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  1. Spectre51

    Thread Tablet causing Verizon router to reboot.

    Just curious if anyone else has experienced their tablet causing their router to reboot. Ever since the update to MM if I have my SGp612 connect through wifi to my Verizon (now frontier) router it will cause it to reboot. It doesn't happen immediately but after a while of using it the router...
  2. Spectre51

    Thread 10o update still available? Not getting update notification

    So now that I have gotten a rooted & unrooted 10o system image and have flashed the unrooted 10i system image I no longer get a notification to update to 10o either through OTA or LG Bridge. Is the update still available or was it pulled?
  3. Spectre51

    Thread Camera crash with slow shutter and raw enabled

    Has anyone been able to diagnose this issue? I was hoping COS12 would fix the issue but unfortunately it is still happening for me and a few others I have spoken with on the OP forums. Seems like it takes the picture but crashing only on the saving of the image. I plan on doing some logging...
  4. Spectre51

    Thread Pen input support

    Can anyone with the tablet confirm if it has pen/pencil support like the Z Ultra?
  5. Spectre51

    Thread Can't cast screen with Z2 and Chromecast

    So now that the Z2 is supported for screen casting to the Chromecast I have the option in my Chromecast app but when I try to connect it says "No compatible Google Cast devices were found on your network.". I have four chromecasts and can successfully cast YouTube, pled or Netflix on any of them...
  6. Spectre51

    Thread Issue with auto punctuation in Chrome on Android

    So I have this issue on three of my phones. Sometimes when I double tap the space bar to have it insert a period then a space it will instead remove the last letter of the word, insert a space then a period. Not sure what is causing it or how to fix it. Doesn't seem to be only the words I used...
  7. Spectre51

    Thread Camera app that allows shutter speed changes

    Anyone know of a good camera app that will allow for shutter speed changes on the Z2 that doesn't require root? Really missing that ability after using the Lumia 1020 and OnePlus One. Sent from my Sony Xperia™ Z2
  8. Spectre51

    Thread [FTF][SGP312] US Version 10.5.A.0.230 STOCK

    US Retail SGP312 KitKat FTF file Customization Number 1273-3867_R1D Build 10.5.A.0.230 http://d-h.st/8Na
  9. Spectre51

    Thread Screen mirror from Xperia phone to XTZ

    So under settings-> xperia connectivity there is the option for screen mirroring that's says: Mirror your Xperia's screen on your TV or tablet. Anyone know how to get a xperia phone to screen mirror to the tablet? When I try it says no device found. If I do the one touch setup it connects...
  10. Spectre51

    Thread [FTF][SGP312] US Version 10.4.1.B.0.109 STOCK

    Stock 10.4.1.B.0.109 for the SGP312 Xperia Tablet Z. US model - customization # 1273-3867 Download - http://d-h.st/GEJ
  11. Spectre51

    Thread Cerberus keeping phone awake

    Anyone else seen cerberus not letting your ZU go into deep sleep lately? Same settings on the ZU as my Tablet Z and Xperia Z yet neither of those have cerberus using hardly any anything. Just wondering is others have noticed this lately as well. I am running completely stock 14.1.B.2.257 on...
  12. Spectre51

    Thread No sound when using MHL cable to output to TV

    I have the Sony MHL adapater and when I use it on the Xperia Tablet Z SGP312 I am getting no audio output but video is fine. I used to get audio but one day it stopped and I just didn't bother trying to figure it out and used my phone instead. I would like to figure out why the audio isn't...
  13. Spectre51

    Thread [FTF] c6806 14.1.b.1.532

    Here is the FTF for the US C6806 Xperia Z Ultra http://d-h.st/W0d Customization number: 1276-1569_R11A There should/might be a 7.7 MB OTA update after this is installed.
  14. Spectre51

    Thread Simplism screen protector

    Just got one of these tonight and put it on my Z removing the cheap xtremeguard I put on there. I got their Bubble-less Double Film Set. Easy to install and crystal clear. No rubbery feel like Zagg or xtremeguard. It still gets some finger prints but the feel of it is what I was after. Smooth...
  15. Spectre51

    Thread [ion] Smartdock hdmi out screen size issue with JB

    I use my ion as a HTPC with the smartdock. I've noticed that since I installed JB when I fire up the ion and view it on the TV the scaling is off. the edges are being cut off. Top, bottom and edges. It's not bad but still annoying. There are no settings on the TV to adjust the size. Never...
  16. Spectre51

    Thread Anyone have a US Sony Store bought Xperia Z C6602 customization number

    Title says it all. I am looking for the customization number for a C6602 Xperia Z bought from Sony directly in the US. Or perhaps the FTF for it. Just looking for the US model from Sony direct (as some other online retailers in the US have been selling unauthorized imported models)
  17. Spectre51

    Thread Backup & Restore

    Running completely stock C6602 and after a successful backup I can't get the restore to actually restore all the third party apps. Anyone else had that issue? It takes a while restoring ny videos and pics then the app just closes and I am missing 5-6 apps. Sent from my Sony Xperia™ TL
  18. Spectre51

    Thread Xperia ZL forums not showing up as subscribed

    I subscribed to the Xperia ZL forums but they aren't showing up in y subscribed list on the website nor in my favorites on tapatalk. Any ideas?
  19. Spectre51

    Thread [STOCK] LT30p Stock+Rooted 9.1.A.0.489 flashable in CWM

    I know TiMiN8R made a Stock Rooted Deodexed rom for everyone but some people asked for just a Stock rom that wasn't deodexed so that's what I have made here. This is a stock firmware with only root added. Please note the kernel and CWM are not packed into this rom (though the reboot fix is)...
  20. Spectre51

    Thread Sony Smart accessories and Xperia Z issues

    I have the Smartwatch and Smart wireless headset pro paired to my Xperia Z. I have noticed a couple of issues. Smartwatch: Disconnects quite a bit and requires me to swipe up on the watch screen to make it reconnect. I would say today it happened 30-40 times in a 10 hour period. Haven't had...
  21. Spectre51

    Thread ZL screen brighter than Z

    I got to have some hands on time with a ZL and Z today. The ZL had a noticeably brighter screen. ZL felt so nice in ny hand. I am really torn between the two devices. They both are amazing. Also saw that the IR remote is just below the power button so you have to hold the phone in landscape...
  22. Spectre51

    Thread LT28at JB update.....not good news.

    I am hearing some rumblings that the ion LT28at won't be getting JB through AT&T. Hopefully get more info in the coming weeks/month but so far it isn't looking good for AT&T ion owners. Only saving grace is that we can run the LT28i firmware which will be getting JB. I'll keep you updated...
  23. Spectre51

    Thread [ion] garbled scratchy sound when making phone calls

    This was being discussed in a unrelated thread so I am starting this one so we can try to figure out what is causing it and who is having this issue. Basically on stock LT28i. 68 firmware and on LT28h 3.7 firmware I have experienced a garbled scratchy sound when trying to make phone calls. Only...
  24. Spectre51

    Thread Need CredentialManagerService.apk from never unlocked Xperia P

    Can someone with a Xperia P that has NEVER unlocked the bootloader please zip and upload or send me the CredentialManagerService.apk from their /system/app folder on a working phone. Again must never have had the bootloader unlocked.
  25. Spectre51

    Thread [ion][ROM/MOD] Prerooted/Deodexed Stock LT28 firmwares- Flashable through CWM

    Introducing STOCK PREROOTED/DEODEXED ion Firmware [Unlocked and Locked Bootloaders] This is a straight stock rom/mod with only ROOT added. No other changes were made. Deodexed versions also available below. I am providing these for those that want the latest firmware and want to keep root...
  26. Spectre51

    Thread XS 1257-6926 ICS ftf

    Hey guys looking for a FTF file for ICS .45 build for the 1257-6926 customization number. Should be the US model XS. Anyone have a link for it or can upload it for me please. Thanks in advance.
  27. Spectre51

    Thread LT30p firmware on LT30at keeping LTE support

    Okay people now that I have been able to create a stock AT&T LT30at ftf file: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0ByrrmqPijqISREZpSE16bWdKV1E I went ahead with testing if I could flash a generic LT30p firmware on my LT30at EXCLUDING the baseband so I could keep LTE. I used the LT30p firmware...
  28. Spectre51

    Thread Can't remove T-Mobile APN from US sold Xperia P

    Okay so I have a Xperia P from the US and am running the latest available firmware for it .544. When trying to help someone else out today I noticed I have an APN for T-Mobile US epc.tmobile.com. I can't remove it and when I started digging deeper in my device I found a setting in the...
  29. Spectre51

    Thread PlayStation Mobile is active.

    Sent from my Sony Xperia™ ion
  30. Spectre51

    Thread Trying to enable tethering on AT&T ion firmware

    Okay so I went searching the other day for how AT&T was disabling the tethering on their firmware requiring people to have a tethering plan. I remembered from my Motorola Atrix days that we changed a setting in the com.android.providers.settings file through sqlite that enabled it on that...
  31. Spectre51

    Thread LT28i ICS and Smartdock issue

    Anyone with the Smartdock and running the LT28i version of ICS is your ion detecting the smartdock correctly in the Smart Connect (liveware) app? I even did a complete wipe and had it completely stock but Smart Connect will not detect the smartdock or a livedock. It sees when I have just the...
  32. Spectre51

    Thread Was AT&T helpful when you got your ion?

    Hey guys need to know some info. For those of you that went into an AT&T store to ask about the ion how were the store clerks? Did they know much about the ion and were they helpful or did they look at you with a blank stare? If you could let me know what your experience was like and what...
  33. Spectre51

    Thread Illumination Bar

    Not sure if you guys have seen it but the Illumination Bar app by rundgong can be used to keep the softkey touchpad lights always on if the screen is on. So basically the lines under the touchpad symbols will always be lit if your screen is on which makes it much easier to hit the right symbol...
  34. Spectre51

    Thread Wiki

    For those of you that feel like helping out, I have setup the Wiki page for the Xperia S. Be nice if we can keep it updated. http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/Sony_Xperia_S
  35. Spectre51

    Thread Need assistance from those that COULD flash that ICS ftf on the ion

    Okay so for those that could successfully flash that FTF of ICS for the ion ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=28350482&postcount=19 ) I would like to see if the Xperia S rooting for locked bootloaders method works for you guys. Here is what I need you to do. Flash back to stock...
  36. Spectre51

    Thread Sony makes the best-designed Android phones, four red dot awards say so

  37. Spectre51

    Thread Sony Playstation Certified Applications

    Follow the instructions on this page to install the Playstation Pocket and Playstation Store apps on your Xperia ion. http://www.playstation.com/pss/store/en.html
  38. Spectre51

    Thread Customization Number List

    This was brought up by dogsly in another thread so I'll start this here. This thread will be used to list the customization numbers of user's ions. As a note regarding why this number is important: Might help later when looking at firmwares and regional differences. I will keep this list...
  39. Spectre51

    Thread Xperia ion XDA Wiki

    I have created the Xperia ion XDA Wiki page and am currently adding stuff to it. If you want to help out in editing it great or if you would rather just provide comments or suggestions for the wiki please do so here. Xperia ion Wiki - http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/Sony_Xperia_ion
  40. Spectre51

    Thread Root with locked bootloader - anyone tried?

    So over on the Xperia S forums they have this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1742992 which is a guide to root the Xperia S with a locked bootloader. Has anyone tried those steps with the ion and a locked bootloader? I will test this out in a week (after my week of...
  41. Spectre51

    Thread NFC tag tips thread from Xperia S forum

    Here is a link to a thread 3Shirts wrote on the Xperia S forums regarding NFC tags. Some good info there. Thought I would share it over here for those that don't browse the XS forums. Understanding NFC and Smart tags - Some tips
  42. Spectre51

    Thread Xperia ion Bootloader Unlocking & Relocking

    Taken from [Tutorial] Xperia S/P/U/Sola Bootloader Unlocking & Relocking and modified slightly for the ion. I take no credit for this tutorial. Quick tutorial for unlocking & relocking the bootloader of the Xperia ion. This is the official way to unlock bootloader Warning! This procedure...
  43. Spectre51

    Thread [ion] Stock Firmware Downloads

    This thread will be used to maintain a current download list of the stock firmwares available for the Xperia ion and its variants. Any newly released stock firmwares will be posted here once an FTF has been made. If any link appears dead or you have a mirror location for a file please let me...
  44. Spectre51

    Thread [Q] Force macro setting in camera

    I know that with auto setting in the camera app when I get close to an object and try focusing I see it switch to macro but is there a way to manually set the camera to macro mode when not using the automatic scene selection so I can still do the touch focus? Unless I am just missing it I...
  45. Spectre51

    Thread Difference from Xperia S

    It's amazing how this phone has the same specs hardware wise (CPU, GPU, ram) as the Xperia S but to me the experience is sooo much better on the ion. The screen is loads better on the ion. Blacks are deeper and colors are more vibrant. The speed and smoothness of the phone is also better on...
  46. Spectre51

    Thread Hidden service menu radio settings

    So I was messing with my ion and went into the hidden service menu using *#*#4636#*#* and under Phone Information there is the Set preferred network type drop down. Might be interesting to see if setting this to something other than LTE has an effect on battery life.
  47. Spectre51

    Thread Ion AT&T ICS update info.

    I'll post more info when I get it but so far the update is scheduled for October time frame. Sent from my LT28at using Tapatalk 2
  48. Spectre51

    Thread Issue with creating/flashing prerooted system.img

    Having an issue making the prerooted system.img. Builds just fine only issue is when I flash it. here is the error from the command prompt when trying to flash it: sending 'system' (413386 KB)... (bootloader) USB download speed was 32173kB/s OKAY [ 13.172s] writing 'system'... (bootloader)...
  49. Spectre51

    Thread Play mms message from iPhone

    Today I got a 3gp video mms from my wife who has an iPhone 4s. When I try to play it I only hear audio. The video does not play. Anyone else have this issue. Shouldn't WP be able to play those videos? Sent from my Lumia 900
  50. Spectre51

    Thread Emulate Xperia Play buttons on Dual Shock controller

    I have the Sixxaxis app that lets you use a PS3 controller on android devices but can't seem to figure out how to configure it to emulate the same button configuration as the Xperia Play hardware controls. Anyone use this and have it setup working okay. Specifically I want to play Nova and...