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    Thread AdHell 2 - Rootless Ad Blocking

    AdHell 2 *** Disclamer I first want to note that the original developer did not help me in any way with this, he did not provide me with the code (it was found from public forks from his Github), nor guidance on modifying the app. I do not want to cause him any further inconvenience or...
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    Thread 3D Printed Dock

    Has anyone made a 3D Printed dock for the G2 yet? I realized I have access to a 3D Printer, and I was hoping that I might be able to make a dock for my phone, but I didn't want to use a generic model if someone has created a specific one. I have the Spigen Slim Armor case also if that helps...
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    Thread Ingress

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone had a spare Ingress code they would be willing to give me? I've signed up to get one on multiple emails and it's been weeks and I still haven't received one. If anyone does, please pm me! Thanks! And if I ever get mine, i'll do a giveaway too :) (If this...