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  1. b0ttas

    Post [ROM][7.1.2][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS-14.1 Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTK

    Is this still undergoing development? Also, from the first few posts by jellybean13 it seems most bugs are fixable, can anyone give some feedback on this?
  2. b0ttas

    Post [PORT] [Q] Regarding ports, Base ROMs and whatnot

    And here I thought porting would be easier, but yeah, now that you mention that.. :silly: Aw well, thanks mate :good:
  3. b0ttas

    Thread [PORT] [Q] Regarding ports, Base ROMs and whatnot

    Hi all, With the risk of this being called a duplicate thread I just want to clarify that I'm in no way asking to port something for me, and I've read the 2 similar threads around, and felt like this should have it's own place. So, straight to the point, I've been looking to get involved with...
  4. b0ttas

    Post [CM13][GOOD][News][GT-i9301I]

    Well, you're right, but it's not stable yet and with a question like that I assumed he wanted the super perfect super stable version, my bad :D
  5. b0ttas

    Post [CM13][GOOD][News][GT-i9301I]

    Anyway, in answer to your question, the ROM isn't released yet ;)
  6. b0ttas

    Post Need Tester for CM13

    Are you still looking for testers?
  7. b0ttas

    Post [ROM][5.1.1][BLISSPOP][OFFICIAL][s3ve3g][2015/07/19]

    Every link gives a 404 Not Found Error. Is this just me?
  8. b0ttas

    Post [Completed] [Q] Planning to start building my own ROM, a cry for help (Samsung G. Grand Prime VE)

    Thanks for your reply The_Merovingian, I haven't even thought of that (I know, I know), anyway, thanks for the tip. Guess I'll have much to keep me occupied :D I'll see what I can find then, cheers :)
  9. b0ttas

    Post Bjjb

    Should I bother asking what is this? Mods?
  10. b0ttas

    Post Root Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G531F

    Clean Master appears to be broken in that Pre-Rooted firmware (if you try to uninstall it you'll know what I mean). Try to remove it with System App Safe Remover and wipe cache+dalvik.
  11. b0ttas

    Post [HELP] QuickSetting theme

    Using Xposed Framework you can change the colors used in the status bar to make it more appealing (I had mine orange once ^^) , however without a custom ROM I don't believe you're able to put the AOSP status bar.
  12. b0ttas

    Thread [Completed] [Q] Planning to start building my own ROM, a cry for help (Samsung G. Grand Prime VE)

    Firstly, happy new year to everyone c: As the title says, I'm considering making my own ROM for the SM-G731F. I've lurked around XDA for quite a while now and I can't seem to find a guide that's able to clarify the process for me. So I decided to make a post here, The ROM I want to make...
  13. b0ttas

    Post [Q] LG L65 (D280n) Bootloop [Help]

    [Status Update] After messing with it for a while I finnaly got access to the "Factory data reset" menu, (Power+Vol. Down), however, making the said reset seems to have not fixed the issue. Also, bump ^^
  14. b0ttas

    Thread [Q] LG L65 (D280n) Bootloop [Help]

    Hello people, So, I got hand of my sister's ruined L65, which worked great until the LCD + Digitizer broke. Today, I repaired it and found it to be stuck on a bootloop. It was running stock Andy, no recovery, nothing, I can't access the recovery menu and have no idea of what to do. After...
  15. b0ttas

    Post [XAP][GUIDE] Interop Unlock for WP8 + all Capabilities

    Increase App Deployment Limit I have a Dev. account which only gets me 2 unsigned apps at a time. To sideload more than that I have to use the microSD trick, but that requires me to move apps from the phone to the SD memory every 2 apps, and even restart the phone, as you might already know...
  16. b0ttas

    Post Help me identify this!

    +1 with the same issue As luis0leal said: could we change the firmware of this device? Hacking the firmware is also a option. I'll accept any idea since the original firmware is terrible and update are nowhere to be found. There are some china PSP knockoffs with a very similar firmware, if...
  17. b0ttas

    Post [WIP] [ROM][JB 4.2.2] ZTE v970/v970m (MT6577) [STABLE]

    MusicFX Also, one more [Q], is MusicFX working? And sry bout the double post ;)
  18. b0ttas

    Post [WIP] [ROM][JB 4.2.2] ZTE v970/v970m (MT6577) [STABLE]

    CAMERA - Is there anything else you can do? (regarding the binary .blob) Also, is there any 4.2.X cROM that hasn't got this issue, so that you could see what's wrong? (I know this probably wouldn't make much difference since that, even if you could find a ROM like that, it would have been made...
  19. b0ttas

    Post [WIP] [ROM][JB 4.2.2] ZTE v970/v970m (MT6577) [STABLE]

    App Issues Some apps like UR(urban rivals) have some issues. Like, I can't open drop-down boxes & use free credits button..
  20. b0ttas

    Post [WIP] [ROM][JB 4.2.2] ZTE v970/v970m (MT6577) [STABLE]

    Helloooo Hey, What's up? Any idea on fixing the pink camera? By the way, I've had two issues with this rom and I'm not really sure if I fixed them: - A Critical Battery Shutdown (which didn't happen, made a thread about it, may have been fixed by flashing bgcngm's offline charging zip) -...
  21. b0ttas

    Post [Q] [ZTE V970m] Critical Battery Shutdown Problem

    BUMP A little help here? :/
  22. b0ttas

    Post [Q] ZTE V970 - Bruno ROM - Game Clash of Clans

    You're not Alon3 I've tried to contact Bruno directly, and through the "Bugs" section on his ROM List page... It seems it happens with alot of apps (bugs), such as: Twitter, Plague Inc., NSS.. One temporary fix is to use a ROM from a different version... I figured out that Plague and...
  23. b0ttas

    Post [Q] [ZTE V970m] Critical Battery Shutdown Problem

    BUMP(?) Same problem yesterday.. Thinking of going back to the (rooted) stock ROM.. (Opinions?) A [Q]: If I choose "wipe battery stats" on my CWM-based recovery, could it help? PS: Using bgcngm's [4.1.1] 1.3MOD ROM now.. with superdragonpt's kernel.
  24. b0ttas

    Post [Discussion] What's your next smartphone / What should I buy

    In Need Of Guidance Hi all, I'm looking for advice (duh), so I've been checking some phones such as: - bq Aquaris 5 HD - Nekken N6 - Moto G and so on.. (also considering going back to WP, with the setback of cracking/modding not being so easy :/) So... Any Help?
  25. b0ttas

    Post What are you listening to?

    Music 'O' Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit
  26. b0ttas

    Post [Q] [ZTE V970m] Critical Battery Shutdown Problem

    UPDATE Finally got it to boot! :victory: Holded POWER + VOL DOWN for a century and got to the factory mode screen -> which looked like this (1.jpg) After failing to read :silly: I found this (translation credits to: CarriePW): 1. factory mode 2. complete test 3. single ** test (not...
  27. b0ttas

    Post [Q] [ZTE V970m] Critical Battery Shutdown Problem

    [Forgot to Mention] I'm using the stock kernel (probably :B). Was going to flash this one http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2698984 but ran out of juice 1st. Phone is charging since the 1st post, waiting for it to come back to life, no SIM nor SD inserted just because. Also if...
  28. b0ttas

    Thread [Q] [ZTE V970m] Critical Battery Shutdown Problem

    Hi, I own a ZTE v970m (duh) and I am running superdragonpt's [WIP] [JB 4.2.2] ZTE v970/v970m (MT6577) ROM. I was running bgcngm's ROM before I flashed this one. This has happened before, but after hours of searching the web I could not find a answer, so here I am. With some ROMs I've...