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  1. bigoliver

    Thread Stupid question, how does the ir blaster work.?

    I've not had an ir blaster on a phone in over 10 years. I assume it's so you can use the phone as a remote control, and if so, how? The instruction that came with the phone are very basic and the ir blaster is not mentioned. Thanks, Oliver
  2. bigoliver

    Thread Call recording on Mi Note 10

    Edits: 1.Call Recording is working fine, without root, via 3rd party apps (well at least when using Call Recorder by Skvalex, I assume other apps will also work) 2.Call recording continues to work with Android 10 update. 3.Sample call recording here...
  3. bigoliver

    Thread [Q] UK 5g 3400MHz (Band 42) why is it hard to find?

    I'm looking to buy a phone and I fancy the Xiaomi Mi 10 or Mi 10 pro. According to the official Mi 10 specifications list, it is lacking 3400MHz (Band 42). I then checked the Galaxy S20ultra which is also appears to be lacking 3400MHz (Band 42). Apparently all major UK networks use 3400MHz...
  4. bigoliver

    Thread [Q] Call recording

    Is the Xiaomi Mi 10, and Mi 10 Pro, capable of call recording? I'd like to know if call recording: is available out of the box as standard or if call recording is available via rooting the device (if rooting is even possible?) I'm in the UK and hoping to purchase the Mi 10 Pro (although no...
  5. bigoliver

    Thread [Q] Call recording on the LG G6 H870 and H870ds

    After owning and successfully using 2way call recording on LG G2 and LG G4, both with call recorder by Skvalex. I hope my LG G6 (H870ds) that is arriving this week, will also be able to record. I did read somewhere that call recording is supported on unrooted LG G6s. Has anyone tried call...
  6. bigoliver

    Thread Dead Phone? Explanation mark and temperature gauge when trying to charge

    Hi all, My UK Galaxy s3, on 3uk Network, running CyangenMod V 10.1.3-i9300 is having problems (hardware issues, not related to software) To simplify my issues I will break it down into parts A. Problems: 1. My phone will not charge, nothing happens when inserting the micro usb charger. 2...
  7. bigoliver

    Thread Serious battery drain since calibrating battery, android os drain. Please help

    I was always happy with my battery, but always wanted to find ways to improve it. I installed foxhound use black wallpaper and battery was even better after this, until... I read about recalibrating your battery after installing custom ROMs and decided to try "Battery Calibration" App by NeMa...
  8. bigoliver

    Thread No OTA jellybean update? Possible incorrect csc/software? SOLVED

    I have previously rooted my 3uk branded phone then flashed the latest (at the time) UK unbranded official software. Now my phone keeps telling me they are no updates available, but as we all know, jelly bean is now available here in the UK for unbranded handsets. Is something wrong? Please...
  9. bigoliver

    Thread Do these battery stats look normal?

    Hi, I'm running stock unbranded rom not rooted. Recently my battery has stopped lasting over 24h, used to get near 48h with similar usage. I took a screen shot of my battery stats, do they look normal? Cheers, Oliver Sent from my phone using a forum app
  10. bigoliver

    Thread Official flip case with official mesh case combined?

    I really like the official flip case, apart from.. 1. No magnetic close on the flap 2. Gives little protection from drops To address my second concern I am thinking of using the official vent/mesh case in conjunction with the official flip case. Has anyone tried this combination yet? If so...
  11. bigoliver

    Thread [Q] Is Wide Mode at 8mp in camera settings possible?

    Hi all, Is it possible to set the camera to take photos in Wide Mode at 8mp? I only see the option for wide mode at 6mp. If it is possible please advice how it could be done. Cheers in advance, Oliver Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
  12. bigoliver

    Thread Limited to 8 thanks per day

    Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before, I could not find the information I was looking for. I am a senior member and I am limited to 8 thanks per day, this had previously been more than enough for me. However I started a thread that has been published all over the web and is featured on...
  13. bigoliver

    Thread Weak Wifi Signal Hardware Fault

    Hi all, Over on the international One X forum, we have a lot of people confirming a serious hardware fault where the wifi contact pins fail to connect to the antenna. I am curious if this fault affects your s4 at&t version of the phone too. There is a simple squeeze test you can do to...
  14. bigoliver

    Thread [HARDWARE FAULT] WiFi antenna fault. HTC One X [22.04.2013]

    Welcome, There is a number of threads here about general WiFi problems on the HTC One X (HOX) However, this thread is specifically for the confirmed (by the community & unfortunately me) (and finally HTC since 18.06.2012) hardware fault of a loose connection on the WiFi antenna. If you are...
  15. bigoliver

    Thread [TUT]Call recording on HTC One X, a noobs Guide! [UPDATE 23.05.12]

    Hi All I have wrote a noob's complete guide to call recording on the HTC One X (International, Tegra 3 edition), this guide gives clear step by step instructions. More experienced users will not need this guide, but, may find the app review and sample recordings useful. If you are already...
  16. bigoliver

    Thread Is this a new One X problem/issue?

    Today my phone, for no known reason is trying to download this "tmm.jpg,ttm.jpg" I cannot not stop the process as yet, this is what I have tried... 1. Long and short pressing the icon (nothing happens) 2. Toggling on and off wifi and network data 3. Restart 4. Turn on and off 5. Stopping all...
  17. bigoliver

    Thread [Q] Boot loop problem

    Hi, I have a few questions I hope you can help me with? My wife has a galaxy nexus, stock and unrooted. It is only around 6 weeks old and last week it started crashing, turning off then getting stuck in a boot loop just displaying the starting colours. I understand this is a known problem, she...
  18. bigoliver

    Thread (Solved) 2-way call recording on the htc one x (Working)

    Hi all, Maybe it's a little early to ask, but, will or can the HTC ONE X record calls? I know it will not come as standard and that root and custom kernel will probably be required. Is this something that will likely be supported or even possible? I currently have a rooted desire with custom...
  19. bigoliver

    Thread Kernel needed for 2 way recording on desire with sense and gingerbread android 2.3

    Hi all, I rooted my stock UK desire with official gingerbread as I wanted to enable call recording, with "CallRecorder (ROOT ONLY)" I s-off it, rooted it and installed kernel update_2_6_32.zip This worked perfect for me (or so I though) recording calls is great, perfect 2way recording...