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  1. Zap!

    Thread Logitech C930E won't detect

    I have a Logitech C930E webcam that won't detect in any computer. When I plug the USB port in, nothing ever happens. It has been tested in multiple computers and it won't detect anywhere. What do you think is the most likely culprit as to why it broke? What are the chances that it can be...
  2. Zap!

    Thread How do I get a Bluetooth OBDII scanner to pair on this Android 10 head unit?

    I just bought this Android 10 head unit from eBay, which claims OBDII support, and even shows a ELM327 Bluetooth scanner in the description. I have that exact same scanner. Problem is, I have no idea how to connect it to this unit. The seller isn't helping. I think it's a language issue, because...
  3. Zap!

    Thread Why no option for vibration and sound?

    When you hold down the button, you can select three options: Vibration, Sound, or Mute. Am I weird that I need both vibration and sound? How is no one else complaining about this? How did this even get by Samsung? Are they even aware of the problem so they can address it?
  4. Zap!

    Thread FML App

    I know there is an FML app on the iPhone and Android, but how about one for Windows Mobile? We're really missing out if there isn't!