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    Thread [ICON PACK][Material design 2.0] Pix-Pie icon pack.

    Pix-Pie Icon Pack is icon pack for launchers. Made in material design 2.0. These are round icons with rounded in new style icons inside. - Md2 icons. - Cloud Wallpapers. - Option for icon reqest. - Updating the application every week. - Fulfillment of 100% of your requests for changing icons...
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    Thread Make it look like Pixel 2 (OREO 8.1) (for all devices)(6.0)

    Make it look like Pixel 2 (OREO 8.1) (for all devices)(6.0) Used: - LineageOS. - Nova Launcher. - O-ui Theme for CyanogenMod/Lineage OS. mod edit - link removed - Xposed module N-ify. - QS - Material Notification Shade https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.treydev.mns mod edit -...
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    Thread Activating Google assistent to 6.0.1 (stok \ cm13)

    Activating Google assistent to 6.0.1 (stok \ cm13) Need ROOT! 1. Install the latest version of Google Apps. 2. Install Xposed v87. 3. To set the module to xposed Assistant Enabler and include google assistent. 4. go to settings> applications> icon settings> Default Applications> assistant and...
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    Thread [Cm12/13] N-ui theme (pixel style)

    Nui is a design theme for CyanogenMod 12/13 performed in the style google pixel. Аt the moment this theme is best displays pixel interface. The theme includes: - Nougat Theme system apps. - Wallpaper. - Lock screen wallpaper. - Pixel icons. - Pixel Bootanimation. - Animated Navigation bar...
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    Thread Material theme for CM10 / 10.1

    Materialtheme for CM10 / 10.1 - is the theme for firmware Cyanogenmod 10 / 10.1. It is made in material design. Download: Mod edit: Link removed.
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    Thread [Theme][CM11]Marshmallow CM11

    allow Wallpaper. - Marshmallow icons. - Marshmallow bootanimation. - Marshmallow themes apps. Themed all standard apps. Installation: Install the apk-file. Apply theme. Reset phone. Download: Mod edit: Link removed.