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    Thread True Modded/Alternative Launcher

    Hey all! I've been doing some searching and can't seem to find an answer to my question: is there a proper Pixel 3 modded/alternative launcher. I'm looking for a launcher that is identical to the stock launcher (same app drawer, home screens, gap between the search bar and dock etc) but with...
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    Thread Ubuntu ADB Unauthorised Device

    So I've recently bought a 3XL and, coming from a Mate 9 (awful replacement for my 6P when Huawei couldn't repair it after the mobo died) which was rooted and flashed with a treble ROM to get to as stock as possible I've vowed I won't root my 3XL (primarily because I have a banking app that seems...
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    Thread Cannot Fix Device Uncertified

    Hello Forum People, I have my bootloader unlocked, build MHA-L29C432B198, TWRP recovery and I use Magisk v14.5 however I cannot seem to pass SafetyNet with Magisk failing on ctsProfile and basicIntegrity and "SafetyNet Test" (from the Play Store) passing Safety Net Request but failing Response...
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    Thread Possibility to Theme Lock Screen Notifications (ONLY) Transparent Background?

    Hi anyone-who-can-possibly-help, I have been wondering if it would be possible to make the background panel of notifications on the lock screen transparent/invisible. I am using Lock Clean for Substratum and have tried Transparent Theme but this applies globally and I don't the theme applied...