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    Post [GUIDE][WINDOWS] Bootloader Unlock & Relock, Drivers, Magisk rooting, Firmware and GSI ROM flashing without TWRP

    Thanks for the effort! Don't really mind what other ppl saying buddy, but yea the xda community is pretty dead.
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    Post [ROM][10.0][Xiaomi Mi 9][OFFICIAL]Pixel Experience [AOSP[2020/08/17]

    Anyone have any GPS problem? When using GPS the direction goes wild and drift a bit constantly.
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    Post [OxygenOS System Mods] RENOVATE ICE 14.0 | OP7/OP7PRO//OP7T/OP7TPRO

    Its not working on my phone? Hows your respond relavant? Should I wipe cache? Cuz it's working before I update to 957
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    Post [OxygenOS System Mods] RENOVATE ICE 14.0 | OP7/OP7PRO//OP7T/OP7TPRO

    power button flash light stopped working on v2.0 and 9.5.7
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    Post [ROM[PORT][9.0.0] MIUI 10 China Dev 9.5.16 [25.05.19]

    wipe? usually it means it's in bootloop and its not gonna work. the rom is not suitable for daily use anyway xD
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    Post Best Magisk modules for OOS?

    Tai Chi, Sony Device Dummy, 1Controller. Tai Chi is awesome for systemless xposed framework!
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    Post [ROM[PORT][9.0.0] MIUI 10 China Dev 9.5.16 [25.05.19]

    we got a working TWRP now, i can fully test the rom in the future! Thank you for your work, looking forward for updates.
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    Post [ROM[PORT][9.0.0] MIUI 10 China Dev 9.5.16 [25.05.19]

    I did flashed the MIUI fix zip. I think I will start using your rom after proper TWRP came out. As decrypting is not working right now. Really appreciate your work. Especially it's a China dev rom.
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    Post [ROM[PORT][9.0.0] MIUI 10 China Dev 9.5.16 [25.05.19]

    AHHHHH Great! Best combination ever! OP hardware and MIUI Camera app not there. Flash light not working, WIFI not working.
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    Thread TWRP build by shakalaca

    seen on official zentalk forum. On the first post, search for TWRP, there will be a mega download link. after unlocking bootloader, flash in fastboot fastboot flash boot twrp-3.2.xxxxxxxxxxx.img note: Flash to boot partition only. and download the corresponding version of twrp per your rom...
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    Post Can any guys make a TWRP?

    You are unbelievable! Read! Carefully!
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    Post [ROM] Epic ROM for Mi MIX 2 (Chiron) Multilanguage_By MrRaines {From Epic Team}

    works great! but requiring format userdata is a pain in the ass.
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    Thread anyone feeling lag or slow on this tablet? and/or touchscreen problem?

    just picked up this tablet this after cuz this is the only android tab with modern soc. but it feels laggy when using. especialy when playing games. The game i play called Mobile Legends, I used to play with my Moto Z which packaged the same soc as this tab, yet the resolution looks like shyt...
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    Post [MOD][GUIDE][2.3.x +]Potato Clock Mods

    remove How to remove this mod? It comes with a rom but i cant change the font size of the clock. Need to remove it and back to stock.
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    Thread [GUIDE]How to unlock Bootloader and Root

    NONE OF THESE DEVELOPMENTS WERE DONE BY ME, YET I WONT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR PHONE 0. Download the attachment. unpack. get driver installed. turn debug on. connect phone to your pc. Copy SuperSU-Pro-*.zip to phone memory. 1. Get Unlock Code for your phone @...
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    Post REMOVED

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    Post Where to buy, where not to buy

    cuz... i like playing with new phone, I bought like 50 phones in the last 10 years here is the phone i bought will 2011
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    Post REMOVED

    Speedway and battery test. It's a great phone I'm selling it for $530, I'll pay the shipping fee.
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    Thread REMOVED

    REMOVED: No selling/trading/buying on XDA. Use swappa.com
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    Post Where to buy, where not to buy

    I'm selling mine, can I post in this forum?
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    Post Ordered my Mate 7

    its rooted like 2 weeks ago
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    Post Ordered my Mate 7

    Here is the speed tests on 3g and hspa+. Sorry for the late. For me its not no too bad but LTE is definitely faster. I'm counting on the software unlock of the LTE bands
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    Post Ordered my Mate 7

    Okay, i confirmed that the CMCC version doesn't have the FDD LTE band required on Bell. Which means only HSPA+ in North America. But i will have my friend bring me another version of Mate 7 in 2 weeks xD.
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    Post Ordered my Mate 7

    I'm back to Vancouver sitting in the airplane waiting, and i have 3G and hspa+. Not sure about LTE but will report back soon.
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    Post TWRP For Mate 7 !

    The Chinese versions of MT7 is already unlockable via http://www.emui.com/plugin.php?id=unlock&mod=detail Thx for the effort,
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    Post TWRP For Mate 7 !

    yea im asking on huawei's website on bootloader unlock, their mod says its incoming
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    Post [Official][9.16.14]MT7-TL10,Android 4.4,Emotion UI,V100R001CHNC00B117SP10

    There always are ways to extract the UI and port to other roms but not worth the effort EMUI is not that good as MIUI or even Samsung's UI, so why trying?
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    Post Ordered my Mate 7

    from what i know, the hardware are basically the same on every version, huawei blocked some FDD channel on the Chinese versions for CMCC and Unicom. When using the phone on other carriers, the restriction will be removed. The rom comes with Google service framework, all you need to do is...
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    Post Where to buy, where not to buy

    Could be fake, the price Huawei announced in German is something like 499 or 599 euros be careful. The price in China for the 32G/3G ram is around 600 USD/ Think about it before place your order
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    Thread Firmware Unpacker for Huawei

    Here is the firmware unpack tool for most of Huawei's firmware I found on a Chinese webisite. How to use: Download the tool, unrar, put the firmware(UPDATE.app) into the folder and run unpack.bat Download: http://goo.gl/zAz085
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    Thread [Official][9.16.14]MT7-TL10,Android 4.4,Emotion UI,V100R001CHNC00B117SP10

    Here is the Chinese firmware for Mate7-TL10, the CMCC version. hope can help on development. http://download-c.huawei.com/download/downloadCenter?downloadId=27507&version=50913&siteCode=cn
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    Post [Q] Huawei Ascend Mate 7 LTE Bands

    band 1/3/7 is the only bands available in China, but when the phone is roaming(using on other carrier than CMCC, China Unicom or China Telecomm), all other bands are usable.
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    Post Ordered my Mate 7

    i got the contact sync work for no reason xD
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    Post TWRP For Mate 7 !

    what information you need?
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    Post Ordered my Mate 7

    ill be back to canada at 22nd. i can bring you one.
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    Post Ordered my Mate 7

    Mate 7::LTE FDD Band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/20/28(Aphase)
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    Post Ordered my Mate 7

    yea i didnt find contact sync neither after serval trying. maybe huawei blocked it for some stupid reason or its a bug
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    Post Ordered my Mate 7

    both CMCC and Unicom version works fine on ATT. its unlocked. gold is the only color they offer atm.
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    Post Ordered my Mate 7

    And the phone feels good, really good in hands. It feels very solid and slate. And didn't feel too huge like the OPPO N1 which is also 6 inch.
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    Post Ordered my Mate 7

    I used OPPO N1 and Note3 last year, the weight is note3< mate7<N1, it's not bad. But holding it while laying face up is kinda hard xD hands get shot easily. Yeah it fit my Levi's pocket pretty good. One hand operation is okay in EMUI, if you have the xposed mod fly android installed it will...
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    Post Ordered my Mate 7

    For the google sync, try go to Huawei's app market and download the google apps and you are good to go ;)
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    Thread Ordered my Mate 7

    got my man ordered this beautiful piece from China, hope it can work on Canada Bell LTE xD shoulda arrive in a week or 2 will report back and maybe post an openbox if not any.
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    Post [ROM] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [20/10/12]

    Hey can you please add option that long press menu key maps to in-app-search like CM10?
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    Post [KERNEL] (XWKL1) Lulz Kernel Build 18/Tegrak Build 31

    Hi do you have any plan on supporting Ice Cream Sandwich? It's been 3 months since last update!
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    Post [30/12][KL1][2.3.6][V5 Released][ICS Performance]Official InfectedRom V5,Jkay,BLN

    This rom doesnt pick up 5Ghz wifi. I think it's the wifi driver problem?