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    Thread [POLL] Can You Tell the Difference? Ported OOS Camera vs. Official/Stock OOS Camera

    EDIT/UPDATE: Poll questions have been updated/changed by moderator based on my request. This polling thread is now re-activated. You may now access the link to the pictures, compare them, and vote! IMPORTANT NOTICE! I configured the questions for a multi-voting system, but I failed to realize...
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    Thread [GUIDE][ROOT][BUMP][TWRP] ImageprepGUI: Auto-script GUI Root+Bump+TWRP for LG G3

    OWNERS OF OTHER LG G3 VARIANTS ARE WELCOME TO TRY! IMAGEPREPGUI: AUTO-SCRIPT (GUI) FOR LG G3 Tested on: LG G3 D858HK FEATURES: 1. Rooting of your LG G3 2. Automatic (no-touch) extraction of aboot.img and laf.img from your KDZ or TOT firmware via the KDZ and TOT Extractor Tool by @bullghost...