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  1. sam.balia1012

    Thread [Q] un invert an app

    Is there an app or a mod to un-invert an app? there is a theme that i like, but it made gmail look horrible inverted. hence the need to un invert it. Thanks:confused:
  2. sam.balia1012

    Thread [Q] devs i need ideas plz

    i have 2 (two) T989 phones, one working fine, the other i just got from ebay(unlocked & rooted) sim card in the first one works good, flashed a new rom (slim rom 4.2.2) on the 2nd ----> sim not detected flashed back stock (4.0.4) ---> still sim not dtected tried diff radios tried APN settings...
  3. sam.balia1012

    Thread apn disappear

    running aokp mysterious 4.2.2 build 032213 after power cycle (reboot or off/on) apn disappear....no network present(phone & data) tried apn backup & restore ...didnt help tried GETIRL ...couldnt get it to work Help...i can always manually setup apn abd save it then reboot...it works..But...
  4. sam.balia1012

    Thread JB Kenels available for sgs2 hercules

    is there a database of sorts that has list of JB Kenels available for sgs2 hercules. i know they are ROM specific ....any info is appreciated.
  5. sam.balia1012

    Thread [Q] udpate cm 10.1 nightlies

    straight to the point: i'd like to flash cm 10.1 nightlies the fastest efficient way possible tried cynadelta didnt world cm updater also got stuck I would like to avoid having to wipe data and re-flash the new .zip nightly, since i dirty flash one and it gut stuck looping. current version: cm...
  6. sam.balia1012

    Thread [q] stock dialer

    i understand that the phone.apk is part of the Android OS,here is what i would like help with: replace stock [Dialer/caller id/Contacts] with RocketDial pro. Phone is rooted on Froyo 2.2 samsung captivate. I move the app to /sysytem/app and chmod it Then use Tibu to freeze the stock phone app...