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  1. oddbehreif

    Post Love MeI

    I've had two similar heavy cases in the past; in both cases you used screws to fasten the bare metal frame directly against the edges of the glass screen which did not sit right with me at all. Is this the same deal?
  2. oddbehreif

    Post Help: Problem with S-Pen

    That's awesome! Glad I could help. Enjoy your phone!
  3. oddbehreif

    Post Help: Problem with S-Pen

    99% yes. I almost returned my Note 4 before trying the S Pen without a case. Give it a shot!
  4. oddbehreif

    Post Help: Problem with S-Pen

    Are you using a case that has any sort of magnets attached (say, a flip or wallet case)?
  5. oddbehreif

    Post [PREVIEW]Petition for Android 11 update for Note9, S9 and S9+

    Feels like we need to have this same conversation once every smartphone generation. Recap: Breathing life into old electronics is not good business. Samsung is a business, they're in it for the money. Introducing new features for old phones will not sell new hardware; if anything, it will cause...
  6. oddbehreif

    Post Petition: Give Android 11 for Note9!

    Feels like we need to have this same conversation once every smartphone generation. Recap: Breathing life into old electronics is not good business. Samsung is a business, they're in it for the money. Introducing new features for old phones will not sell new hardware; if anything, it will...
  7. oddbehreif

    Post Battery Cases For Note 9 that allow NFC tp work

    NFC will most likely not work with any battery case made for the Note 9; the reason being that a lithium-ion battery is essentially thin metal foils with electrolytes in between.
  8. oddbehreif

    Post Does note 9 s pen fits in silo of note 9

    Note 9 pen is slightly larger than the Note 8 one - size wise yes, it will fit, but it will likely be loose and fall out unless held in by something.
  9. oddbehreif

    Post How to recover after formatted

    As said above, data recovery software is your only hope. Even then, results may vary - you may get back partial images, or nothing at all. It's 2020, people. Use cloud services gosh dang it!
  10. oddbehreif

    Post Note 9 F/DS content Bluetooth disconnection HELP!!!!

    It may just be your bluetooth speaker. I have a Kygo speaker that also acts up, but only when streaming audio from my Note 9; I also have no issues whatsoever with other bluetooth devices when using them with my Note 9.
  11. oddbehreif

    Post Note 9 download mode problem

    Are you sure your phone is a genuine Samsung phone?
  12. oddbehreif

    Post Note 9 Water Damage HELP

    If the water is clean, you may be in luck! Just make sure to dry it out completely before attempting to use it. You can accelerate the process by placing the phone somewhere warm (30 to 40 Celsius, or 85 to 105 fahrenheit - not too hot or the battery may take damage), or by carefully blasting it...
  13. oddbehreif

    Post Note 9 Water Damage HELP

    I mean fully disassemling the phone and washing the parts with distilled water. Not a very practical solution. Pool water is different from fresh water; it has lower surface tension due to the added disinfectants, which means it will permeate seals designed for only fresh water relatively...
  14. oddbehreif

    Post Note 9 Water Damage HELP

    Water damage is always something not to be taken lightly. You mentioned a pool - it's very likely that even if you manage to completely dry off the internals, there will be residual chlorine deposits which will cause problems eventually; mostly in the form of corrosion and/or shorted out...
  15. oddbehreif

    Post Porting the Note 10's s-pen support to the Note 9?

    My money says it will not work with a traditional charging pad. I haven't researched the matter, but Samsung probably uses a proprietary standard other than Qi in charging the S Pen.
  16. oddbehreif

    Post i need help

    You're not giving us much to go on here. What model, what build, et cetera?
  17. oddbehreif

    Post Did I Bricked My Galaxy Note 9

    Using power + Bixby + vol down to enter download mode has never worked for me. Here's an alternative method: Make sure the phone is off. Plug your cable into your computer, hold volume down + Bixby (do not touch the power button), and plug the other end of the cable in your phone while still...
  18. oddbehreif

    Post Best ROM/Kernal for Note 9

    Which Note 9 model are we talking about? If Exynos, there's plenty of ROMs and kernels to choose from in the ROM development section. If Snapdragon, it's likely that your bootloader is locked and you're limited to stock kernel and maybe one or two custom ROMs, and only if you are still on Oreo.
  19. oddbehreif

    Post Virus on my phone

    Go to Settings -> Device Care -> Security, and make sure the McAfee-powered antivirus feature is enabled. If it is, and doesn't find any threats, go to Play Store and try any of the free antivirus software available (AVG, Avast to mention two).
  20. oddbehreif

    Post Are you upgrading to 10/OneUI 2.0 yet?

    Will upgrade the second the official OTA drops. I'm a non-root user and have been waiting for the battery limiter feature that's finally present in One UI 2.0. Edit: No toggleable charging cap in One UI 2.0. It seems the battery limiter means preventing draining your battery too low when using...
  21. oddbehreif

    Post (Important) Google play purchased apps disappeared suddenly! from April/2016

    Here is a screenshot showing my first transactions in my Google account (see attachment):
  22. oddbehreif

    Post Hiding tripped knox

    I don't know the law where you live, but even if they do check the Knox bit, I'm quite sure it's their responsibility to prove the hardware fault resulted from modified firmware.
  23. oddbehreif

    Post cant get my note 9 into download mode

    I'd first look at the S-Pen. The butt end will click in and out of the pen, and the tip should be plastic that's a little soft to the touch. If the tip is metal, it's most definitely fake.
  24. oddbehreif

    Post Galaxy Buds

    This. Trying before purchasing is especially important when considering earbuds, since they're the most affected by the shape and size of your ear canals, both comfort and sound-wise. Since they sound a little different for everyone, you shouldn't just take someone's word for it without seeing...
  25. oddbehreif

    Post (Important) Google play purchased apps disappeared suddenly! from April/2016

    Everything's there, from present to July 2012 when I got my first Android device. Not sure why you'd need screenshots, but you should probably contact Google.
  26. oddbehreif

    Post Does the new Note 9 work on DUAL SIMS + SD card simultaneously

    Very unlikely. Since Samsung has actively blocked it with software, whatever their reason may be, they don't have any real reason to unblock it.
  27. oddbehreif

    Post android 10 function in note 9

    Super steady video and AR doodle rely on hardware that the Note 9 doesn't have, so the answer is no. Dex on PC should work.
  28. oddbehreif

    Post After rooting .. should OEM be activated ?

    It shouldn't reverse on its own once flipped. Sometimes it simply glitches out, and if your phone otherwise works fine, I wouldn't touch it. As for the crashing; I don't think PUBG actively blocks rooted devices, but you should try hiding Magisk anyway and going through all installed modules...
  29. oddbehreif

    Post Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

    It's probably just Poweramp getting confused when the phone switches audio outputs mid-playback. Does this happen with every app or just Poweramp?
  30. oddbehreif

    Post Sixaxis Controller is not working on Android Pie update.

    If I had to guess, the driver hasn't been updated to be compatible with later versions of android. Are you referring to the Sixaxis app by Dancing Pixel Studios?
  31. oddbehreif

    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    If I had to guess, the watch is technically capable of drawing two amps but the charger is not designed for that kind of power. Maybe a third party charger? Eh. Not worth it.
  32. oddbehreif

    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    Do you, by chance, use a computer to charge the watch? I'm not sure whether to blame the watch or the 'pooter, but mine connects and disconnects rapidly and thus tends to not charge very well. A 1A AC adapter does the job much better. Edit: Don't try to feed 2A into it; you'll fry the thing...
  33. oddbehreif

    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    The cause of the missing power menu seems to be the missing Ticsystem system app. Can anyone confirm?
  34. oddbehreif

    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    It's been long since I can last remember being as excited to try a new ROM. I know I told you to take your time, but boy am I getting a little anxious ? how's the upload going?
  35. oddbehreif

    Post NFC range with battery case

    It's likely that the few reviews you mentioned are paid or simply fake. A lithium-ion battery is essentially thin metal foils with electrolytes in between. In addition to the metal in the battery, the wireless charger in the case also features a shield on the backside of the charging coil to...
  36. oddbehreif

    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    No rush mate! It's usually best to do things right instead of just doing them fast. Looking forward to the finished product. ;)
  37. oddbehreif

    Post Can cheap 4$ wireless charger do any harm to Note 9?

    I have a cheap off-brand slow-charging pad that heats up like a troop if I don't lay a toothpick or two between the phone and the pad to air it out. Other than the heat, if it works, it works.
  38. oddbehreif

    Post Amazon merchant offering me bribe to delete a mediocre review (just 3 stars I gave).

    Cases like these are unfortunate, but to some extent expected especially on platforms that aren't as tightly moderated. If you felt being petty, the seller's reaction alone would warrant a 1 or 2 star review, but you should probably stick with your 3 star review and just report the seller to...
  39. oddbehreif

    Post imei changes

    First of all, why? I hope you backed up your EFS partition.
  40. oddbehreif

    Post Living with the faulty buzzing camera module of note 9

    Any camera app other than the stock camera will produce clearer pictures while zoomed in, simply because the telephoto camera (which is the culprit) is only available in the stock camera app. Digital zoom and the main lens is used instead; The best and in the end the most convenient solution is...
  41. oddbehreif

    Post Anyone still have their AKG headphones?

    Just... watch out for the counterfeits. There's some out there.
  42. oddbehreif

    Post Telephoto camera issue

    It's likely that your phone switched back to the primary lens due to a change in lighting conditions when you pointed it downward, which made the speck of dirt on the telephoto lens temporarily disappear from view.
  43. oddbehreif

    Post Note 9 failed to mount cache bootloop: Help required

    I'm sorry. That wasn't apparent, so jumps to conclusions were made. :angel: What exactly happened on your attempt? Did flashing simply do nothing, did the flashing fail, or were you unable to enter download mode?
  44. oddbehreif

    Post What to consider before Rooting?

    Unfortunately, no. When an unsigned kernel is booted, the bootloader will detect it and trip a physical fuse in the SoC. There are ways to fake 0x0 status when fully booted, but since these features check the actual "eFuse", there's really nothing that can be done short of replacing the entire...
  45. oddbehreif

    Post GBoard with automatic pen detection

    Not that I've heard of, and I've been looking as well. I suppose every user who uses handwriting recognition is happy with Samsung keyboard :confused:. On the other hand, now that I think about it, you may be able to use Tasker to automatically switch keyboards when attaching / removing S Pen.
  46. oddbehreif

    Post What to consider before Rooting?

    Welcome to the dark side my friend! Your Knox bit will flip from 0x0 to 0x1 - that's the first thing that will happen once you flash a custom recovery & kernel. This means that all Samsung features that check the bit status will permanently stop working; including, but not necessarily limited...
  47. oddbehreif

    Post Note 9 failed to mount cache bootloop: Help required

    ... the information you want is literally in the post above yours...
  48. oddbehreif

    Post Bootloader unlocked, can't reset . Please help.

    I'm not entirely sure what you're getting at, but fastboot mode doesn't exist in Samsung devices.
  49. oddbehreif

    Post [APP] Official ViPER4Android Audio Effects (FX v2.5.0.5) - New Features & 7.0 Support

    First of course you'll have to delete the existing installation of V4A. If you can't do it the usual way, use any system app remover available on Play Store. Once you've done that, simply install the version you wish ( apk available in first post of this thread).