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  1. heatti

    Thread Which firmware to downgrade to for performance/usability

    At this point I have given up on Android Q on this device and I'm having problems to decide which firmware version to downgrade to. I don't need latest bells and whistles, I like my phone plain and simple with no lags/freezes and minimal amount of bugs. I was overall happy sitting on latest Pie...
  2. heatti

    Thread [i9305] mdm_hsic_pm0 killer wakelock, should I just give up?

    mdm_hsic_pm0, the battery killing wakelock I have witnessed on every rom I have flashed lately. Now it has come to this point where Im really asking myself why do I still use this phone when it can drain out the battery at any given time in my pocket without me noticing it until its too late...
  3. heatti

    Thread [I9305] Endless war against wakelocks

    I really love these AOSP KitKat roms but on every rom I get these crazy battery killing wakelocks. Everytime I manage to somehow block one wakelock, then after a while another appears. I have tried like every way to block the wakelocks: Amplify, built-in wakelock blockers, Disable Services app...
  4. heatti

    Thread [Q] Flashing rom's with 4.3 knox-bootloader

    Bloatware, force closes and all of that... NO. Im done with stock rom and now is a good time to void my warranty! :D I dont want to brick my device at the first place so maybe someone could help me out and explain how to flash rom's with this thing? There seems to be so much different ways to...
  5. heatti

    Thread [Q] Cant login to my google account?

    Hello guys So Im running on latest CM11 Snapshot but even with re-installed gapps I still cant login to my google account. Gapps were working ok about 2 weeks ago until Play Store started force closing so I tried clearing caches and re-installing gapps but I ended up with this problem Looks...
  6. heatti

    Thread [Q] 4.4 - Any signs on working HDMI at sight?

    I remember last time having properly working HDMI-output somewhere around ICS-times. I feel poor without working HDMI :( Is it possible that someday we get it to work correctly?
  7. heatti

    Thread [Q] 4.1 vs. 4.2 - Overall performance and smoothness

    Hi people! Well, looks like Im back on flashing roms to my beloved tf300t :p So into the thing: Few months back I flashed my first 4.2 rom (cant remember which rom it was) and of course with the new bootloader in seek of performance. After few days of use I decided to go back to JB and it...
  8. heatti

    Thread [Q] Looking for fast roms! Stock clocks!

    Hey! Im currently running Jellybean-Hydro 4.1 rom with stock clocks. Feels very snappy after tweaking out a bit :) What are the fastest CM-Based rom's at the moment? I remember i really liked the Baked Blackbean rom on ICS, but the latest ported Blackbean-6 werent as snappy as Jellybean-Hydro...
  9. heatti

    Thread Prevent Developer options from reverting default after reboot?

    Is there any way? JB Hydro rom rooted. Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T using XDA Premium HD app
  10. heatti

    Thread Cant flash BAKED TF300T Blackbean rom anymore.

    I would like to flash back the BAKED TF300T Blackbean rom. But after flashing sean's JellyBean-Hydro 1.4.6 i cant flash the rom anymore, i get stuck in Asus logo like many others. Im rooted and with unlocked bootloader. Im using TWRP JB version as Recovery now. Tried both CWM's also. CWM...
  11. heatti

    Thread [Q] Bootloader Re-Lock

    Ehm my 1st post here :D So is it true that you cant Re-Lock the bootloader at the moment in case something goes wrong? If true is someone working on this? Thanks :)