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    Thread [Q] Lollipop: Disable Swipe to Unlock for Lockscreen Notifications?

    Just got lollipop and mostly loving the lockscreen notification just like my Nexus 5... however, is there anyway to disable "Swipe to unlock" when I tap a notification so that it goes straight into the app? It seems redundant. I believe my Nexus 5 did not require the swipe step when I tap a...
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    Thread Qi Charging Issue; Turns On and Off at 100% Charge

    Do any of you have an issue where the phone screen turns on and off (and beeps) when it reaches 100% charged using a Qi charger? I am using the official Samsung wireless back cover with a Nokia Qi charging pad. When the phone reaches Charged, it will turn the screen on, then it'll say Charging...
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    Thread Dual 2.1A (4.2A total) Wall Charger (US)?

    Does anyone know of a good dual 2.1A (4.2A) wall charger? I've found reviews for car charger but I want one for the wall to charge both my Nexus 5 and my Nexus 7 FHD when I travel. Thanks!
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    Thread Anyone order a quicksand case?

    And have experience with these? http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-QuickSand-Matte-Hard-Skin-Cover-Case-For-LG-Google-Nexus-5-D820-Film-/271315398020?pt=US_Cell_Phone_PDA_Cases&var=&hash=item3f2ba86d84 So cheap but not sure of quality.
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    Thread Best Source For Replacement Screen/Digitizer?

    Hi All, One of my family members broke their Nexus 4; tripped and fell and threw the phone across the pavement... cracked front screen and no touch response. Thus, I need to find a replacement screen and digitizer with front housing. Does anyone know of a good place to an original part...
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    Thread Lux Auto Brightness

    Has anyone tried this app for Nexus 4 (or at all)? I like the auto brightness feature, but the stock feature always makes the screen a bit dimmer than I like. Or another app that you prefer to do auto brightness?
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    Thread Stock Gingerbread ROM CWM for Hong Kong?

    Hi All, I want to send my Atrix 4G to my aunt in Hong Kong, but I want to reset it back to the stock ROM so there's no driver issues. Does anyone have a CWM version of the stock ROM for Hong Kong that I can use? Thanks!
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    Thread Non-Nexus 4 Charger Charging On/Off?

    Hi All, Is anyone having issues with their non-nexus 4 chargers charging on and off? When I plug my phone into my car usb charger (5V/1A), the charging icon flashes on and off; I didn't want to ruin the phone so I unplugged it. I googled it and saw this thead; someone mentioned that the N4...
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    Thread [Q] Network Speed difference of Nexus 4 vs. Optimus G/iPhone 5 on AT&T?

    Hi All, I'm in California, USA (Southern California) and I'm covered in AT&T's LTE territory. Does anyone have any idea what the real-life speed difference might be between the Nexus 4 with only HSPA+ 21 and an iPhone 5 or Optimus G with LTE? My friend did a test for me with the iPhone and it...
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    Thread Lapdock For Sale - $170

    I have a refurb laptop from AT&T for sale but it is practically brand new. I have the box and everything; I love the thing but I'm either at work or at home (sad huh) where I have laptops... I used it at most about 5 times. If anyone is in Southern California, I would prefer to sell it locally...
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    Thread Vote to get Powermat for Atrix!

    If you want Powermat to make a cover for Atrix, voting here is a good start! I already added it under "Motorola Atrix": https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=question&id=10150194327488683&qa_ref=qd
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    Thread Sync Photos Over Wifi?

    Hi, What's a good app to sync photos automatically via wifi to my computer, and vice versa? Thanks!
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    Thread Realook screen protector?

    Has anyone used Realook before? They have some on pre-order and will be avail 3/15. If it is good I'll probably put in a order. Thanks! http://www.amazon.com/Motorola-Crystal-Premium-Protector-REALOOK/dp/B004QFKB7M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1299478352&sr=8-1
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    Thread [Q] How do I get Motoblur not to import ALL of my Google Contact?

    I set up my Google account in Motoblur and it downloaded my entire contact into my phone. With my iPhone, I can set it so it only imports those in the "My Contacts" group. I would like to do the same here since "All Contacts" stores every single email address I've ever communicated with. I am...
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    Thread [Q] What's the best notification popup app?

    I would like to have my SMS popup and light up the screen in the very least (like on the iPhone). Not sure if I want the same for email but maybe a 3-sec balloon would be nice (kind of like growl). Any suggestions?
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    Thread Skip buying a case and replace battery cover?

    I guess this mostly apply to people who are planning to buy a thin case that doesn't provide anything more than scratch protection. I fall into this category and was planning to wait for Zagg to get a invisible shield product out, but as I was putting the battery in for the first time I...