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  1. jmwils3

    Thread On screen keyboard won’t open when keyboard attached

    Anyone else having issues with the onscreen keyboard not coming up when the physical keyboard is attached and not in use?
  2. jmwils3

    Thread Beat buy trade in values

    Does anyone know what Best Buy offers for a tab s4 64gb? I can’t seem to find it in their trade in page, but it’s notoriously bad. I’m trying to get a tab s6 instead, but I’d like the lowest price I can get. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. jmwils3

    Thread System apps able to be removed with htc app cleaner

    Does anyone have a copy of those system apps that get deleted when unlocking the phone bootloader? I accidentally deleted them with the app removal wizard in the storage settings, and i don't wanna screw up the ability to install updates when they arrive. :'( would a factory reset fix this? I am...
  4. jmwils3

    Thread Tuff-luv in-genius case

    Anyone tried one of these on our phone? It looks really slick, but i know looks can be deceiving. http://tuff-luv.com/leather-in-genius-case-cover-for-galaxy-note-2-black.html Sent from my SGH-T889 using Xparent Red Tapatalk 2
  5. jmwils3

    Thread Best headphones under $200?

    As the subject says, I'm looking for a new pair of headphones that are less than $200, comfortable enough for extended wear, and good sound quality. Any suggestions? Sent from my Sensation 4G using Xparent Red Tapatalk 2
  6. jmwils3

    Thread sense 2.1 skins and gingerbread untouched

    Im having trouble installing the themes from the DHD sense 2.1 skin thread. They install fine, but cant seem to get them to show in the skins picker. Anybody got a fix, or perhaps a set of skins that works?