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    Post xiaomi 10 Single SIM and Dual SIM

    Just received my dual sim adapter from Aliexpress. I have Xiaomi.eu running and it works like it should. It is dual SIM again.
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    Post [KERNEL][POCOPHONE] FrancoKernel ? r32 · 7th Sep - MIUI Pie and custom roms

    Black screen of death after every single call. unusable unfortunately.
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    Post BSG Google Camera port - 7.4.104 (June 18)

    Since I installed the Fix on MIUI Stable 10 Oreo 8.1 nothing workd anymore. Does anyone know how to uninstall the fix?
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    Post BSG Google Camera port - 7.4.104 (June 18)

    I tested the night sight VS stock cam with 8 seconds shutter speed. The room was almost 100% dark. Just a very little light. Gcam: https://photos.app.goo.gl/NspKnAS9G42RmYHg9 Stock Cam: https://photos.app.goo.gl/14opvUjcTQWMJrJc6 in both cases the phone was placed on a table.
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    Post Photo quality

    GCam 6.1 BSG Mi8 version. Stock has laughable quality compared to Gcam.
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    Post Poco f1 Gcam port with night mode working !!!

    Starts but crashs immidiatly.
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    Post HDR videos lookes washed out in Youtube

    I just watch the LG HDR 1080p60 on MIUI 10 Pie and it looks INCREDIBLE. Honestly amazing screen quality.
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    Post Photo quality

    low light performance.
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    Post [ROM][Stable] MIUI xiaomi.eu

    Good: - Very stable - very smooth - looks good - Amazing battery Bad: - No Gcam - Bad Integration of Google Services (Google Auto, Chromecast etc.) - Bad reception of LTE compared to AICP But def. the very best MIUI so far.
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    Post Charging speed

    I use AICP and it charges from 0-50% in 30 minutes.
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    Post [Magisk] [Module] Mi A2 Ported camera for Whyred custom roms

    thank you, ti worked now. But it is not as good as Gcam in my eyes. Portrait on Gcam is another level but i didn't find any camera that works well on Note Pro.
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    Post [Magisk] [Module] Mi A2 Ported camera for Whyred custom roms

    Did everything said above but still doesnt work: "Cant connect to the camera" I am on latest RR.
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    Post Modded Google Cam on Mix 2

    For me everything works. Slowmotions etc. but the video quality is really bad. It is way to dark, even at 30 FPS. The video recording on the Mi5 for example was really good and the Mi5 had a much worse chip. Anyone know a version where video recording looks good?
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL]AICP Oreo for Mix 2 (chiron)

    I dont understand why this Rom is not more popular. It is extremely stable and crazy battery life.
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    Post Screen on time

    7 to 8 hours daily. Great battery life. Yesterday I watched YT etc. on my phone all the time and after 03:45 minutes SoT I still had 67% battery left. It was on WIFI though.
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    Post Fast and smoothly Rom for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

    I use aicp. I use it for two weeks now. It is very very stable. Very good battery as well and it is fast. No show downs what so ever.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] AICP - 14.0 - P 9.0 chiron- WEEKLY

    Greenify was it. Thank you very much for the tip.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] AICP - 14.0 - P 9.0 chiron- WEEKLY

    Also did. Phone got extremely hot. Spotify still crashed like before.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] AICP - 14.0 - P 9.0 chiron- WEEKLY

    I have a huge Problem with Spotify. When ever I turn off my Display Spotify complety closes after around 2 to 3 minutes. Did anyone have this problem before? Reinstall, unoptimize battery didn't work. Tried everything so far.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] AICP - 14.0 - P 9.0 chiron- WEEKLY

    Gcam doesn't work on this rom. No matter Which ones I tried. If you want to take a picture it just stays black. Taking video works. Tried at least six different gcam mods. All same problem.
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    Post Photo quality

    Took two days ago. I like the camera so far.
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0][OFFICIAL] Pixel Experience

    For me every app closes after 2 to 3 minutes when I shut down the display. I whitelabeled spotify already. But it doesn't change anything. I use the Priima kernel.
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    Post Which Android skin and why?

    Miui und EMUI feel like the interpretation of a 13 years old fan boy of how his phone should work and look like. While AOSP looks much more mature in total feel.
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    Post Bands for EU / US?

    o2 has extended the Band 2 coverage. Now 95% Band 3. I am happy with that.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1.2]Resurrection Remix v5.8.5[OMS][VoLTE][FINAL]

    I have a extremly weird bug. When ever I am at about 20% to 30% and take a photo with HDR, no matter stock cam or GCam the phone shuts off. I cannot start it until i plug the phone in again. Did anyone ever experience this bug?
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    Post [Mi MIX/Lithium] Epic ROM Pro_Stable_AOSP Notifications_7.0 {By Épic Team}

    Ok wow, thats a big for me. I always wanted to try MIUI for a longer period but notifications are a too big of a deal for me in order to accept the rom. Lets hope they also change the recent apps view to an easier on. Scrolling left to right is really not convenient at all.
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    Post [Mi MIX/Lithium] Epic ROM Pro_Stable_AOSP Notifications_7.0 {By Épic Team}

    Tried this rom. It is really fast. But the notification system from MIUI is so bad compared to RR. I just cant deal with it. I am sorry.
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    Post [KERNEL][LOS/AOSP][EAS] DragonXia Kernel v4.03[OC/UV/OV] [21th October]

    Thank you. I will do that. I find the speed of this phone very smooth, even at 1670 . Now I need to get the battery life in order :D I am experimenting a little right now. Its always different for each device, even if you use the same device. I had the non ultimate version before and I got 7...
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    Post [KERNEL][LOS/AOSP][EAS] DragonXia Kernel v4.03[OC/UV/OV] [21th October]

    I did actually. Set both kernels to 1670Mhz and relaxed governor. Or the older governors better? On Note 4x the bluactive gave me the best results. But since this is a complete different CPU I don't know if I can expect the same here as well. How low can I go the with little kern? I don't want t...
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    Post [KERNEL][LOS/AOSP][EAS] DragonXia Kernel v4.03[OC/UV/OV] [21th October]

    Is there any setup recommended for long battery life and good performance? I use relaxed governor but the battery life is still very bad. Only 3 SoT. With this phone getting 5 to 7 hours shouldnt be any problem. On my Note 4x I had up to 10 hours SoT.
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    Post [OFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 [7.1.2][WEEKLY]

    Vielen Dank und Grüße aus München :)
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    Post [OFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 [7.1.2][WEEKLY]

    Hey guys, I am new to this device. before I had the Note 4x with RR. My fingerprint scanner seems to be extremly slow on this one. On Stock MIUI it is like instant! It is crazy how fast it is on stock Note 4x MIUI Rom. On the 4x RR rom it was good, maybe 1 second until screen is on. Here it...
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    Post [ROM] [MIUI9] [CHINESE BETA] Stock Based Custom ROMs - Updated on weekly basis

    Hey guys. I have flashed the latest MiGlobe Rom but now it crashs every time I want to backup or OTA update. Is there any way to fix this because I need my apps back. I cant get them back with the google account because that feature is not installed with the gapps. Any ideas?
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    Post [KERNEL][MIDO][Oreo/Pie] ElectraBlue Kernel 21.0 - July 06 - Redmi Note 4

    What is the best setup to get the performance to max? I dont care sooo much about having 10 hours of SOT. But i want the phone to fly. The MIUI 8 on this phone is so fast and responsive. But I hate the notification and all the other stuff.
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    Post [KERNEL][MIDO][Oreo/Pie] ElectraBlue Kernel 21.0 - July 06 - Redmi Note 4

    Ok I reflashed it. Changed everything as suggesdted. It runs quite well now. I will tell more after more testing.
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    Post [KERNEL][MIDO][Oreo/Pie] ElectraBlue Kernel 21.0 - July 06 - Redmi Note 4

    What do you mean by autonomy? With RR Stock Kernel I have around 8 hours SOT and the speed is like any 8xx Snapdragon. Why is a slow phone suddenly a good thing?
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][OFFICIAL] [FINAL][CLOSED] ResurrectionRemix 5.8.5 [02/10]

    I did. Flashed the Kernel. Made the phone very slow. Tried to flash the latest RR again. Bootloop. Needed to go back and restore my backup.
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    Post [KERNEL][MIDO][Oreo/Pie] ElectraBlue Kernel 21.0 - July 06 - Redmi Note 4

    This Kernel made the phone extremly slow. Went back to Stock RR Kernel which is great.
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    Post [MIUI 9] (Redmi Note 4X/SD) (mido) Download Links. Build:27/07/17

    Why is the notification system MIUI SO ****ED UP!!!! I mean Android Vanilla has the absolut best notification in the business. Nothing comes close. MIUI just takes this and makes it the worst and doesnt even give you an option to use the vanilla Android version. I am so closed to install a AOSP...
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    Thread Rescue Data from S6 Edge with broken screen

    Hey guys, my sister in law gave me her S6 Edge. The screen is completely broken and you cant see anything. Now she has all the pictures from her honeymoon and wedding on that phone. The phone pin locked. I have a OTG adapter and can use USB mouse and keyboard. I opened Kies and tried to sync...
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    Post Genisys Rom 4.9 & Genisys Theme 4.3 [H811 V20R] [H815 v20L] [12.March.2017] [MM]

    Can I install this Rom over V20j? Or do I need to flash a KDZ first and so on?
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    Post Part of Z3 case broken off, anyway to fix it?

    Thanks a lot. But seems like they are not available in the EU. Couldn't find any reseller in Germany.
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    Thread Part of Z3 case broken off, anyway to fix it?

    Hey guys, my Z3 fell to the ground and one piece broke off and I don't have it anymore (see attachment). It is the lower right part. Is there anyway that I can fix it? I do not want to replace the whole display and stuff. Nothing is affected by this. Thanks a lot.
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    Post [AROMA] RXSW Marshmallow Edition [4.0.0] [03/06/16] [6.0.1] [OTA]

    I updated the latest ZIP but I don't see the RXSW OTA App anywhere. Otherwise the system looks much more stable. Did you fix the bluethoot as well? Edit1: There is a parsing error with the "updatecenter-release.apk". Thats probably why it is not there. Could you check please?
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    Post [AROMA] RXSW Marshmallow Edition [4.0.0] [03/06/16] [6.0.1] [OTA]

    The sound module is totally broken. Video on Facebook website is running with sound even if I turn the media volume to zero.
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    Post [AROMA] RXSW Marshmallow Edition [4.0.0] [03/06/16] [6.0.1] [OTA]

    I ment a Bluetooth device. Not USB.
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    Post [AROMA] RXSW Marshmallow Edition [4.0.0] [03/06/16] [6.0.1] [OTA]

    The system UI crashes everytime I want to connect to a USB. Besides the new build is much slower than the previous one. Any fixes?
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    Post [Stock][PreRooted][DualRecovery][D5503] 14.6.A.0.368 Customized DE - Lollipop 5.1.1

    I have installed the original FTF and can't root or start recovery. If I try to install recovery or root the phone I get this error: error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported Any solutions?
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    Thread Can't flash kdz. Flasher doesn't recognize the phone

    Hello friends I have a huge problem. I need to send my phone in to repair. I have an unocked bootloader and installed all the drivers. My phone says its a mako phone, bootloader is Makoz30. I am on windows 7 64bit and no flash tool reconizes my phone. I can see it under the device list as...