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    Thread Honor 8 will have Vulkan API support

    Just some great info for gamers. I asked Honor support this.
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    Thread EMUI 5 Beta

    So I've looked on HW P9 Android 7 beta and it looks very cool. Will there be a Honor 8 beta ? If so where can we apply/participate for it ? Thanks!
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    Thread It happened. Kernel sources released.

    https://github.com/MiCode/H1S_kernel?files=1 Let the real development begin. Happy new year 2015 XDA!
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    Thread [REQUEST] SlimKat ROM from SlimRoms.net

    Hello guys. I'd like to request some of our great devs to try and build this rom. I am not capable of doing this as my internet speed is slow and its crashing frequently thus I'm not able to download any of the sources. even if I've downloaded them I bet the build wont be complete because I'm a...
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    Thread [Q] 3 Hardware Buttons Support

    Hello, I am pretty new to this FirefoxOS but I think I know a lot about Android. Today I found a official build of FirefoxOS for Huawei Y300-II or Y300-F1 I'm not sure. I flashed it on my Huawei Ascend Y300 (old one with android) and it worked flawlessly untill I found that only Home button...
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    Thread Dont know how to fix a bug in LewaOS SystemUI.apk

    Hello guys, As this is my first post here sorry if ive posted this in wrong subforum or such. Im trying to fix this bug in a port of an LewaOS for Lenovo A660. As you can see notifications of apps are a little cut (first letters) I tried some margins/paddings in some files but none of them...