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  1. SpotTech

    Thread Samsung keyboard vibration feedback

    Hi, After marshmallow update, my keyboard stopped vibration feedback when i use eco mode, in auto activated at 15%, before in auto mode, the keyboard have the vibrate feedback in this state. If I deactivate eco mode, the vibrator feedback work well but my phone not switch to eco mode...
  2. SpotTech

    Thread [MOD] [APP] [LP] [.242] 23-04-15 SystemUI - SuperUser Mod

    Accent SystemUI FEATURES Based On Stock SystemUI.apk .242 Odexed Fix Return Icon For Smaller NavBar Dynamic Navigation Bar Mod ( Same Color As Statusbar ) Enabled Close All Recent Mod with Dynamic Color Based On Eskamhl Work V2 Based On Stock SystemUI.apk .242...
  3. SpotTech

    Thread [SOLVED]Settings.apk still in english

    Hi, I'm building my own android source, based on omnirom source, no error during the build, but when i flash my rom Settings.apk rest in english... my Settings.apk repo https://github.com/LightningKat/android_packages_apps_Settings could someone help me?
  4. SpotTech

    Thread [ROM][KK][P6-U06]LightningKat V1.03 12-05-14 Test version

    I am not responsible for any damage to your device. Please try at your own risk. If you are willing to share this rom on any other website/blog/forum please give proper credit to me. Also... I have no P6 to my tests, if you find small bugs Solve and sent me what solve the problem for others ...
  5. SpotTech

    Thread [Script]XperiaKitchen Beta 3 (Zenity GUI)

    --Update-- GUI is started What you need: * A computer with Linux OS * Java, zip, curl, git, zenity and wget should be installed * A brain For now you can: * Unzip the original rom of your xperia in a working folder (multi custom rom) * Change your working directory if you have multi...
  6. SpotTech

    Thread [ROM]Light&Speed RC1 APM-AutoBrightness-Tweaked-Very Stable and Fast 19/05/12

    Details: RUU version 1.78.401.2 EU Deodexed et zipalign remove 3 dots recent app = menu, long press home = recent app Update facebook and twitter Update playstore and gmail AZERTY keyboard Del a lot of apk Tweak Build prop Tweak init.d Insecure boot.img Install: Download and extract zip Flash...
  7. SpotTech

    Thread Smali baksmali 1.3.3

    for all those errors with smali baksmali 1.3.2 for dedodex sense 4 here you are the 1.3.3 version compiled by me from the source. It solve many error. For dsixda kitchen rename it 1.3.2. Sorry for my english
  8. SpotTech

    Thread [SOLVED][Q]Adb + Ubuntu 12.04

    Hi all, I'm new user of the One S. I want can run adb in ubuntu 12.04, but isn't work, i'm not root, rom stock after power on at the first time sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/70-android.rules or sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules with this in SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="0bb4"...
  9. SpotTech

    Thread [Q]LPH LPB LPA vibrator and the melody

    Hello everyone anyone know how to use the vibrator and the melody at the same time as your ringtone???
  10. SpotTech

    Thread [ROM SAMMY]Light&Speed.RC1.1 (XWLP4_LPS) 16/04/12

    Light&Speed RC1 "Rebirth Of The Phoenix" Détails : Base ICS Sammy LP4_LPS Kernel SpeedMod Modem XXKI4 FullWipe Deodex et Zipalign Tweaks réseau + cache download Gapps up to date + YouTube modded Google music Android Wheater ApexLauncher Installation : Download the zip...
  11. SpotTech

    Thread sms.apk

    Hi, How to del the sms text in the status bar with the sms stock app?
  12. SpotTech

    Thread [Q] Wide camcoder MIUI

    Hi all, How to set the wide format in the camcoder of MIUI? I have add wide profil in media_profil.xml but it's don't work I have modified in media_profil the hight profil it's don't work too I have modified in media_profil the 720P profil it's don't work too Anyone can tell to me a solution...
  13. SpotTech

    Thread [Q] [HELP]CEE kernel on MIUI

    Hi all, A stupid question, get tested, I know MluI based on kernel nordic 177 (Motorola Defy), and I only have problems with the WiFi 300Mbps encrypted in AES, Now when I'm on the 2.2.2 rom CEE 179-02 froyo I do not have that worry, So I try to take over the drivers, wpa_supplicant and modules...
  14. SpotTech

    Thread [rom] miui 1.7.15 fr

    Hello all, New website MIUI French http://miui-france.com/ New forum http://forum.miui-france.com/ And for the DEFY miui 1.7.15 wifi fixed http://www.multiupload.com/EKN6P1NFP0 or miui fr by Raster not fixed wifi http://www.mediafire.com/?seixempf656lo86
  15. SpotTech

    Thread [Q] Re Serial Number Vodafone Switzerland French

    Please help? someone can share a serial number of vodafone Switzerland French?
  16. SpotTech

    Thread [Solved] Help cooking CHT widget

    Hi, I have more problems for cooking cht widget... Where is this 2 files??? "\Windows\HTC\Home\CHTWidgetSlot0.mode9" "\Windows\HTC\Home\Scripts\Home\CHTWidgetSlot0.luac" I search in kitchen and in phone............. bye
  17. SpotTech

    Thread [Q] Serial number vodafone

    Hi, I search a serial number of HD mini vodafone for download the Switzerland French rom update of vodafone. Anyone can help me?
  18. SpotTech

    Thread Last build for HD mini in 040C

    Hi all, Just a question... What's the last build for HTC HD mini in 040C? Build 23148 whit the port language of 23103 or 23563 run well, but i have some prob whit the fonts... Bye Sorry for my english
  19. SpotTech

    Thread [REQUEST]Sense 2.5.20191914.0 in HVGA

    Hi I search Sense 2.5.20191914.0 in HVGA for cooking Thanks Bye
  20. SpotTech

    Thread [Solved] How cook CHT in my rom?

    Hello, I test to cook CHT v2 in my rom, I see post in thread cht 2, but after flashing the home tab is blank :confused: Someone can tell me the instruction for cooking cht in my rom (hd mini photon) I made a cab whit the language pack and hvga port. Bye The package of Cookie's Home Tab in...
  21. SpotTech

    Thread [Q] Removed Bookmark and city in manila

    Hello, I'm using OSKitchen zero for create my ROM in french. I have finished most lot of work but i can't remove the bookmarks and the city in manila, same for footprints. For the bookmark in the oskitchen i check the checkbox "Del default ie bookmark" but his still in the ROM. Any one can help me?
  22. SpotTech

    Thread m!k3 Taskabr for HD mini v.0.1

    Hello, It's the beta 1 of my first taskbar HVGA for mini HD. For the moment just the icon sound and battery are skinner. Do not forget to install sdkcert.cab put as attachment. To propose I icons I would put them in the versions has to come. Feedback and idea please!!!! Sorry for english...
  23. SpotTech

    Thread 2 taskbar for HD mini

    Here were 2 to taskbar which works (except the icon of the battery which bug with the %) You can try to solve the various problems. If you has to solve the problems, to post the modifications to bring please
  24. SpotTech

    Thread Create a taskbar

    Hello, I wish to create my taskbar for my HD mini, I extracted everything the .dll of the telephone, I replace icons by mine, But when I replace htcvolumecontrol.dll, the icon remains that of the origin and I do not know how to increase any more or decrease the sound. Anybody could help me svp?