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    Thread Kernel processes wakelocking all time

    My phone has suddenly recently started to flick out wakelocks all the time, and battery would drain in few hours to 0% when it should mostly be in deep sleep mode. Checking that everything is still not doing some weirdos in the background, I installed Wakelock Detector app And.. after around...
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    Thread MicroPic -- Photo enhancing app

    Alright so there's MicroPic, it's an app that turns your photos alive with few taps I haven't had really enough time to put some satisfying screenshots, feel free to send me some, I will add the cool ones ASAP :laugh: It uses a simple algorithm to optimize the colors of the photo, it does...
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    Thread An easier way to Dual-boot Windows? Seriously?

    So I was browsing through the internet looking for a way t dual-boot my android with Windows. I saw a blog article mentioning about a software called "Change My Software X Edition" -- Where X is the windows version to be installes Can somebody confirm this is not fake? and not going to break...
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    Thread [Q] What? Is this a really Lollipop stable ROM?

    Guys, I'm seeing out there in the internet some links for stable 5.0 ROMs Can anybody confirm this? Is this a lie? Forgive my dumbness :fingers-crossed: e.g.: Link, look for stable in the downloads section EDIT: Also here!, look at the description of the AOSP Lollipop ROM
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    Thread [Q] How to change IMEI code on ST25i (Xperia U) ?

    Hello, I'm trying to change my phone's IMEI number, How can I do so? I already know this is illegal etc. etc. so let's skip this for a while.. I mean, where is it stored? AT partition? where is that AT partition? Please help. Thanks in advance
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    Thread [Q] Help me, This is my first App!

    I Made an App that is for Root users only, it Makes Swap to Improve Performance for Low RAM Devices The App is very Professionally Designed, So the user doesn't need to know anything at all, Just some Clicks and thats it! The App will be free. So the questions are: 2.Which Ad Service you...
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    Thread [Q] Help Understanding/Loading/Developing Kernel Modules

    The Story started when i wanted to install Drivers for USB OTG on my Droid, And now im ended up by a black hole, im completely lost What i've Researched/Understand: 1.Kernel is a Bridge between Software and Hardware 2.Drivers must be included in Kernel 3.To Load Drivers, We Need to Extends The...
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    Thread [Q] Forward USB OTG to Chrooted Linux?

    I've installed Ubuntu inside my Android through Chroot, now i want the Chroot to Detect USB OTG Devices, how can i achieve that?
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    Thread [Q] Help Running a C++ Application via Terminal

    I have a C++ Application that work on Ubuntu/any Distro via Terminal, And all what i want is to run it on my Android. I have a Compressed file of the source code, So if i Followed these: cd /src make it will work on Ubuntu like a charm, now the thing i Copied this to my Droid, i had some...
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    Thread [Q] A Way to try windows phone without getting a new device

    I need to try windows phone, i'm gonna get a one if i like it:cyclops: The Web based windows phone is crap:silly: i don't have a SnapDragon 200 or 400 so i can install windows phone 8.1 when it's out:confused: and i have Windows 8 x86 but the SDK needs x64, i don't want to upgrade to x64 cause...
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    Thread [Q] why Sony ROMs are very slow?

    Can anybody tell me why Sony smartphones are slow?? I mean I have Xperia u and If I compared to a Samsung phone that has the same specs we will find that Samsung phone is faster? Why? Am I wrong? Is it just because it's old?
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    Thread fsck for [FAT32] USB Storage?

    I have an Always inserted SDcard on my PC, i Powered up my PC Today and Windows Told me it should be formatted, i Put that SDcard on a SD Reader and Plugged to my android Over OTG, it detected it without problem, i also been able to read/write on the SDcard Now the thing is how can i check it...
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    Thread [Tutorial] [Root] How to Make Apps Download From Local Location

    Sometimes You want to install an App on more than an android device, but the App data is Big, so it would take long to download My Problem For Example, I Want to Install Several Offline Language packs For Google Translate for each Device, on my Connection it would take Forever Now The Thing...
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    Thread Where's IR Blaster in Tab 3 7.0

    I couldn't find the IR Blaster where is it? Mine is WiFi Only Version Sent from my ST25i using Tapatalk
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    Thread [Q] Enable Monitor Mode on OTG WiFi

    I have RTL8187 WiFi adapter connected to XPU Over OTG and the thing is that i want to turn it into Monitor Mode... how to do that? P.S : i am ROOTED
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    Thread [Q] Android Terminal - Permission Denied!

    I'm rooted and using Terminal with Superuser Permissions:fingers-crossed: i want to run an executable:highfive: ./<EXECUTABLE> it doesn't work:( it works perfectly on Ubuntu or any other Linux Distribution on PC:victory: it says:rolleyes: Cannot Execute - Permission Denied any help:cyclops:
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    Thread [Q] Video Extensions that are HW Decoded? Plus Some Questions

    First what is H/W+ Decoding in Some Video Players?:confused: Second, i heared that Some Video Formats are Decoded S/W which means decoded by CPU while Others decoded H/W so it's Graphic Card:cowboy: So what Video Formats use S/W and Who uses H/W?:o I actually have Xperia U and trying to Play...
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    Thread [Q] Xperia U MHL?

    Sony States MHL Not Supported in Xperia U, while some posts (some in xda) states that it supports:silly: While if we looked at Xperia P we can clearly see it supports MHL:highfive: But the thing is that Xperia P has the same Chipset and Graphic in the Xperia U:laugh: So what is making it not...
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    Thread [Q] What is Chromecast??? a detailed info plz :)

    Can anybody tell my what is chromecast? i heared that you plug it to TV and send the info over Wi-Fi from a Device such as android At first, is it "Mirroring" or similar to DLNA? i mean it's just for Photos and Videos and vice versa? I Actually Want to Browse the Internet on My Tablet while...
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    Thread USB Host and OTG, i've gone crazy!

    From what i know, OTG: A Port that can Be Both a client so it can be connected to PC and Host to Plug Some flash Drives, etc. USB Host: They're just like the PC One's, They only Act as USB Host However, Nexus 5, Supports Both USB OTG And USB Host.. I don't understand how? is there two USB ports...
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    Thread [Q] Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 TV-Out?

    Is there "any" way to connect tab 3 7" to external screen? the thing that makes me puzzled is that all says it doesn't support that while there's already available product made specifically for tab 3 7" any help? need help fast i have to buy a new tablet tomorrow if there's no way, what you...
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    Thread [Q] What are the available jacks in Galaxy Tab 3 7.0?

    i want to but Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 but i want to know what are the Jacks available? Plus, Does it support MHL or Something equivalent? I want to Use USB OTG with Screen Out to make it as Mini-PC i also heard about some sort of weird connector is that true? Thx For Help:laugh:
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    Thread [Q] Google Now for any Smartphone?

    Will in the near future Ok Google will be available to all smartphone? i mean i'm comparing Xperia Z vs Nexus 5 and i want the Z but Google Now makes me Dying to get Nexus :cyclops:
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    Thread Why a Custom ROM can't be FTF?

    Why a custom ROM can't be FTF? Why it's always ZIP? I mean i'd like to flash a cystom Rom without installing CWM Sent from my ST25i using Tapatalk
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    Thread [Q] Force Google Play to check for updates?

    How to force Google play to check for update? I have another market and it shows me updates that Google play dosen't Sent from my ST25i using Tapatalk
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    Thread [Q] Help Mounting Device Into QEMU/Limbo PC Emulator

    Hi Guys, I'm Running FreeBSD On my Android using Limbo PC Emulator App, Which is Based on QEMU:laugh: i'd like to Mount Devices into FreeBSD that is Connected over USB Host..:D There's "QEMU Console" which i can add from USB Devices, Remove the, etc.:silly: The thing is that it says that the...
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    Thread [Q] Freeze non-System apps?

    I'm Running Android 4.0.4 ICS and i freezed some System apps, but, how can i freeze non system apps? i only see uninstall option.:cyclops: Plus, i'm not rooted:D For eg. i want oto freeze FireFox
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    Thread [Q] Help Me Finding a Guide for android App Development

    Guys i need a Guide that learns me how to develop android apps from scratch, i have no idea about Java, XML, etc. I Messed up a little with XML/Java but i can't create a poop using them :cyclops: any help:confused:
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    Thread [Q] Help Debugging my app!!!!!! im so noob -_-

    Hi Guys, i'm having a training to develop android apps:laugh:, the training i found in developer.android.com:D the thing is that i'm now in page "Building a Simple User Interface" and i just completed it and now the problem is that i can't run the app cause of: "container cannot be resolved or...
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    Thread How likely Xperia z screen get cracked if I bought one

    I'm Planning to buy Xperia Z, the thing is that I heared about Screen getting cracked by itself, and i'm not satisfied with Xpetia ZL's Design So If I bought Xperia Z, What is the percent that I Will get a cracked screen Sent from my ST25i using Tapatalk
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    Thread [Q] Some Help With Flashing Custom ROM

    Can i Flash a ROM without unlocking bootloader? What are the best ROM's you Prefer? if, What ROM You Are now Using? If i Flashed a ROM, Will i see a Significant Speed Up? Why You Flashed a ROM? Thank you so Much, i'm noob in flashing roms etc.
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    Thread What is the World Fastest Launcher and Browser

    I Need the Fastest Browser and Launcher, I need them very light Wight, which uses tiny size if ram and very little CPU usage Sent from my ST25i using Tapatalk
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    Thread [Guide] Make Xperia U ICS 4.0.4 Nearly Fast as Gingerbread

    in This Guide i will show you have i've speeded up my Xperia U After ICS 4.0.4 Update You'll won't Get the same speed you get with Gingerbread, But it's good to speed it up 1. Do NOT Use Live Wallpapers, it Uses RAM and CPU 2.Go to Settings>Developer Options and Check Force GPU Rendering (...
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    Thread Nexus 5 USB OTG

    Hi guys, I will buy new smartphone, Stuck Between Xperia ZL and Google Nexus 5 Anyway, LG tells that Nexus 5 Have USB OTG, and if you Googled: Nexus 5 USB OTG, you will get apps to run USB OTG On Nexus 5 What does that mean? should i have an App to use OTG? doesn't it work out of the box? i'm...
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    Thread PC Companion not Showing me the 6.1.1.B.1.100 Update!

    as the title says, PCC not showing me the Update, so i'm stuck with 6.1.1.B.1.54 i even tried VPN to get US and no deal. so from where i can download the 6.1.1.B.1.100 FTF File so i can flash it with flashtool. my phone is unlocked.
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    Thread Xperia U Stock Firmwares

    What are the Stock Firmwares Currently avaliable for Xperia U and what is the differenece between GENERIC and Without GENERIC