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    Thread How To Retain Magisk v23.0 While OTA Update of Lineage 18.1?

    Hello everyone, Is there a specific procedure for an OTA update of LineageOS 18.1 but retain the Magisk v23.0 installation on OnePlus 8T? I see Magisk has an option to: "Install to Inactive Slot (After OTA)". Is that what's needed in order to retain Magisk after an OTA update? I used the...
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    Thread Cannot Get Google Play Protect Certification using LineageOS 18.1 on OnePlus 8T

    Hello Everyone, I recently installed LineageOS 18.1 (build: lineage_kebab-userdebug 11). I have retrieved my Android ID using the ADB commands found here: Device Registration and registered my Android ID a few days ago but Google Play Store still shows: "Device is not certified" under Settings...