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  1. jogai

    Thread Screen shattered. How to gain access without adb enabled?

    I have a MOTO z with a shattered screen. Wanted to use it as a device to fiddle with. But in order to operate it all the tools seem to require adb. It is rooted, and twrp installed, and it has been adb connected before (authorisation wouldnt be a problem), but adb is switched off now. How can I...
  2. jogai

    Thread After a fair amount of reboots, it stopped working, whats wrong now?

    The device was in use with the stock fw until recently. Owner switched to a new phone because it was rebooting all the time (unpredictable, sometimes fine for 3 days, and then 3 reboots a day) and I set this one up with cm13. Reboots did continue to appear (unless it was connected with usb to...
  3. jogai

    Thread Bricked xperia v; Wouldnt stay in flash-mode for flashtool to complete

    Had philz recovery installed. Did wipe to install new rom. Had AOKP flashed. Now I cant get past sony logo (not showing xperia logo).. Flashtool says: https://hastebin.com/raw/ovuhozunug 20/045/2016 01:45:28 - INFO - <- This level is successfully initialized 20/045/2016 01:45:29 - INFO -...
  4. jogai

    Thread Water damage; Only charging seems affected. How to check/repair?

    My so left it on the kitchen dresser. When I picked it up (because it was bootlooping) the water came dripping out. I think most of it was in the seams between the cover, but there were some substantial drops in it, but only on the plastic parts. I placed it immediately in rice to dry with the...
  5. jogai

    Thread [Solved] /efs partition gone

    Hello, [Solution lower in this thread] My /EFS partition is gone. I dont know why, because I wasnt doing anything with my phone at that moment. Until this problem I was running cyanogenmod nightly. The battery was wasted I think because it feels slightly thicker than normal. I already replaced...
  6. jogai

    Thread [Q] Flash cwm via stock recovery

    Is it possible to flash cwm without kies/Odin/heimdall ? I don't have the cable currently. Rooted the tab with z4root. Sent from my GT-N7000 using xda app-developers app
  7. jogai

    Thread [Q] Lightest/Fastest JB ROM

    Hi Guys, What is the lightest/fastest Jelly Bean (preferably 4.2) rom for the Note (GT-N7000)? Or which kernel/rom combination is the lightest? I like speed but without draining the battery from an oc. I got a note today so I dont know yet the good devs, roms and kernels :angel: