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  1. ATDteam

    Thread Repair DEAD(HARD BRICKED) Realme 3 | 3i Tutorial

    In this tutorial we are going to Repair Realme 3 (RMX1821) MT6771 Chipset. from being hard bricked (no charge, no recovery, no fastboot) using SP Flashtool. with the help of Bypass Utility "MTK-bypass" to disable bootrom protection(sla and daa). MTK-bypass credits to @k4y0z , @chaosmaster and...
  2. ATDteam

    Thread [SOLVED]DA File for Realme 3 [RMX1821]

    I managed to Extract .OFP firmware (C.17) of Realme 3 using oppo_decrypt python script it is from github. after the extraction i got this files it contains Scatter file and auth_file that we can use on Third Party Flashtools out there, so is used the latest version SP FLASH TOOL i load the...
  3. ATDteam

    Thread [SOLVED] [RMX1821] Realme 3 Hardbrick, No Charge, No Fastboot, No Recovery

    I hard bricked my phone (realme 3) yesterday, by flashing boot.img and recovery.img from Android 9 firmware to my current C.14 (Android 10) firmware. Now my phone is dead. Problems: Screen wont turn on No Fastboot No Recovery Solution i tried: Remove battery and put back again and Power On...