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    Post Question How is your Pixel Experience/Plus battery usage?

    Terrible! Trying to install optimus drunk kernel to see if it makes it better!
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    Post Development [ROM][11][Alioth][Aliothin] Pixel Experience [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    Quick review for those wishing to get this rom installed. Pros: Very fast, no bloat; Very stable, no resets so far; Unlimited Google Photos backup; Got gPay working thanks to this post. Haven't had the video issues some users have been reporting. Everything else works out of the box. Cons...
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    Post Development [ROM][11][Alioth][Aliothin] Pixel Experience [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    Yeah man, not proficient with messing with the Kernel... maybe you should post how to do it for others maybe? By the way how do I find out which firmware version is installed on this device? Can't find it on the settings.
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    Post Development [ROM][11][Alioth][Aliothin] Pixel Experience [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    Thanks got google pay working thanks to this post! Fast charging isn't working, not a big deal, but wish it would come with the pixel gcam, fiddling with gcam apks is annoying, my photos still look blurry on the default apk on the poco f3 forums... Great rom though, also google photos have...
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    Post Development [ROM][11][Alioth][Aliothin] Pixel Experience [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    is gcam included? is this pe plus? why is it not listed on the pixelexperience.org? is there a variable refresh rate option or just 60-120 fps?
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    Post [v8] Aidan's ROM [S905X-S905W-S912-S905X2-S905Y2-S905X3-S905W4] [Android TV 9] [Netflix TV] [Disney+] [Google Play Certified] [ROOT]

    Dude which version should I get for the Tanix Tx3 mini CS_905W_TX_v1.1?? It has no Bluetooth and a s9082c wifi chip
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    Post [v8] Aidan's ROM [S905X-S905W-S912-S905X2-S905Y2-S905X3-S905W4] [Android TV 9] [Netflix TV] [Disney+] [Google Play Certified] [ROOT]

    Don't use usb adapters, use the usb ports on the back of the computer. if the first time does not work try a second it always does.
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    Post [S905W] atvX v4 - AndroidTV 9.0

    by the way all the apps, amazon, netflix and disney+ are not working... Im gonna try aidans rom. https://aidansrom.wordpress.com/
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    Post [S905W] atvX v4 - AndroidTV 9.0

    Flash one more time, it works on the second try, it worked for me!
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    Post [S905W] atvX v4 - AndroidTV 9.0

    The link is correct though, problem is, the website has been shutdown for a couple of weeks now =( Even the forums are out https://forum.atvxperience.com/
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    Post [S905W] atvX v4 - AndroidTV 9.0

    Usa um adaptador usb, o foda é que comprei um 5.0 pra pegar velocidades melhores mas n rolou, ele reconhece poucos. melhor procurar algum com um chip realtek antigo Can you get the drivers from other chipsets? This is a repost, the actual developer works on this forum...
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    Thread Question Having trouble with my new wireless earbuds. Can't manage bluetooth devices.

    I imagine everybody who's not on a custom OS by now is using MIUI 12.5 (garbage). Anyhow I got this new set of earbuds but when trying to connect it says wrong pin/passcode or some crap. I thought great (manage devices and delete the damn thing), no such option. Researched a bit on google, tried...
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    Post Development [ROM][11.0][UNOFFICIAL][STABLE][ALIOTH] PIXEL EXPERIENCE PLUS [OSS] [2021-05-06]

    Até you guys in the process of becoming an official release? How does that work?
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    Post Question Any software solution to proximity sensor failure on calls?

    Unfortunately, they have to use palm rejection in conjunction with the camera to get it to work but it will never be as good... I know that feeling bro... hate how when listening to audios on Instagram or whatsapp this **** doesn't even work at all
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    Post Can someone extract and upload the smart controller app?

    Not available any more, can you provide de latest?
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    Post [ROM][AOSP][11.0.0_r39]PixelROM Project[beryllium][2021/07/15]

    How's the gcam app? Photos and video recording ok? No need to flash weird dlls for it to work? Could you guys post some samples? If you guys get OTA updates it's bye bye lineage and hello pixel 4 Enviado de meu POCO F1 usando o Tapatalk
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][9.0.0][beryllium] LineageOS 16.0

    Using latest firmware build and version of lineage The stability is great, had some issues with the fingerprint and fixed it by deleting it and re-scanning my left index finger. Faceunlock seems to be the real bugger though. Can't get it to work at all...
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    Post BSG Google Camera port - 7.4.104 (June 18)

    How do I get rid of the text over the shutter Pretty much the only issue I have!