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    Thread Face recogition

    Hey I am getting a 3a tomorrow. I see there is no facial recognition. It is not the end of the world, but it this something an update could enable in the future?
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    Thread Installing a stock ROM?

    Hey I used Funky Huawei to install the Android beta. I want to downgrade but can't do it via FH as I can not change the DNS of my router. I read about doing it with an SD card but the P20 doesn't have one. How can it be done?
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    Thread Locking Bootloader

    Hey So i used FH to rebrand and install the Android 9 Beta version on my P20 Pro. During this i had to unlock the bootloader. So now, whenever i restart my phone, it warns me about not being safe. Could this also be why Google Pay does not work? Questions: How do i lock the bootloader again...
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    Thread Android Pay - Android beta

    Hey I cannot setup my cards on Google Pay on Android Beta. Any workarounds? Cheers
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    Thread Google Phone app?

    Hey Can i install the Google Phone apk on my p20 Pro? If so, what variant (Architecture and Screen DPI)? Cheers
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    Thread Trusted Contacts v Maps location sharing

    Hey What would use more battery? Constant location sharing in Google Maps or using Trusted Contacts? I am deciding whether to ditch the maps sharing in favour of Trusted Contacts.
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    Thread Google warranty returns

    Hey I need to return my 6 month old Pixel due to an issue where callers cannot hear me and i cannot hear them. Even though i purchased from EE, Google have agreed to do the warranty claim. Whats the process really like? They say i will get my return within 7-14 days. Is this true?
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    Thread G5 plus - NFC wont work with Sony camera

    Hey My dad has a Sony RX100 iii and his G5 plus will not receive pictures from his camera using the Play Memories app. Android Pay works, so doesn't seem like a phone NFC issue. Anyone else had this problem?
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    Thread rubbish WiFi

    Hey So I'm in a hotel a do admit the WiFi signal is not so good (1 WiFi bar) however my partner on her Huawei P9 gets the signal all the time. Is this a known issue?
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    Thread Talking in American

    Hey My UK Google Home has randomly started talking back in American?! Why?!
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    Thread Changing software?

    Hey I am considering purchasing a Pixel, but this may be directly from my network (EE UK). They are often months behind Google's releases. If i was to purchase one from them, is it easy/safe to install Google's own software over the top? Cheers
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    Thread Google Assistant?

    Hey I thought Google was enabling this for all US non-Pixel phones last week? Has anyone actually got it yet?
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    Thread Android N for lite

    Hey My partner has a P9 lite. Is there a beta programme similar to the P9?
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    Thread Install new version

    Hey I am on B180 can I upgrade to B182 manually with firmware finder?
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    Thread LTE band?

    Hi Is there a way of finding out what LTE bandi am connected to here in the UK? I downloaded LTE Discovery app, but no band information shows up. On Samsung phones, there is an engineer mode which shows the band. Is there one on the P9? Thanks
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    Thread P9 coming tomorrow

    Hey My fiance got a P9 lite a few weeks ago. Loving vanilla Android, I actually liked the P9 lite. Especially the 3 battery mode settings. Her battery life seems to be pretty good, better than my Nexus 5x. So I ordered one. Any tips for when I receive it? Sent from my Nexus 5X using XDA...
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    Thread Huawei Android update policy

    Hey I am fed up with the battery life (or lack of) of my Nexus 5X. My fiance did pretty much the same but has a Huawei P9 lite. By 9pm id already had to charge my battery! Yet she still had 30% left. We have same apps running, FB for example, I have push notifications off she doesn't. Same...
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    Thread Fed up with 5x battery

    Hey So I was out for the day yesterday, had a mix of FB, Google Maps, email. No videos. My fiance did pretty much the same but has a Huawei P9 lite. By 9pm id already had to charge my battery! Yet she still had 30% left. We have same apps running, FB for example, I have push notifications off...
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    Thread Gmail and messaging

    Hey Is Gmail or a text messaging app not available on wearables? It would be good to be able to see messages and my inbox on the watch Sent from my Nexus 5X using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread Zenwatch2 goes black and white

    pls delete, wrong section.
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    Thread Few Questions

    Hello Looking at purchasing my first ever Smart watch and the reviews of the Asus ZenWatch 2 seem pretty good. Just have a few questions: 1) Does the watch need to be connected to my phone in order to work, or can you use Wifi on it? 2) If you connect via BlueTooth, will this also allow me to...
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    Thread Hudl2 - stuck on obtaining IP

    Hey I am tearing my hair out. For the last two days my Hudl2 has just said "obtaining IP address" I have tried static IP, factory reset both the Hudl and my router but it keeps saying it. I also tried to connect to my phone via tethering but still says obtaining IP. Any idea what's going on...
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    Thread Less responsive when charging?

    Hey Has anyone found the phone is less responsive when the phones charging? Sent from my Nexus 5X using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread Actual shipping date

    Hello So when is the actual date Google will be shipping the device? All i keep seeing it "Sometime in October". Sorry if its been published.
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    Thread Return 6p?

    Hey Considering the Nexus 6p, but think it's too big. Can you return an order once it's been delivered and opened? Is there a similar phone to compare the N6p with in a store? Sent from my Nexus 5 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread 6p or 5x

    I have a Nexus 5 (2013), before more of the specs came out, i was adament that within 3-4 months i would upgrade to the N52015. Looking at the specs, i am kinda disappointed. Is the 6p going to be smaller than the current Nexus 6? or the same size? The 6p looks like the phone to get, in terms...
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    Thread Noise when i open case

    Hey Whenever i flap my case back, i get a sound. Its annoying, what is it?
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    Thread Major issue - not booting or factory resetting

    Hey I manually updated my phone to 5.1.1 like i have done in the past. I clicked on "wipe cache after" and it took a while, then said "erasing" i have never seen this before. After a while i switched if off and it kept doing the Google dot spinning. So i went to do a factory reset, the...
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    Thread Google Now - won't set calendar or alarms

    Hey All of a sudden I cannot set calendars or alarms with Google Now, anyone else having this issue? Sent from my Nexus 5 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread LTE engineering

    Hello How can I access the LTE engineering mode on the N5? Sent from my Nexus 5 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread Hangouts - syncs details?

    Hey I use Hangouts as my main messaging app on my S4. I am getting a Nexus 5 tomorrow, when i sign in to my Google account, will my messages, blocked contacts etc be sync'd to the new phone? Thanks
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    Thread Nearby service showing

    Hello Just noticed that there is a "nearby service" in my battery usage. Is this in preporation for the new Service Google is going to launch? Or has it always been there :s
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    Thread Android Device locater - What about a wipe?

    Hey I had a thought. Should you lose your phone and it gets factory reset. Will you still be able to locate the device through Google?
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    Thread Casting from Google Play - HD and DD?

    Hey Does Google Play cast movies in HD and DD 5.1?
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    Thread Plex sound issues

    Hey When I "cast" Plex from my phone or tablet the sound is rubbish. Almost like back in the day when you watched a video on the internet. But watching Plex via my set top box is fine. Any solutions? Sent from my GT-I9505 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread AVI support

    Hi I find the lack of avi support a major negative. Will Google ever support this? Sent from my GT-I9505 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread New Twitter app - broke?

    Hey Anyone else who is signed up to the Twitter beta project? The latest update has killed the app. It doesnt open at all!
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    Thread Device Status: Custom??

    Hey I flashed from EVR (EE) to BTU ages ago. I just checked for a software update it it says my system has been modified. Looking at the status it's saying "Custom". Whats happened??? Update: So i ejected my SD card and re booted. And its back to Official and sucessfully telling me i am up...
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    Thread Google Play Services - 34%

    Hey Anyone else noticing that Google Play Services is running at a high %. Today its running at 32%. I have seen a story on Android Police and a lot of other users are having this issue. Out of interest, what is your battery stat for it?
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    Thread New Google Search - Google Now doesnt show cards

    Hey Just installed the new Google Search. But i dont have any options to turn on cards, like TV shows, local transport etc. Do these appear over time? I only have 4 things in "Everything else" but i have seen people have like 20+
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    Thread Google voice search - where is it?

    Hey Where is Google voice search?
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    Thread Knox - Install or not

    So with 4.3 there is an option for KNOX, is it best to install? I keep getting "unauthorised app" KNOX messages.
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    Thread 4.3 - btu out

    Currently downloading a hefty 689.51 update! Sent from my GT-I9505 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Google server connection issue

    Hey This just started but I keep getting a Google connection error randomly pop up on my 4.2 s4. Anyone else? Sent from my GT-I9505 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread ELM Agent: Denial log pop up

    Hey Just had this pop up with the option to "acknowledge" i have read the terms. What is this?
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    Thread [Q] S View screen going off

    Hey I have just installed the Sview case. However the screen keeps going off. How do i stop this? Thanks Mark
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    Thread EE push I9505XXUAME2 before stock!?

    Hello I see on Sam Mobile that EE have released I9505XXUAME2. I have the stock rom and it isnt available! So you are telling me an operator have a more up to date version than a stock rom????
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    Thread [Q] Factory reset after installing stock rom?

    Hi Just installed the UK stock rom over the EE branded version. The guide I read said about factory reseting the phone. How vital is that? I hate reinstalling apps and configuring the settings and accounts. Cheers Sent from my GT-I9505 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Control Tivo with watchON

    Hey Is there no way of controlling my tivo box work the watchON app? Sent from my GT-I9505 using xda app-developers app