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  1. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [LS980] Brick after Installed CR.DROID Rom

    Hi im using verizon sprint i've able to get twrp working on my ls980 (4.2.2) after that i wipe system,cache,data and install crdroid after that it didn't work and blackout sometime it get 9006 but i able to recover it back
  2. Abandoned War Place

    Thread F460K Bricked ?

    My F460K Stuck At BootLoop After Flashing F460L KDZ File Now It Continues to Bootloop I enter the Download Mode It appear Loading Logo But after that it go back to bootloop .... i used f460 140 180 ... debrick but nothing help thank for reply
  3. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Reduce Heat In LGs Phone

    Find any Chipset (HOTTEST PART) 1.RAM ex : Skynix , Samsung .......... 2.POWER MANAGEMENT IC (Search The ICs on Google ) 3.POWER AMPLIFIER Cut Thin Copper To Fit These IC Use Thermal Pad Apply it to ICs And Place A Thin Copper On It Thermal Paste is going to be worst cause it not design to...
  4. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Full LGFLASHTOOL 2014 Tools Package

    https://goo.gl/5mbHP8 DIRECT LINK NO BS!
  5. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [HELP] Screen Freak Out When Display Small Line Of Pixel / Vertical

    My screen is working perfectly fine i try to test display all type video work just normal but it just flickering these rainbow / vertical line when i come close to let say smaller pixel like display shot with camera ... or picture with smaller pixel dots....
  6. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Request Modified Aboot/Unlock.bin For F500L(Converted) Bootloader Unlock

    i was able to convert F500L(Korean Varaint) to H815 (eu) via LGFLASHTOOL2014 was able to boot to fastboot mode get the (ID) inform here are my file : aboot.img (f500l) [ original aboot from f500l ] unlock.bin (from another device that will not gonna match my device unlock code)...
  7. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Lg g4 - lastest version of lgup/dll file

  8. Abandoned War Place

    Thread How to Fix Image Retention With Postproc.conf color recorrect

    here the script kppd : http://downloads.codefi.re/savoca/kppd/kppd-20150809.zip if any know how to remove pink image retention without kcal or color setting kernel please give me the settings :confused:
  9. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Is It Safe To Downgrade From MM To LL ?

    I got LG G4 Korean Variant (F500L) Unlock I'm i going to downgrade it safe without hard brick or bootloader lockout ? info : F500L21A Build number MRA58K
  10. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Downgrade LG G4 Korean Variant [F500L] Version 21A - F500L21A Downgrade

    Replace this dll file: https://www.mediafire.com/?130dv30i4mabt1m With LGUP Or Just Flash With LG Flash Tool
  11. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [F500L] Downgrade Fail And Stuck On Download Mode !

    Unable to get back to Software Couldn't flash any version of F500L Firmware Stuck on Version 21A Anyone please help unable to find 21a version of KDZ On the internet
  12. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Help : Brick Phone by flash efs.img to /dev/block/mmcblk0p3

    my phone just complete dead ; but when i push power button and plug usb open odin i did see the COM appear but when hit flash nothing happend anyone can help me with this
  13. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Help " No Sim Detect " on CM 10 Port

    Hi guy I'm from Device Galaxy trend 2 duos (GT-S7572) - This device is exteremely close to galaxy core i able to port and anything working fine but not for the sim card
  14. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Galaxy Trend 2 Duos (GT-S7572) Chinese - Google Play Fix

    I guess this method will work all samsung or any chinese devices but the thing is you have to get root and download right google apps package for your phone and copy to /system/apps :D:D These 4 files : -Google Service Framework -Google Login Service (Google Account Manager) -Google Ear ( Play...
  15. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Can I Flash Galaxy S Duos 's Rom On Galaxy Trend 2 (GT-S7572)

    I reviewed the specs it all the same include cpu architecture cortext a5 only difference is -CPU DUAL CORE 1.2GHZ -GPU ANDRENO 203 -CAMERA 3.2 MX:crying::crying::crying::crying:
  16. Abandoned War Place

    Thread xtreme music ported request for all developer

    I found this thread : http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software/mod-beatsaudio-e-xloud-installer-t3029951 From hapiss rom and i think it is the best audio equalizer for all android phones yet this is awesome and xda user must have so i request all developer who can port this work 100% on...
  17. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Ask @ pekaka

    Is it safe to enable fast charge init on stock kernel ?
  18. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Genuis Way : Save Your Amoled Devices Battery Life With Multitask Screen

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s22Fnl3aH2g <iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/s22Fnl3aH2g" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> APP : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=android_design.black&hl=en OR YOU CAN USE OTHER APPS CALL BLACK SCREEN ON...
  19. Abandoned War Place

    Thread eTreamBeat - Viper4adroid Preset For Share [ ALL DEVICE THAT SUPPORTED VIPER4ANDROID]

  20. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Best Fancy Wallpaper For 5.5 - 5.7 Display Artistic Design

    153 Wallpappers DOWNLOAD LINK : http://www.mediafire.com/download/3zdrxuk5vca8olq/Wallpapper-Collection-By%28Abandonedwarplace%29.zip
  21. Abandoned War Place

    Thread can anyone port clearaudio from sony devices ?

    here the link but it didn't work on 5.0 tw sm-n900 :( http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2634729
  22. Abandoned War Place

    Thread All Of Meterial Design Wallpapper HD

    His name is J. Amourette And I respect his work on design he's maybe a google employ artist Review : Download : https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/102898026333733818285/albums/6081914916274644193 U can use phone or the best way is laptop :good:
  23. Abandoned War Place

    Thread probably the best recovery mode for SM-N900 ...

    This is the best of the best recovery mode i tested it base on clockworkmod 6.0.7 ported by xiolu is been posted on chinese threads and mirror by me on mediafire what about it ? well i used many many recovery mode like twrp or philz touch it never been good like this one when i hop from pekaka...
  24. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [Q] Android 5.0 vs Android 4.3 on Note 3 ?

    Which one is better for battery life for your experience
  25. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [Q] (SM-N900) How to WiFi Tweak like Pekka lollipop rom ?

    I'm using cyanogenmod 12.1 now one problem that bother me is wifi range I cannot reach :(
  26. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [Q] Pekaka Wifi Tweak On Cyanogenmod 12 ?

    Anyone can show me how ?
  27. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Post your home screen [TW-LOLLIPOP]

    How you style your Phone For Daily Use Thread :laugh: : LET POST :good: :
  28. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [Q] can using 3rd part screen dimmer apps cause screen demage?

    any experience about this anyone :cool:
  29. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [Q] How to downgrade from Lollipop to Jellybean ?

    Hello everyone i like to go back to jellybean it more faster and free bug i can't find any 4.3 bootloader and any method that i can downgrade without risk using SM-N900 Note 3 exynos :good: :good: :good: :good: :good:
  30. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Fully work Galaxy S6 apps include ( launcher,keyboard..) for all Note 3 lollipop

    here the think : google drive https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BywPW6N-K7C2fnpVSS1GWGdpTkN0NzdKUDVGVy1pSnBjTzRBb01LUERhdkZWZElvak80eTQ&usp=sharing
  31. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [Q] How to fix thid display issue on amoled ?

    i never drop or drop into water it damage itself for sure whyi never seen any of these tft or ips panel screen ever :rolleyes:
  32. Abandoned War Place

    Thread No Music Effect on Sound setting ?

    Currents running KitKat pekaka v.15 rom
  33. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [Q] how to know my original firmware on my device ?

    Just want to flash back to it own origin firmware not work on kies
  34. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [Q] Dr.Ketan Kitkat Rom Display setting crash ?

    Anybody can help me here ?
  35. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [Q] SM-N900 Dr.Kann rim display setting crash

    Anyone know how to fix :mad:
  36. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [Q] note 3 screen yellowish compare to ips panel ?

    If there any config that i can turn yellowish to true with panel :(
  37. Abandoned War Place

    Thread System UI Mod For (SM-N900) Style N4

    I modded this from sysmod it smooth no lag no bug (tested) I use Pixxillion Licenced to correct img pixel and dpi free lag :good: SIMPLE LINK Original SystemUI.apk https://www.mediafire.com/?y60ga86d1yh7wa9 Modded SystemUI.apk...
  38. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [Q] Request [SysMod] modded systemUI.apk for SM-N900

    it should be like this :
  39. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Popping color lockscreen for SM-N900 (KK)

    Installation : Go to custom recovery > flash zip (Particle by Warplace (SM-N900).zip) > reboot Select lockscreen effect > none :good: Modded for SM-N900 (ODEX & DEDOXED) work the same cause it zipaligned file :good: :good: For KK user who don't like to go lollipop cause it so slow and lag alot...
  40. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [Q] Anyone can explain about cpu processor ?

    can anybody explained what is odemand , conservative .................... : cfq , noob ................... and cpu voltage i'm kind of noob :angel::confused::confused:
  41. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Request bloat script for Note Lollipop

    :good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good: I'm using SM-N900
  42. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [Q] Request media ui sound for note 3 ?

    can anyone share media ui sound with simple and best :confused: :cowboy: tik tik tok tok
  43. Abandoned War Place

    Thread How to add more language to Samsung Keyboard 5.0 ?

    I'm cambodian so i used 2 language is the most important 1.english 2.khmer I know lollipop is full khmer but i flash russia firmware it has no east asian language include on language settings and keyboard :mad:
  44. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [Q] More lockscreen effect port for Note 3 TW-Lollipop ?

    If anyone can port pls share thank ! :angel: :good:
  45. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Overheat Note 3 Exynos Version

    I'm very disappointed when i bought note 3 i know nothing about the exynos and qualcomm version :silly: Note 3 exynos didn't even get cyanogenmod official or other roms :( Crappy korean chip call exynos do you guy think exynos is worst than note 3 sm-n9005 :confused:
  46. Abandoned War Place

    Thread [Q] Why samsung release so many firmware ?

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: Sammobile.com
  47. Abandoned War Place

    Thread Request stock kernel for SM-N900 [Flashable zip]

    If anyone have it share me for KK 4.4.2 :good: