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  1. ZaYAC-ua

    Post U8 Smart Watch Clone

    I got a watch with GearBest Firmware version I: KCT_X6_M_CHKJ_B_32_T1_L3_G10_20160128 Hardware versions: X6_V2.0 EEPROM dump for Flash Tool in Attached My post on 4pda
  2. ZaYAC-ua

    Post SmartQ Z smart watch

    Firmware 3,0 + GAPPS + Soft + new icons My firmware is based on 3.0. The main objective was Russification, but then it is not actual. Added hacked Google Play . Added Calculator and Browser Replaced by an icon in the setup menu (see screenshots). Removed Chinese market and WeChat Info on...
  3. ZaYAC-ua

    Post Help with my cubot a890 4g rom!

    See this topic under the cap spoiler. Use translate.google.com for translation, if needed.
  4. ZaYAC-ua

    Post Help with my cubot a890 4g rom!

    Here, take a backup of my Android 4.2.1_Cubot_M6588_20130402_CWM_bacup 4GB ROM
  5. ZaYAC-ua

    Post Avstralia Deodex Mod by ZaYAC for XT907

    Various modes of batteries in the "%" for this mod Mod 47 Mod 77 Mod 84 Mod 90 Mod 125 Mod 147 Mod 148 Mod 150 Mod 151 Thank you, furniel, for providing images. His collection of animations batteries here.
  6. ZaYAC-ua

    Thread Avstralia Deodex Mod by ZaYAC for XT907

    Australia Deodex Mod for XT907 Preface: In general, I'm worn out trying to make the firmware for Recavery. Made a backup for TWRP (maybe go for CWM). I'll try later to collect norms firmware for Instal in Recavery. All at your own risk. I am not responsible. Checked up on my device. Original...
  7. ZaYAC-ua

    Post [Q] Sdcard0 and external sdcard problem

    Read this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=40162121 Отправлено c моего XT907
  8. ZaYAC-ua

    Thread [Q] [REQUEST] FULL Backup XT905

    If you unlock the bootloader can put CWM and TWRP recowery. Owners "XT905" do a full backup using CWM or TWRP recowery. (Boot cache data recovery system) If you do not want your data that used to hit me. You can do: 1. Make a backup of cache, data. 2. Make a Wipe Data / cache 3. Make a backup...
  9. ZaYAC-ua

    Thread Switch internal and external memory card

    Switch internal and external memory card Mount the external SD in place internal SD. Option for editing via Root Explorer Go to the folder "System" to set it right R / W. Find the file "build.prop" and open it as a text. Find the line "persist.fuse_sdcard = true" (in the middle of the file)...
  10. ZaYAC-ua

    Post Remove The Unlocked Bootloader Boot logo

    Created its logo download. Installation: 1. Extract the entire contents of the zip file. 2. If you are using Windows, ensure you have installed the latest Motorola USB drivers available for your phone. 3. Ensure your device has been rooted and you have a working installation of “su”. 4. Ensure...
  11. ZaYAC-ua

    Post [ROM] Eclipse Razr M v1.2 - 3/2/13

    Removes encryption error. Install from Safestrap Recovery. For version Eclipce 1.2. http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=1777188&stc=1&d=1362350777
  12. ZaYAC-ua

    Post Safe strap forceclose

    You probably do not have ROOT rights.
  13. ZaYAC-ua

    Post Motorola Razr M Flash To PagePlus?

    NV_only on JB XT907 I managed to set the NV only on Android 4.1. To do this: 1. Flash the modem driver from Android 4.0.4. yadi .sk/d/AehMbEDt2nAW2 (remove space in link) 2. The file settings.db at \ data \ data \ com.android.provider.settings \ databases to install 13 point...
  14. ZaYAC-ua

    Post Deodex stock

    Deodex stock rom Android 4.1 on 4pda. 4pda .ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=403669&view=findpost&p=19447000 Remove the space between 4pda and .ru