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    Thread Stuck in recovery mode after updating to Android 11

    Hi guys, I am using the mi10. Everytime there is an update the phone seems to act up. Previously i was not able to get past the lockscreen and it would restart by itself. Now in the new update (miui12.2.2 stable indian version) with Android 11 is causing more problems than ever. Everytime i...
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    Thread Any updates after January 2 2019?

    Hi I was just wondering that it had been a while since I received any updates. 3 months or so. Attached my software information. Thanks in advance Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Thread Geekbench 4 New Record???

    So today after almost 8-9 months after purchasing a S9 exynos. I decided to run the geekbench 4. I was expecting low numbers since the current chart had highscore of 3270 and 8524. But mine came up with 3632 and 8861 which is highest score regardless of which phone. Is this because of Android...
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    Thread Night mode camera

    Hi guys is there a port for pixel 3 camera for S9 on One UI? I love the night mode on the pixel3. Wish my S9 can get it Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Thread WhatsApp PIP pop up

    Hi guys How do I stop WhatsApp from displaying the pop-up icon and it opens a PIP window. I am not a fan of this feature. This is new on this new beta update. I have disabled the PIP permissions and it still wont work Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Thread Face detection is slow

    Hi I have started to use the face unlock method. It is super slow. Compared to a OP6t or a poco f1. It works well in dark and unlocks in like 2 secs but takes 5 to 10 secs in daytime. I find this super wierd. The Pie update made it a lil faster but still aweful. Is there a way to speed it up...
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    Thread CPL launcher issue

    Hi. I recently replaced Nova with CPL launcher. I liked how quick it was and how less RAM it consumed. Im using a s9 The issue is when i return home from an app or just goto home. I am unable to click anything on screen. The app icons are unresponsive but when i swipe it a bit from left to...
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    Thread Note 9 vs Mate 20 pro vs find x

    I am thinking about giving away my s9 mainly because of battery and the heat it produces. The current options i have are Note 9 mate 20 pro and the oppo find x. One of the main reasons i bought the s9 was for the display and curves. Moving to anything other than Samsung is kinda tough for...
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    Thread RAM usage

    I noticed there was a lot of dropped frame rates while playing PUBG. So i quit and shut down all the apps. Ran the optimiser and to my surprise I was not able to get more than 700mb. I ran the optimiser few times. But to no use. Do you know why this happens? This happens quite often now. The...
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    Thread Hard home press button

    I have seen many people on here talk about the hard home press button. I have barely used it. I wanna know why is it important? Am i missing out on a feature? For me it goes straight to home when i press it. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Thread How to root Nubia Z17 mini?

    Hi guys! I have tried the method in the previous thread by OperatorB and it did not work :( I was wondering if anyone is interested in making a new root guide? Please do comment if you have a 100% working method :) thanks! --VerifiedThug
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    Thread can I update my device?

    Hi, guys, I'm new to the forums! I found this version as the latest update: NX569J_Z69_EN_TSXPR1JE00L206 I wanna know if I can just local update it or do I have to be running any special Software version to use the above-mentioned update. ? Can I just do it? any news on the official 7.0 rom? I...