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    Thread Question Official ROM Upgrade and TWRP

    Hi, in order to use some of my apps (SwiftBackup, AFWall+...) I unlocked the bootloader of my sweet, installed TWRP and rooted it using magisk. Working fine so far, but when the device shows up an update (actually I am on 12.5.1 Global), the update file gets downloaded and then the device...
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    Thread How to extract ramdisk from phone for patching?

    Hi, I wonder if there is a possibility to "extract" the ramdisk partition of a p20 lite directly out of the phone for "magisk-patching"? Maybe I did not look on the right places, but I could not find something helpful... Best regards and thanks in advance, Otto
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    Thread [Q] Android boot/splash-screen

    Hi all! I have been playing around a little bit - building the kernel and so on... When I am starting Android (using haret) a boot-picture is shown while loading Android. Does anyone know where to turn this off, so I can see the linux boot progress (like on a regular Linux machine) ? This would...
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    Thread Ranju_v76_WM61_19209_19209_1_0_2 phone off problem

    Hi board ! a view weeks ago I had to reinstall my Universal and used Ranju_v76_WM61_19209_19209_1_0_2 (actually my first WM6) but I am running into several problems: 1) the phone-part of the device is often turning off itself. I mean, I have to go to wireless manager then and turn it on again...