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    Post Oneplus 7t

    I also have a T-Mobile 7T, and when Bluetooth is on with NO devices connected, it shows the Bluetooth symbol in the notification area. If it's connected, then 2 small arrows next to each side (similar to <B>) appear. I guess this is by design. Check page 28 of the 7T manual in this link...
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    Post [NEW] aodNotify - Notification Light / LED for OnePlus 8 + No fingerprint visible!

    Testing on my stock T-Mobile OnePlus 7T, it allows the Ok Google command! So far so good.
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    Thread Google Play update notification received

    Hi all, today I received a Google Play notification which asked for a restart. I did the restart, but I have no idea what may have changed, be it security wise or whatever. Has anyone received such update notifications? I am aware recent Android versions can receive updates this way, I'm just...
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    Post [MOD] (APP) Gallery QuickPic (2021)

    Thanks OP for the 8.2 update, installed on my OnePlus 7T (stock OS, no root) and so far its working as it should.
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    Post Google weather shortcut icon issue

    Using Nova Launcher I get the sun and cloud icon. I don't know if using the stock launcher makes any difference in creating it.
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    Post [APP]AMOLED Notification Light "NotifyBuddy"

    Updated version still interrupts the OK Google functionality in the Assistant in my OnePlus 7T.
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    Post Overall love

    Indeed! I've experienced it also, having a second call placed while holding my phone with the shoulder. I believe a bit of software tweaking could fix the issue. I don't know if non official ROMs or beta versions of the stock one still suffer from this.
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    Post Overall love

    As for the proximity sensor, the 7T uses a different type of sensor, and maybe it's settings/calibration need to be adjusted in some future ROM update. https://www.ellipticlabs.com/2019/09/26/new-oneplus-7t-phone-uses-elliptic-labs-ai-virtual-sensor/
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    Post A few annoyances, maybe more later.......

    These are my app settings, the temperature shows on the top / notification bar.
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    Post A few annoyances, maybe more later.......

    Regarding #3, I use Nova Launcher and Weather Underground, and the temperature icon shows in the notification bar. Maybe check the notification settings? Or the power consumption settings for the app in case it's "sleeping"?
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    Post [APP]AMOLED Notification Light "NotifyBuddy"

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'm trying it now but still the OK Google command is not working unless I open the Assistant and then talk to it. Maybe a setting is to blame? Or maybe my OS version, as my phone is a T-Mobile branded unit?
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    Post [APP]AMOLED Notification Light "NotifyBuddy"

    Has anyone using a OnePlus 7T tried the app again to ses if the "OK Google" works? Hoping an Assistant update may have helped with the issue.
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    Post LED Notification

    Thanks for sharing. I guess the app developer needs to update the app's description then, as it still lists specific Samsung devices as the only ones with which it will work.
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    Post Showcase Your Oneplus 7T Home Screen Setups!

    How can you select the pill to be invisible in Nova Launcher?
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    Post T-Mobile version screen protector

    No it doesn't.
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    Thread xxx online store, good/bad?

    Has anyone purchased items from this store? Good/bad experience with them? {Mod edit}
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    Post [Guide] [No Root] How to unlock Dolby Atmos equalizer (OxygenOS 10 Only!))

    Has anyone tried this with the T-Mobile version of the OP7T?
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    Post USB-C to 3.5mm Audio?

    Reviews of it in Samsung's website are not that favorable. https://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/mobile-accessories/phones/usb-c-headphone-jack-adapter-ee-uc10juwegus/
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    Post Bluetooth audio level on car radio

    My T-Mobile 7T has the Dolby Atmos equalizer option, and it does help with sound quality, but not overall loudness. Also, I tried this on my OP, and it more or less helps with a bit louder sound, but not as loud as the Samsung. https://mobileinternist.com/low-bluetooth-volume-android
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    Thread Bluetooth audio level on car radio

    Ok, audio via phone Bluetooth connection question. I recently exchanged my Samsung Galaxy S9 for a OnePlus 7T, and I notice that with the new phone, I have to play music on my car radio (Kia Forte) at a higher level of sound. Sound quality is good though. Has anyone had a similar experience, be...
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    Post [APP]AMOLED Notification Light "NotifyBuddy"

    Thanks! My T-Mobile OP 7T is still on 10.0.8, I'll try the app again when I get the Oxygen update.
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    Post [APP]AMOLED Notification Light "NotifyBuddy"

    Hi and thanks for your app. Is there any development on what's causing it to interrupt the "OK Google" command?
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    Thread Messages app camera zoom, is it missing?

    Still new to OnePlus,and would like to know if the stock SMS app has camera zoom capability. I tried attaching a photo from within the Messages app for the first time today, but couldn't zoom into the subject. If it can't be done, any suggestions of another SMS app that can? Thanks for any...
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    Post New 7T owner, coming from Samsung, any tips?

    You just brought me back in time to when I had my Galaxy S4, that's when I heavily got into rooting, modding, tinkering with kernels, alternative OS builds, etc. Of all your mods/steps, at least I installed Nova Launcher, been using it for many years now.
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    Post [MOD] (APP) Gallery QuickPic (2021)

    Update installed, no issues so far, thanks WSTxda!
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    Post "ok Google" not working on 7T

    I noticed the same OK Google issue with Notify Buddy installed, I just uninstalled it and OK Google now works again. Maybe there's a setting in Notify Buddy that can help use it without interfering with the Assistant function? ---------- Post added at 03:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at...
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    Post [APP]AMOLED Notification Light "NotifyBuddy"

    Add another OnePlus 7T that cannot use the "Ok Google" command with NotifyBuddy installed. The app works as intended, and LED alerts appear on my lockscreen. But, Google Assistant access is lost in the process. Stock Android 10, T-Mobile version, build number 10.0.8.HD63CB if it helps. I hope a...
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    Post New 7T owner, coming from Samsung, any tips?

    Thanks for your feedback! I also found the 7T easy to set up, as I did with my wife's 6T. I manually configured Nova Launcher to avoid cross-brand backup/restore issues, and so far no issues there also. I did notice some widgets are no longer available, but I found alternatives. All apps are...
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    Post New 7T owner, coming from Samsung, any tips?

    I sure hope so. My wife's 6T has been a great phone so far, and I expect the 7T to serve well. May I ask which issues did you encounter? And were you able to solve them?
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    Post New 7T owner, coming from Samsung, any tips?

    So far so good! Still setting up and adjusting everything to my liking. The speedy response from this phone is awesome.
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    Post New 7T owner, coming from Samsung, any tips?

    Thanks, I received the phone today, finishing setup as I post this.
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    Post OnePlus 7T Screen Protectors

    Has anyone tried the Skinomi TechSkin for OnePlus 7T? I've used it in previous phones (Galaxy S9, S7 and S6) without issues. But I'm curious how it will work with the in display fingerprint reader. http://www.skinomi.com/oneplus-7t.html Never mind, I ordered it and works perfectly with the...
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    Thread New 7T owner, coming from Samsung, any tips?

    I just ordered a OP 7T (T-Mobile version), and while I'm not new to OnePlus (my wife has a 6T), it's *my* first OP device. I come from using Samsung devices for a few years (S6 Plus, 7, now a 9). I've read much about the 7T, read and viewed many reviews, but I'd like to know what tips from daily...
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    Post Blue dot next to contact icon in stock messages app

    Not even selecting the Contacts section *within* the stock SMS app? That's where I see contacts with the dot.
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    Post Blue dot next to contact icon in stock messages app

    What brand is your phone? It seems to be a Samsung only feature.
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    Post Blue dot next to contact icon in stock messages app

    Same here. I'm beginning to think it's a Samsung-only feature.
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    Post Blue dot next to contact icon in stock messages app

    Is your phone a Samsung one by any chance?
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    Post Blue dot next to contact icon in stock messages app

    My phone is on Android 10 now and the blue dots still show.
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    Thread Battery replacement for my T-Mobile S9

    I recently paid off my S9, and it's working without issues, except degraded battery life, which is expected after 2 years of heavy use. I'm considering either getting anew phone (S10e or OnePlus 7T are heavy contenders at the moment), or getting the S9's battery replaced. Has anyone had any...
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    Post Quick settings panel after Pie update - change grid?

    If I read correctly One UI 2.1 is supposedly bringing the feature back.
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    Post [MOD] (APP) Gallery QuickPic (2021)

    Thanks, that did the trick, I totally missed that part!
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    Post [MOD] (APP) Gallery QuickPic (2021)

    Thanks for this update. For some reason I can't install it. Previous versions have shown no problems after using APK Editor and installing them. Any advice on what I'm doing wrong?
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    Post [MOD] (APP) Gallery QuickPic (2021)

    Thanks for the update! Is the daylight / night mode the only major change in this version? NEVER MIND, I just saw the changelog in the original post.
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    Post October security update brought a few new things

    OK, my bad! I just tested my Messages app and indeed I'm getting links as you mentioned.
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    Post October security update brought a few new things

    I just read in the Samsung Members app that users of the S10 are complaining about this feature being turned on by default, without an option to turn it off. In my case I haven't seen links to other apps when typing words as "today" or "Monday" for example.
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    Post October security update brought a few new things

    I see it under Biometrics and Security.
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    Post October security update brought a few new things

    Another subtle change in the Device Care screen, different graphics now.
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    Thread October security update brought a few new things

    Today's October security update brought changes to the SMS app compose box area. Now to the left of the compose area a toggle appears which reveals the camera, gallery and Samsung apps chooser menu. I haven't noticed any other changes so far.