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    Thread Volume boost

    Speaker volune boost for k20plus Trying to mod the earpiece too, i dont know its work or not already included. -Will test more for earpiece or if you know let me know. Replace to system/etc Permission 0644 Backup always recommend. Best with SAURON Audio Mod ( plus addon if you want)...
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    Thread Init.D tweak ( honor 8 )

    Hello! Here is a few init.d scripts that have download around google and over xda, im not take any credit at all, all the script should go to their own respective owner/creator. Im not a fan of app tweaking, such as lspeed/hebf. I've try some other init.d script, but most of em unstable...
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    Thread Request incallui and dialer from lo4 6.0

    Hi, can someonr upload the incall and dialer? Thank you
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    Thread [Tips] Wifi Running Wakelock Battery Drain!

    Having horrible battery drain with wifi running wakelock, even though the wifi is off..If you have the same problem like me, you can easily save more battery with the step below: ( don't know if it been share by anyone here ) - Settings ---> More ---> Security ----> Security Update Service...
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    Thread [Mod] Animation Framework 4.3

    Credit eng.stk ( link ): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2199115 Confirmed working on JB 4.3 ( mj5 i9500 ) Confirmed working on JB 4.3 ( mj9 i9500 ) Download : ( linked to original attachments ) ( cwm flashable ) TWRP_Framework_Animation_MOD_5.3_modded_by_eng.stk.zip...
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    Thread [REQ] MF3 SysScope.apk

    Accident deleted SysScope.apk from MF3, can someone upload the SysScope.apk:crying: thanks