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  1. tolga_1

    Post Question Query regarding update Miui EU

    There is no need to extend the subject that much. You did everything right. Nobody can guarantee that there will be no software problems in the future. If you have a problem in the future, you back up your data and wipe data / cache OK.
  2. tolga_1

    Post Question Query regarding update Miui EU

    Yes thats right If you are going to install it on the previous EU rom; 1-Copy the EU rom .zip file to internal memory. 2-Install TWRP 3-Open TWRP 4-Select the .zip file in memory from the Install section and complete the installation. If you want, you can just start TWRP and use it. ADB Command...
  3. tolga_1

    Post Question Query regarding update Miui EU

    You have to use TWRP to install the new version. In TWRP, select the EU ROm.zip file from the install menu and complete the installation. Fastboot method is no longer supported.
  4. tolga_1

    Thread Question Poco F3 NFC payments don't work properly.

    I've been doing almost all my payments with Nfc for a long time. Ever since I got a Poco F3, I've been going crazy. I now have problems with Nfc at the same places where I shop.All settings are ok and I checked everything. When I approach the phone to the pos device to make a payment, a reading...
  5. tolga_1

    Post Question Did any one install Indonesian rom on F3?

    Yes there are Google services. Dialer and Message app Xiaomi's
  6. tolga_1

    Post Question Did any one install Indonesian rom on F3?

    I've tried all the rom. I was most pleased with the eu rom. I think; Eu > indo>india>eea>global>turkey>russia
  7. tolga_1

    Post General MIUI 12.5 Stable Xiaomi.EU (Poco F3, Mi 11x, Redmi K40)

    This error is given if the Miflash application and rom file are elsewhere than section C:. Throw the miflash program directly into the C:, change the folder name to something short in the rum, then move it into the C:. Try installing later. The problem needs to be fixed. example :app...
  8. tolga_1

    Post Question Any software solution to proximity sensor failure on calls?

    Bu telefonun yakınlık sensörü tam bir rezalet. Asla düzgün çalışmaz. Kendi zevk dilekleri çalışır. Telefon sabrımı zorlamaya başladı. Tekrar Samsung'a dönmek istiyorum.
  9. tolga_1

    Post Question Poco F3 Vibration Strength

    This setting is just a touch feedback setting. I'm afraid it has no effect on notifications and ringtones.
  10. tolga_1

    Thread Question Poco F3 Vibration Strength

    Hello to everyone What do you think of the vibration strenght of the Poco F3? I switched from the Galaxy Note 8 to this device, and the vibration is simply "outrageous." I don't feel anything when the phone rings and the notification comes in. I could feel it on my feet when the Note 8 was on...
  11. tolga_1

    Post Question Green tint on screen

    Galaxy Note 8 cihazından Poco F3'e geçtim. Ekran hakkında söyleyeceğim tek şey F3'ün ekranı berbat ötesi. Tek sorun ekranın yeşil olması değil, bir çok konuda geride malesef.
  12. tolga_1

    Post [Collection][GUIDE] Lollipop 5.0.2 signed RUU.zip

    Thanks for reply danny I'm sorry , i didnt read first post, i read now and files are not corrupted.I tested with md5 and same codes. Thanks again and sorry again.
  13. tolga_1

    Post [Collection][GUIDE] Lollipop 5.0.2 signed RUU.zip

    Hi alray , This ruu file is corrupted.I downloaded 4 times from 29 jan and 8 february upload but corrupted again. :( I need this ruu file ,can you reupload? Thanks ;)
  14. tolga_1

    Post [FIX: ] Recent apps button lag fix in Touchwiz (Lollipop and KitKat)

    Work great. Thank you very much. Nice Work :):D:good:
  15. tolga_1

    Post [Q&A][i9305][KitKat][4.4][Official] CyanogenMod 11

    capasitive touch button light turn off hi i am using kitkat 4.4. cm-11-20131124-UNOFFICIAL-i9305. i like it this rom but capasitive button light not turn off :( Do not the solution for this ? bad english so sorry thanks