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    Thread [ROM] [8.1.0_r26] [arm] optimized LineageOS 15.1 Unofficial

    Mod Edit: Download with patched PAID app removed - Thread Closed until non-warez download provided. OP, please PM me when you are ready to post a new build that does NOT include warez. ROM r26 (last)[/URL] builded with Snapdragon LLVM 4.0.2, root in Developer menu, stock kernel with added...
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    Thread [ROM] [arm] [Unofficial] optimized LineageOS 14.1

    LineageOS 14.1 builded with Snapdragon LLVM 3.8.8 and UberTC arm-eabi and android-eabi Root integrated in Developer Options No bugs only standard for lineage 14.1 Link Unofficial opengapps pico Source Code: ROM Athene Vendor Links to toolchains: UberTC Snapdragon LLVM 3.8.8...
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    Thread G920R4 Touchpad mirroring truble

    Hi all after i try to flash custom with russian language my phone touchpad are mirroring are anyone can explain how i can fix it i just try twrp zeroflte and zeroflteusc after flashing to stock rom my touchscreen are mirroring xy cordinates after i push left side i touch to right icon...
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    Thread Droid Ultra XT1080 Boot Animation Port with sound

    Hi this is my xt1080 bootanimation port https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-j5aCW7oVPq-9a9ueWUPvXVW9jhErQ8S
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    Thread [ROM] [osprey] Xperia Open Source Project [7.1.2_r33] [UberTC & Snapdragon LLVM]

    Hi this is my first ROM on xda forum. XOSP builded with UberTC and Snapdragon LLVM: Installation Instruction: 1) Make Full Wipes 2) Install XOSP OFFICIAL 3) Install XOSP Apps 4) Install GApps 5) Reboot phone 6) Go to Settings -> XOSPSettings ->...
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    Thread Droid Ultra (MAXX) XT1080(m) bootanimation with sound for Nougat

    Hi this is my bootanimation port Thread closed by OP request