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  1. MajorAly

    Post [APP][2.2+][05 Oct. - V2.4] BetterBatteryStats

    Here it is, I hope I dumped it right...
  2. MajorAly

    Post [APP][2.2+][05 Oct. - V2.4] BetterBatteryStats

    Just got a new S21 Ultra (512GB/16GB RAM variant if that matters), and I transferred everything from my old S8+ using smart switch (including apps). The problem I was facing was that the battery drain was persistent on the new device which surprised me because it was a new phone. Downloaded...
  3. MajorAly

    Post General Battery life experience

    Oh man, it's been way too long since I visited forum xda that I forgot to check for replies. Apologies for that. The results now I believe are improving, as my average SoT on my iPhone is anywhere between 3hrs-3.5hrs before plugging it in (although I plug it when it drops to 50%) and an average...
  4. MajorAly

    Post General Battery life experience

    Let me jump in after a long time to the battery draining bandwagon. I finally upgraded my S8+ which I got at launch back in 2017 to S21 Ultra Exynos (512GB/16GB RAM variant) 4 days ago. The phone feels amazing compared to the 4 generations old S8+ and that's a given. Since my S8+ had 4 years...
  5. MajorAly

    Post [Q] Wireless Charging & Magnetic Car Holders?

    Nothing super special except that it just looks cool and you can immediately pick up the phone and go, without the need to disconnect any cables. Well, taking off the case again and again would be hectic for wireless charging...Damn would have to look for something or place the metallic sheet...
  6. MajorAly

    Thread [Q] Wireless Charging & Magnetic Car Holders?

    Heya, So I have ordered a Promate MagMount to have the phone attached securely on the front, I went with a magnetic holder as they seem to be much better than traditional phone holders for cars (as the clips on the sides sometimes scratch and such the sides). My question is, does anybody have...
  7. MajorAly

    Post Do NOT BUY Samsung S8 or S8+ thin clear cover !!!

    I have also gotten the clear cover as a free bundle but for me the clear cover fits perfectly with my S8+ and doesn't have any issues that you have mentioned. No dust build up, no scratches left anywhere. Apart from the fingerprint that the cover also receives on the back (and some greasy...
  8. MajorAly

    Post LED cover locks the phone

    I'm pretty sure there are separate settings for some accessories including the LED cover. I'm sure I have seen some settings on my dad's S7 Edge and he uses the S-View flip cover with it. I will have to recheck his phone...
  9. MajorAly

    Post UFS 2.0 or 2.1? Identify the flash chip in your S8

    Read the OP post. He posted two screenshots. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  10. MajorAly

    Post UFS 2.0 or 2.1? Identify the flash chip in your S8

    Owner of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's S8+ variant. My storage is the same as the OP, so UFS2.1. No red tint issues, no restarting issues, no wifi issues, no wireless charging issues. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  11. MajorAly

    Post Galaxy S8 & S8+ Waiting Room

    Well good luck, hope you receive it without any damages from shipping. Do post unboxing pix on PG, would love to see your impressions.
  12. MajorAly

    Post Galaxy S8 & S8+ Waiting Room

    Wow, that's pretty odd. Considering that Souq here in KSA is giving the same Starter Kit 2 I mentioned. Didn't your Souq preorder said anything like that? If that's the case, even getting a starter kit sounds pretty good.
  13. MajorAly

    Post Galaxy S8 & S8+ Waiting Room

    That's nice, btw what extra/gift are you getting for your preorder?
  14. MajorAly

    Post Galaxy S8 & S8+ Waiting Room

    Lucky you guys getting the phone early, my local retailer shipping starts from 25th, been anticipating this phone a lot, need to get rid of Z5 Premium... Has anyone received or know about the Samsung starter kit 2? Instead of giving free VR bundle here in KSA, they are providing this with each...
  15. MajorAly

    Post [HELP THREAD][Noob Friendly]Samsung Galaxy S8+ Ask any question

    Good thread to help get all the questions and answers collected in a single thread. My question is: What are the specs of SD 835 in S8/S8+ vs Exynos 8895 (9 Series) in S8/S8+? Cores speed etc.
  16. MajorAly

    Post Colour Choice & Shipping.....

    Had 3 colour options here in KSA. Midnight Black, Orchid Gray and Maple Gold. First pre-ordered Orchid Gray colour as looked kind of cool and such, but the doubts quickly got the best of me and I ended up changing to the tried and tested (and my favourite colour) black. Pretty sad that the...
  17. MajorAly

    Post The Case thread, Review & Recommend.

    I'm getting a clear cover with my side+ preorder officially, still thinking of getting the spigen liquid armour which is for $11.99 on Amazon, what say you guys? Also, which tempered glass protector to go for?
  18. MajorAly

    Post Galaxy S8 & S8+ Waiting Room

    It's the regional thing here in Saudi Arabia, they have said that shipping will start from 25th April, don't know maybe they will get the stock late or sorted out late or something.
  19. MajorAly

    Post Galaxy S8 & S8+ Waiting Room

    :D My retailer has given the date range from 25th April to 5th May, hopefully I can get it in the week of the release and not get delayed...
  20. MajorAly

    Post Galaxy S8 & S8+ Waiting Room

    Pre-ordered S8+ Dual in Midnight Black yesterday. This will be my return to Samsung after Galaxy S4, which I replaced in 2014 with Xperia Z2 and then Z2 to Z5 Premium. Honestly Z2 was a pretty good phone but Z5 Premium disappointed a lot in many ways and ever since my dad got Galaxy S7 Edge...
  21. MajorAly

    Post Marshmallow for Z5 Premium now available

    Just updated to the new release. Finally they fixed the small apps bar. Other than that, does anyone know what else has been changed/fixed?
  22. MajorAly

    Post Marshmallow and Always-On 4K

    Doing QHD at all times and 4K during media is fine by me. Do it Sony.
  23. MajorAly

    Post Z5P died randomly

    What happened to his?
  24. MajorAly

    Post Z5P died randomly

    Yes they should've replaced it quickly but I guess they wanted to confirm no misuse was done or something but still... Anyways i visited the Service Center yesterday and the engineer I talked to informed me that they will replace my set with a boxpacked one but they didn't contact me to tell me...
  25. MajorAly

    Post Z5P died randomly

    As I have already written, the device is in pure vanilla form, no root no nothing
  26. MajorAly

    Thread Z5P died randomly

    So an unfortunate thing happened with me and for the first time in my life. I recently bought a Z5P in black around 10days ago. Pretty new right? Everything was well except the battery timing which was disappointing, had no issues like blurry camera etc. Until today that is. Last night I last...
  27. MajorAly

    Post Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Battery Consumption

    They stated that with Z5 series, they improved the stamina mode and battery but it has fallen much further. Marshmallow or not. I upgraded from Z2 to Z5P a few days ago, and the battery time is extremely worse! I'm getting around 4-5hrs of screen time with Stamina mode on and I'm not a heavy...
  28. MajorAly

    Post [Guide] Test waterproofing without water!

    Well I was on a tour and we went to a waterpark, my Z2 at that time was only a few weeks old, but bravely enough I took it for a photoshoot around all the water having complete faith in Sony and well, I have taken it around water a lot of times since then. No issues whatsoever! The pressure...
  29. MajorAly

    Post [TOOL] PRFCreator - easily create pre-rooted firmwares

    Couple of Questions This tool seems intriguing and I'm downloading all the required files to have root on the new 5.0.2 for Z2. A few questions (apologies if they have already been answered, I flipped though the first few pages of the thread to read everything): 1. I have a pure stock locked...
  30. MajorAly

    Post Z2 (D6503) can't make phone calls after restart

    I actually tried repairing it via Sony PC Companion application on the PC but to no effect. I'm suspecting it could be a HW issue but what baffles me is that it used to work fine (apart from the LTE issue) and only after I tried repairing it yesterday did everything work correctly and wham in...
  31. MajorAly

    Thread Z2 (D6503) can't make phone calls after restart

    Hello, So yesterday I just solved my own issue of not getting any LTE signals by reinstalling the FW. Today, I followed the advice of a user to restart the phone using PWR + VOL UP buttons to get the smoothness back. I did just that, phone became smooth again with the phone registering on...
  32. MajorAly

    Post [Q] LTE not working on Z2?

    Yeah, seems like we'll just have to wait for 4.4.4 to hit... Sad how the animations worked and there was no lag but sadly no LTE functionality. Such bad FW release. And yeah atleast I fixed the LTE issue as I really can't stand slow internet and H+ seems pretty slow to me.
  33. MajorAly

    Post [Q] LTE not working on Z2?

    Okay so actually solved the issue. I reinstalled/repaired the FW using Sony PC Companion and now LTE works perfectly. But the side effect? I heard that 4.4.2 causes many bugs and seems like I just got the phone sluggish one. Phone feels sluggish in different parts as well as when I tap the...
  34. MajorAly

    Post [Q] LTE not working on Z2?

    I can confirm that it is the handset that is not registering LTE. I just popped in a working LTE SIM which has full coverage in my area and Z2 fails to register it...
  35. MajorAly

    Post [Q] LTE not working on Z2?

    That's the thing, I already had 4G activated, and I specially got it deactivated and activated again on this handset. 4G coverage is in my area, each and everything is in optimal condition. The network operator says everything is also fine at their end... Yup everything is configured correctly
  36. MajorAly

    Thread [Q] LTE not working on Z2?

    So around 3 weeks ago I got a brand new unlocked Z2 D6503. As it says, it supports LTE and the bands it support are available and broadcasted here in KSA. I'm on the operator Zain KSA and when I manually search for mobile networks, I do see the LTE network by the operator but whenever I select...
  37. MajorAly

    Post [Q] What is l2_hsic kernel wakelock and I9500 not entering deep sleep

    Yup, started from scratch. Wiped everything before flashing the FW again.
  38. MajorAly

    Post [Q] What is l2_hsic kernel wakelock and I9500 not entering deep sleep

    I just reinstalled the official FW again to solve the issue. Apparently I'm now just waiting for Perseus to release a kernel which caters to these issues.
  39. MajorAly

    Post [Q] Aviate invite code?

    If anyone is feeling generous enough to send me an invite then please send it to: [email protected] Sent from my GT-I9500 using Tapatalk
  40. MajorAly

    Post [Q] What is l2_hsic kernel wakelock and I9500 not entering deep sleep

    Yeah seems like it but NB3 had no issue with Perseus' kernel 18, could be this FW has that issue. Can you point me to the stock kernel? Or will I have to flash the FW again?
  41. MajorAly

    Post [Q] What is l2_hsic kernel wakelock and I9500 not entering deep sleep

    Anyone? Went to sleep with 88% charge, woke up to 67% with l2_hsic waking up the phone for about 40,000 times!
  42. MajorAly

    Thread [Q] What is l2_hsic kernel wakelock and I9500 not entering deep sleep

    Hello, I have a GT-I9500, So I've been on the leaked official FW of 4.4.2 (NB3) one for quite some time and didn't experience any problems with anything. When I heard that my own region's 4.4.2 FW is available, naturally I went and flashed it (did all the steps of wiping and everything). But...
  43. MajorAly

    Post KitKat 4.4 thread. All discussion/news/rumors here!

    Anyone knows of any Kernels working with Kitkat 4.4.2? Using I9500 here.
  44. MajorAly

    Post post your battery usage here

    My extended battery with kitkat (I9500) And this is the first charge ever since upgrading to kitkat... <insert witty tapatalk signature here>
  45. MajorAly

    Post KitKat 4.4 thread. All discussion/news/rumors here!

    Is anyone else having issues with location? I mean the GPS and the other location options just go on never ending to get the location and I have to restart the phone to get them to work. So location locking is being an issue with me atm <insert witty tapatalk signature here>
  46. MajorAly

    Post [FIX][LEAKED 4.4]External Sdcard Mount Perms fix

    Thank you, this fixed my issue with Airdroid.
  47. MajorAly

    Post KitKat 4.4 thread. All discussion/news/rumors here!

    Apart from the airdroid issue I'm facing, this new update is super fast. The animations are smoother, the screen colours look more vivid and great now, like the quality has been increased, no jerks no nothing anywhere so far. I'm pretty amazed. <insert witty tapatalk signature here>
  48. MajorAly

    Post KitKat 4.4 thread. All discussion/news/rumors here!

    To I9500 users: Is anyone having issues with AirDroid? I cannot upload files, it is giving me a Network Failure error, has never happened before, yet I can delete files via the web UI. Can anyone confirm? I'm on the official XNFA3 something Russian FW
  49. MajorAly

    Post KitKat 4.4 thread. All discussion/news/rumors here!

    Seems like I9500 users will get the 4.4 update the last or pretty late...