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    Post [Rom][UB] Xperia X Persian Rom (Old Pexorom) V4.5.0 F5122/F5121 [7.0][STABLE]

    Hi pmrk74, thanks much for your awesome Xperia X ROM, it's so pure, stable and powerful! I have one small issue, the simplified Chinese and Korean support seems to be broken. Do you have any idea how to fix it? Thank you! Screenshot: us.ihainan.me/xperia_x_chinese.png
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    Post {ROM}{UB}Xperia POISON STABLE v2.4 for XX f5121/5122 Aroma Installer

    Everything works well except that it need to take around 1 minute to detect my sim card, and 1 more minute to enable the cellular data. It's the most stable rom for F5122 I've ever used, thanks much!