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    Thread Question Best rom for Oneplus 9r ( chinese , global or European ) ?

    Hey guys , I recently bought the OP9R Chinese variant ( still being shipped) . Originally I though it might not be a problem to use it with the chinese OS , but a relative of mine who have the OP8T chinese version had a many complaints to say about the chinese os and how buggy it is . so , I...
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    Thread Low volume except in nougat .

    As we all know ,zuk z2 plus has a very low speaker and ear piece. People usually use Dolpy Atmos module to make the volume louder . It works , but I tried different versions of it but the only one that worked for me was the nougat version and now I'm stuck with android nougat because the loud...
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    Thread Low Sound Problem (Speakers ,Earpiece , AUX)

    Hey ,Guys Although this phone have many good features and specs for its size and price , the low sound problem still one of worst problems . I've tried many many sound mods ( nearly all mods in the mods and tweaks section) but any of them either didn't work or caused a bootloop) One of the...
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    Thread Help Needed

    Well , Hi everyone I will try to be detailed as possible First of all I used this Guide to reparation my Xperia L 2105 and it worked perfectly . I stayed on a custom rom for a month until I decided to flash the Stock rom again (silly me) While flashing and just before it finishes flashing I...