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  1. sixline

    Thread Main Camera Sensor Brand

    Hi, I just want to know the camera maker and model on Nokia 7.2. Is it Sony IMX or some other manufacturer?
  2. sixline

    Thread Reboot to recovery not working

    After shutting down when I press & hold power & volume up keys the phone keeps restarting at android one logo. If I release power key after screen on the phone just restarts in recovery. This method is posted on nokia official site. Is there any other method to reboot to recovery? Note: My...
  3. sixline

    Thread Exynos S10 crashing on lockscreen

    I am having this problem on my international s10 exynos that sometimes when I try to unlock my phone it just hangs there on blank screen. I have to do soft reset (power and volume down buttons) to be able to use my device. Its on latest firmware and I am reluctant to do a hard reset. Is anybody...
  4. sixline

    Thread Wifi not connecting until screen on

    Whenever I go out of range of my home wifi network and return back wifi does not connect until I turn the screen on or unlock my device. I have checked advance wifi settings and wifi is set to on even screen off. This is causing me huge data loss. I am on completely stock firmware with latest...
  5. sixline

    Thread Security Updates

    My S7 international variant unlocked has not been updated since February 2017. There is no update available when I try to update manually. I want to confirm with everyone using same variant whether they are receiving security patches or not. My device is totally stock and non rooted.
  6. sixline

    Thread MTP Issue

    Whenever I connect my phone to usb an error is displayed on screen. Please see the screenshot. I have a dual boot pc with ubuntu 17.04 and windows xp. The error occurs on both os. In xp the driver is not installed and an error is displayed stating the specified service doesnot exist. I have...
  7. sixline

    Thread Onyx Heating up after update

    My phone is heating like hell after os 3.1.3 official update especially during calls. Has anyone experienced this? I m thinking of factory reset but want to be sure others are experiencing such problem.
  8. sixline

    Thread Onyx not recognized by Ubuntu

    My oneplus x is rooted and running latest orion os. The problem is that it is not appearing in lsusb command in Ubuntu 16.04. When I connect my phone nothing appears. But I can use my phone for usb tethering to connect my pc to internet. I want to be able to use mtp & adb. Can anyone help? And...
  9. sixline

    Thread Download Link for Resurrection-Remix-LP-v5.5.9-20151213

    Can anyone provide a link...OP links disabled:(
  10. sixline

    Thread [Help Needed]Tweaking auto-brightness using framework-res.apk

    Hi, I need a little help with customizing auto brightness values in framework-res.apk. I am using a Samsung Note N7000 (running cm11) and its default screen brightness is too high even at the lowest level. So, I de-compiled framework-res.apk and edited like below: 1. res\values\integers.xml...
  11. sixline

    Thread No Connection Google Play Store and Sign in to wifi

    Dear friends, I am facing this weird problem since a couple of days. I mostly use my home's broadband connection's wifi to connect my Desire HD. Recently, a message popped up in my notification bar saying "Sign in to your wifi network" (See attachment). After that I am unable to use most of the...
  12. sixline

    Thread [Q] Working link for ICECOLD SANDWICH 8.8??

    I was searching in the dev section but cannot find a working download link. Does anyone have it? Thanks in advance.
  13. sixline

    Thread [Q] Proximity sensor problem

    Hi there, I think my DHD's proximity sensor is not working, i.e. screen is not turning off during calls resulting in disconnections. I installed Android Sensor Box from play store. Its indicating that proximity sensor is present but always at 9 cm even I covered the top portion of the screen...
  14. sixline

    Thread [Q] Help requied with rooting

    Hi all, I recently got an old DHD running stock gingerbread.The phone is from T-mobile and network unlocked. I wanted to s-off and root in order to flash custom roms so I downgraded the firmware to froyo 1.24.405.1 WWE from here. After that I tried visionary tool and succeeded in temproot but...
  15. sixline

    Thread [ROM][JB][Sixline V3]Cyanogenmod 10.1: Tweaked for best battery life

    Disclaimer: Flash at your own risk. I'll not be responsible if anything happens to your phone. Download V3 Here MD5: 9a5888dee614b9defdb979aa2781cc0a Download Sixline ROM V2 HERE MD5: dae5606c49fc444ece49f5675b964e70 Download Link for V1 Salient Features: - Light Weight, Fast and...
  16. sixline

    Thread Group Messaging in Cyanogenmod

    I have requested cm team for group messaging abilities in sms app. Please support me: https://jira.cyanogenmod.org/browse/CYAN-692
  17. sixline

    Thread Support needed

    Hi guys! I have requested official cm10.1 on cm forums. Please support me there for convincing them to make official cm10.1 for our device. Visit http://forum.cyanogenmod.org/topic/67655-request-official-cm101-for-lg-optimus-lte-lu6200/
  18. sixline

    Thread Things I did to improve battery

    Disclaimer: Although there is very minimal risk but I am not responsible for anything happening to your device, do it at your own responsibility. Sorry for my bad English. Hi guys! I am using this device since a week but its battery life was pathetic even on stock rom and Engineer Version. I...
  19. sixline

    Thread [Help] No sound in Ear Piece Speaker

    Well I have made a mistake to buy a refurbished Wildfire S and after a few days of use I have come to know that sometimes earphone speaker doesn't work. It does work occasionally but it randomly stops working in calls. There isn't any HTC authorized service center near my location. There is only...
  20. sixline

    Thread Good bye

    Today I have sold my G5 to a friend :crying: It was my first ever android phone. I will miss it forever. Thank you all the developers and members for making it a great experience. Good bye.
  21. sixline

    Thread Good Bye Willy..I will miss you forever

    Just sold my wildfire:crying: Thank you a lot all the guys for such a great experience. I will miss it forever.
  22. sixline

    Thread [Q] Screen showing up late on new call

    I have this strange problem on cm7.2 that on a receiving a new call my willy's screen shows up pretty late to answer that call, after 4 to 5 rings. its only happening in ring style lockscreen. If I change it to sliding tab then it works ok. I have set the lowest value of CPU at 352 MHz. Anyone...
  23. sixline

    Thread Default Email App needed

    Hi there, recently I flashed Leaf R3 rom and found out that default email app is not present. I am a fan of this app so thinking that if anyone can upload the apk. Thanks in advance!
  24. sixline

    Thread Reinstalling Theme Chooser

    Hi there! I am running CM 7.1.0 on my Galaxy 5. I uninstalled the theme chooser app by using root uninstaller. Now I want it back. I tried to install a theme chooser apk downloaded from 4shared but it is returning the error "Apllication not installed." Please help me installing the app. My...
  25. sixline

    Thread Flashing a shipped ruu without loosing root and s-off

    I want to flash a shipped RUU (RUU_Buzz_Froyo_HTC_WWE_2_22_405_1_Radio_13_55_55_24H_3_35_20_10_release_160191_signed.exe) downloaded from shippedroms.com. My question is that will I lose root and s-off. My current configuration is as under: Android Version: 2.3.7 CynogenMod 7.2.0 Kernel...