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    Post NVT-TS Touch Panel

    Hello. I have a similar problem with the motorola g100. when the screen dims, the screen blinks pink. Type nvt_ts. some solution?
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    Post [APP][MOD] Messenger Old Chat Heads for Android 11+

    Please convert messenger lite app
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    Post Unable to choose 5G in preferred network type

    NR/LTE/GSM/WCDMA enable only
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    Post General Motorola Edge S (Software Update RRN31.Q2.12-14-7) Hide Gesture Navigation (FINALLY!)

    please send me if you manage to get the moto app launcher somehow. Thank you
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    Thread MMS auto sens receving without data ALL Samsung device

    Hello ! I discovered a banal way for people who do not want to play soft adb root combiners etc. A banal solution. Accidentally playing with the Android Hidden Setting application by common tools found the option to enable mms without date in the mobile settings. !! This option appears only when...
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    Post MMS autosending without data transfer on all the time. ODM.img

    Dorzucam link do postu members ze screenem https://eu.community.samsung.com/t5/galaxy-s9-s9/automatyczne-włączanie-transmisji-danych-przy-wysyłaniu-mms/td-p/914776
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    Post MMS autosending without data transfer on all the time. ODM.img

    The patient s10 lite z plus. A clean xeo plus card uploaded. MMS sending does not work. Root is off adb not working. Found an app called android hidden settings. Nothing special, but burying the settings of this application with the data transmission disabled, the function of sending and...
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    Post [ROM][STOCK V20C][P710]NeutronROM P710

    Ok heh :) so Can you ported Polish and Romanian language from open firmware europe ?? or other?? (sorry for my english)
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    Post [ROM][STOCK V20C][P710]NeutronROM P710

    If you can add a Polish language?