor have I had anything impact the...
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    Thread System killing viper4android.

    Does anyone else have that issue? It's not every time I go to use it that I have to restart for effect to take, but it is at least one a day. It is installed as a magisk module and notification is active so as not to kill process, but still gets killed.
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    Thread Magisk Busybox installer disables SIM cards

    I installed Busybox via Magisk module and rebooted with no SIM cards. After disabling Busybox module in Magisk, SIM cards were once again present and working as they should. As of right now, I can confirm that installing BusyBox for Andriod by JRummy Apps worked for me when installing in...