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  1. AFAinHD

    Thread Got an interesting problem.

    Hey there. I'm a bit new to this side of XDA. Honestly with how long I've been AWOL from this site nothing is familiar anymore. How time flies. Well my first post back in years couldnt be more unfortunate phone wise, I've had my Z2 for a couple of months now and as a mechanic it's been treated...
  2. AFAinHD

    Thread AFAinHD Bootanimations still coming!

    Hello fellow members of XDA Developers as you may know I created a thread for this a while back but I scheduled a release dates for a boot animation and it never came out so the thread got locked, well I am here now to tell you why that is, after I had given the release date for the boot...
  3. AFAinHD

    Thread AFAinHD boot animations coming.

    Here is the placeholder for the upcoming AFAinHD boot animations. Now that I have a Galaxy S4 I shall be making the AFAinHD boot animations for the S4. Sent from my SGH-M919 using xda app-developers app
  4. AFAinHD

    Thread Galaxy S4 screen and bezel scratch very easily.

    Don't know if anyone else is notice this but I have been super careful with my brand new galaxy s4 and somehow there is a pretty nice scratch on my display and a part of the bottom of my bezel is chipped I don't know how this happened I've been checking my pockets for any dirt or sand and I've...
  5. AFAinHD

    Thread [Q] Infraction Point System

    Okay, so last week I got suspended for a slightly "racist" comment, and I got 5 infraction points, and I also lost my Recognized Themer title which I can't figure out why since the mod said I would have to get another infraction to lose it, but back to the point. I have searched high and low...
  6. AFAinHD

    Thread [BootAnimations] AFAinHD Beautiful Boot

    Hello Artix HD users!!! My friend managed to beg me into making you guys a bootanimation :laugh: I've already got it done rendering I just got to do some tests and create a preview file. But if you haven't heard of my famous (not really lol :laugh:) AFAinHD Beautiful Boots, check out the link to...
  7. AFAinHD

    Thread AFAinHD Beautiful Boot!!

    Hey TouchPad users! I see that you don't have many sexy boot animations around here, but you got a pretty sexy device. So lets make it look even better! Here I will periodicity be releasing beautiful boot animations for your device. If you want somebody to thank for getting these beautiful boots...
  8. AFAinHD

    Thread [APP REQUEST] Tablet to Phone

    I love tablet talk, but I have some thing else I would like. The one thing I would love is for an app where I can actually call through a bluetooth connection to my phone. Tablet talk allows you to initiate the call,but you can't hear/talk through the tablet. I have a portable charger for my...
  9. AFAinHD

    Thread [GUIDE] How to make your very own boot animation for the Nexus 7 + flashable guide.

    DO NOT QUOTE THIS POST Hello people of XDA!!! As you may know, my name is AFAinHD, and I'm here to show you, how you can create your very own boot animation. What you will need: A brain (Hey you bought a Nexus 7, you must have a brain laying around somewhere right?) Notepad++ WinRAR A root...
  10. AFAinHD

    Thread AFAinHD Beautiful Boot! [1/5/13]

    Theme discontinued until further notice. The boot animation DL links are on post 4!! Here you go guys, its finally finished. :D:D This boot animation was created in Cinema 4D! So its pure 3D, thats also why the filesize is quite large, but here it is, since I got my first android device...
  11. AFAinHD

    Thread [SOLVED] Need help with bootanimation.

    Hey fellow members of XDA! If you didn't know, right now while I am posting this it is 3:07AM where I live. Heres my story, ever since I got my first Android device I've been wanting to contribute to the comunity, but I haven't been able to figure out where to learn how to create ROM's. But...
  12. AFAinHD

    Thread AVG Warning me that N7 ToolKit is a Trojen?

    Guys, what the hell is this? I know its probably bull****, but still.
  13. AFAinHD

    Thread Help with my computers gpu temperature.

    Okay, now I have had this computer for about 2 weeks now. I have a GeForce 430 inside and I'm starting to get pissed. Recently I've added 3 new fans, 2 120 mm fans on the top running at around 2,000 RPM and one on the side case (now sitting directly under my gpu) which is a 80 mm running at...
  14. AFAinHD

    Thread Nexus 7 Benchmarks

    THIS POST IS VERY LONG, THERE ARE 4 FULL BENCHMARK RESULTS HERE Hello Nexus 7 users of XDA! I have spent the last 2 days looking for good benchmark tests for this powerful device, I have found 4 that really seem to test the device. Most of these benchmarks are measured in FPS, if you do not...
  15. AFAinHD

    Thread Has anyone tried to flash CWM through ROM Manager?

    Has anyone tried to flash CWM through ROM Manager? Here is a screenshot that shows when you click Flash ClockworkMod Recovery it gives the option for a Google Nexus 7. (Sorry it's an attachment, the picture was huge because I couldn't find a screenshot app that works on Jelly Bean, so I had to...
  16. AFAinHD

    Thread What do I do?

    Okay, so I just used the [ToolKit] Nexus 7 one click root tool! and it flashed Recovery and I know it did because it booted into ClockWorkMod, but when it rebooted I noticed it didn't have root. So I used {Toolkit] Nexus Root Toolkit v1.5 to root. After it finished I checked for root. And it was...
  17. AFAinHD

    Thread Good bye Kindle Fire.

    Hey guys. Ahh the Kindle Fire. My first android tablet and obviously not my last it did me so good but now I'm gonna have to give it to my dad I just bought myself a nexus 7. I have to admit you guys made that old piece of s*** amazon firmware into something I never thought could work. you made...
  18. AFAinHD

    Thread What movie should I go watch?

    Hey guys, I want to go watch a movie but I can't decide which movie I should go see. I got 2 that I really want to see. Battleship or Snow White and the Huntsmen. My night of entertainment is in your hands. :D Sent from my SGH-T839 using XDA
  19. AFAinHD

    Thread Give a compliment thread!

    Just what the title says. The rules are you have to give a compliment to the person that posted before you. This is similar to the ban thread but I thought I would spread some love! So it starts with the next person! Go! <be nice> Sent from my SGH-T839 using XDA
  20. AFAinHD

    Thread [Q] How to get a landscape keyboard?

    Hey guys, I really need to know how to get the on-screen keyboard to turn landscape, but all it does is wait for me to slide it open, any way to make it give me a landscape? I like to text in class, I hate portrait, the phone is hard to hide when it is open, and our physical keyboard is REALLY...
  21. AFAinHD

    Thread [SOLVED] Anyone know of a good source for sd cards?

    Hey, sorry that I didn't post this in accessories section of our forum, but no one is ever on there it seems. So look at this... You see my problem, I use my phone for a lot of things and this 4GB sd card ain't going to work for me. Any suggestions? Sent from my SGH-T839 using XDA App
  22. AFAinHD

    Thread No Carrier IQ on our sidekick.

    Ok here you are here are some screenshots that show that we DO NOT have Carrier IQ on our phones, note that I double checked with 2 different apps. So there you go, at least no one is spying on you through that app, now just to find the one that they are spying on us from. Sent from my...
  23. AFAinHD

    Thread How many pairs of headphones have you broken?

    So I think this is a valid question, how many pairs of head phones have you gone through? I swear I've gone through like 14 or so, probably 6 of them are them damn apple headphones. So how many have you gone through? Post your answer as a reply to this post. Sent from my SGH-T839 using XDA App
  24. AFAinHD

    Thread iOS or Android Debate

    Remember to post your answer both in the poll above and as a reply in this thread. Okay guys I wanted to make this thread so anyone can state their opinion without being insulted. This has obviously been a long fought debate and will probably stay that way, but I want you to tell which one...
  25. AFAinHD

    Thread Thanks to all Devs!

    This thread will be for anyone to thank any of the great devs who work on our now even greater phones. Rules: 1. No nay-saying the devs. 2. Don't get off topic.
  26. AFAinHD

    Thread [Q] I got a question.

    Ok guys I have a boot0: MBR boot:0 done error whenever I boot up my computer ever since I attempted to install windows 8 but cancelled before it was done. Now I'm guessing that I have a corrupted bootloader. Is there anything I can load onto an SD card and boot on the computer to fix the...
  27. AFAinHD

    Thread I need help!

    Ok I was going to dual boot windows 7 and windows 8 but while I was installing windows 8 on a seperate partition I canceled it and it finished undoing all the changes and now I restart the computer and it says boot0: MBR boot0: done_ please help, please I have no idea what to do! Sent from my...
  28. AFAinHD

    Thread I need help.

    Ok I was going to dual boot windows 7 and windows 8 but while I was installing windows 8 on a seperate partition I canceled it and it finished undoing all the changes and now I restart the computer and it says boot0: MBR boot0: done_ please help, please I have no idea what to do! Sent from my...
  29. AFAinHD

    Thread I need help now!!!

    Ok I was going to dual boot windows 7 and windows 8 but while I was installing windows 8 on a seperate partition I canceled it and it finished undoing all the changes and now I restart the computer and it says boot0: MBR boot0: done_ please help, please I have no idea what to do! Sent from my...
  30. AFAinHD

    Thread Need help

    Hey any devs out there on skype? I need someone to help me, I finally got my dads phone root access and I was wiping data and its frozen at Formatting /sdcard/.androidsecure... and I dont know what to do. So skype chat me. Fixed it, pulled battery and restarted. Will try and flash again.
  31. AFAinHD

    Thread [Q] How to disable Optical Sensor?

    Hey this thing is just bugging the HE.....heck, haha you thought i was gonna say hell, it is bugging the heck outta me, I don't know why but if I'm outside and there is light hitting my phone or a warm breeze goes over it, the sensor goes nuts I just want to make it a search button or sumthin.