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    Thread Saygus dead?

    Can anyone confirm this rumour? Skickat från min ONEPLUS A5010 via Tapatalk
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    Thread Snapdragon 835 and Android >8.1?

    When the V² was announced, it had the 801 processor. Years later, someone steely-eyed tweeted that Snapdragon wouldn't supposed the next Android version (was it 7 Nougat?) on the 801 chip. Saygus acted and upgraded to the 835 chip. Now, even newer chips have been released. Is there any...
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    Thread v10f root?

    I'm on v10b now and it's rooted. Now the phone alerts me that fw v10f is available. Will I loose root if I update? And if so, can I re-root it? Skickat från min LM-G710 via Tapatalk