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  1. stalvatero

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] Pixel Experience Plus 10.0 [S+P] [Pyxis][Nov Patch][2020-11-17]

    PixelExperience for MI 9 Lite [Pyxis] #include /* * Your warranty is... still valid? * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features...
  2. stalvatero

    Thread WiFi problem causes phone quick reboot

    Hi all, I noticed a strange issues when I'm in my office and phone is connected to a WiFi hotspot created on my iMac. My S6E+ randomly have a quick reboot. In my work day I have 10/12 quick reboot. Initially I thought it was a firmware issue. So I made a Factory Reset. Nothing change. Tried an...
  3. stalvatero

    Thread [Q] Watchon Alternatives

    Hi all, Now that Samsung closed and disabled Watchon, is there any valide alternative? I mean not only an app to control IR but something complete with TV guide exactly as Watchon or HTC Sense TV. I know on market there's something by peel but are not complete and functional.
  4. stalvatero

    Thread Galaxy s3 bluetooth issue solved in 4.2.2

    Hi all. I've my GS3 paired to Renault Megane TomTom Carminat Bluetooth set. I known problem with this system is that to avoid disconnections you must deny permissions to read contacts and call log during first pairing procedure. So an half working bluetooth connections..but it works. Another...
  5. stalvatero

    Thread How to assembly touch on display

    Hi all, i recently bought a new touch panel for my HOX couse the old one is semi working due a fall. With great surprise i see that the original lcd is literally attached to touch glass. So trying to remove original touch, is equal to break original LCD. And this happen to me. :mad: However, i...
  6. stalvatero

    Thread Revert to stock after Rom Viper 2

    Hi all. I have a problem. I just bought this phone on ebay. Unfortunately I have not been very lucky .... The phone works fine, is S4, but the first flaw is that it was sent to me with the ROM installed on Viper Ones 2. Sins because, after the first few hours of use I have noticed that the...
  7. stalvatero

    Thread Exchange policy problem.

    Hi all, A strange thing it's happening to me. I just switch few day ago from android to wp7 and i cannot connect to my corporate exchange server. With android i stay connected with no problem, but wp7 give me a lot of problems. In a first moment, inserting all the right data in account and sync...
  8. stalvatero

    Thread [Q] Help restore stock SPL

    Hi all, i'd installed Touch-IT Rom, applying HSPL, just to have Mango. I'm not really insterested in Custom Roms, and now that Official Mango is out, i want to revert to Stock NoDo Rom and than let Zune update my HD7. I downloaded...
  9. stalvatero

    Thread [ROM - MIUI] MIUI Stalvatero ITA v6.0 [29-Nov-2010] Base 0.11.26 - HAVS/BFS/OC/UV

    MIUI Stalvatero v.6.0 FULL ITALIAN Based on Original MIUI + other MIUI works (special thanks below) and completely translated with my own corrections and fix. General Info: - Latest stable and fast HAVS BFS DeFrost Kernel - Auto Dalvik to SD and Zipalign (no need to insert extra code in...
  10. stalvatero

    Thread Missed translated string in Manila Setting

    Hi all, as you can see in the attached pic, i missed the translated string for "Documents" in rearrange tab panel in Manila Personalization. Where i can find the string to translate? Thanks in advance
  11. stalvatero

    Thread [Q] Problem with video playback on my own cooked ROM

    Hi all, i hope i'm in the right section. I'm tryng to cook my own ROM in ITA language 0410, taking for base OEM and EXT 2.10, sys 21985. I transfer all the necessary files 0410.mui.exe from official 1.66 to my kitchen and upgraded MUI strings if necessary. I'use manila 2012 and after days of...
  12. stalvatero

    Thread Backup Solution like Nandroid?

    Hi all, i've searched for thread talking about backup solutions, but no one talk about something like Nandroid for Android device, that is a complite image of the phone. I come from an HTC Hero phone, and this function was really important explecially when i wanna try other ROM. Now with HD2...
  13. stalvatero

    Thread Translating android apps...Is it possible?

    As title, is it possible to translate in my language my favorites apps? I was able to open apk file, but not the xml files in which are the string to translate. Anybody can give me some explaination? Thanks.
  14. stalvatero

    Thread Tweak on Vito Winterface.

    Hi to all. I've a question. is it possible to disable exit of winterface by pressing end button. I love this app, but every time i'm ending a call..automaticolly i close winterface main screen, and phone reurns to today screen. Thanks. Bye