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    Post i have a Station P1 mini pc

    i am an old timer in real life .. sort of a high tech redneck i dont know to many 56 year olds that are flashing and jail breaking their own phones lol
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    Post i have a Station P1 mini pc

    thank you for your reply i have been a member for over 2 years and have done a lot of reading on your forums i have done 2 phones off of your forums .. but so far i can not find anything about a GPS system for a android mini pc
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    Thread i have a Station P1 mini pc

    i have tried several different things to get maps to work on it and can not get the GPS to locate the pc i have a BU-353S4 gps puck that connects to usb2 i am at my wits end can someone please help .. thank you
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    Post Bliss OS - Pie for PCs (LTS)

    would you happen to have a link for it please .. when i search for it i get 100s of results
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    Post Bliss OS - Pie for PCs (LTS)

    Hello I am new to this . i have fallowed all i can read on here .. i have a 2010 Dell Zino HD Mini PC with a brand new SSd i put a fresh install of windows 10 on it and then tried to install 11.13 on it and i am getting a device not ready .. softreset failed .. can anyone help please
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    Post GSII Rugged Case?

    i dont know if i am to late to help or not i have had the same problem and i think i have found one that will do what i want and maybe what you want from what i have researched about it .. here is the link for a nice cast for the GS II hope you find this helpful ...