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    Thread Working Gcam for Oppo Reno Z?

    Hey guys I've got 2 friends who have the oppo reno z and I want to show them how much better their camera could be with Gcam Although I couldn't seem to find a version appropriate for the Reno Z But I also don't want to use their phones and just start testing random gcams in the hopes one...
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    Thread Quick Question: Can you go to another Region ROM using MiFlash with locked bootloader

    Hey guys just a quick question, I want to buy this phone for my dad but there is no global variant available just yet but can find the indian variant. I don't want to unlock the bootloader and have to go through the process of getting google pay to work Was just hoping to keep the bootloader...
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    Thread Switching from global to EEA going to erase data?

    Hello! I'm interested in switching from Global ROM (11.0.3) to EEA ROM (11.0.5) using MiFlash (Keep data option) was wondering if this will erase my data as it is going to a different although OFFICIAL ROM Thanks in advanced! :)
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    Thread Did I brick my phone?

    I accidentally flashed my phone with "clean all and lock" ticked (why does it have to be set by default?) but before the flashing could finish I unplugged the phone about 300 seconds through. I tried turning on my phone and it took a while but it eventually went straight to fastboot mode I've...
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    Thread Arnovas v1.7 Compatibility?

    I'm interested in getting the pixel 3 (or 4) Currently using a pixel 2 xl as a dedicated camera phone was and I'm using Arnovas V1.7 Gcam_6.1.021_Advanced_V1.7.190716.1800.apk As a gcam mod for much better photos Was wondering if anyone is able to let me know if the same gcam APK works on the...
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    Thread Going back to stock help (Re-locking bootloader)

    I want to upgrade to the Pixel 3 XL and give my mum my Pixel 2 XL because she loves the camera on it. I'm currently rooted and running Havoc, I want to re-lock the bootloader and I know you need to be complete stock to do that. Just curious is the procedure I need to do as simple as: 1: Clean...
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    Thread No media sound all of a sudden.

    Hey guys, title basically explains it all. Upgraded my oneplus 6 to the latest 9.0.2 (Non-beta) Any sort of video content (Fbook, youtube, snapchat, instagram etc.) the videos are super laggy and constantly stopping as if they were buffering (when we are on LTE) and suddenly there are no...
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    Thread [SOLVED] Phone won't boot up after factory reset

    Hey guys I've been on the XDA forums for a while to use XDA Labs, as well as get kernels and rom's for my Pixel 2 XL I decided to factory reset to bring my phone back to a complete stock feel and now it won't go past the G logo with the loading grey bar. I had Magisk and Kirisukura kernel...