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  1. malimt

    Post How To Guide [ROM][MIUI][venus] Xiaomi.eu ROM for Xiaomi MI 11

    You can certainly try, but the issue may be app-related. Check your battery saver settings for each app, and it also depends on your usage. Major battery drain isn't an issue that I or others have been really experiencing as far as I am aware.
  2. malimt

    Post How To Guide Rooting the Mi 11 with the latest Xiaomi.eu ROM

    Thank you @zoltan78 , you, sir, have been a life-saver. I appreciate your time and help!
  3. malimt

    Post How To Guide Rooting the Mi 11 with the latest Xiaomi.eu ROM

    Can we flash the new stable .eu ROM updates using TWRP without formatting data? Because for example, my device is currently rooted now using the 12.5.9 .eu stable build. If I were to flash a new update that came out while my device is rooted, can I dirty flash or will have to clean flash? By...
  4. malimt

    Post How To Guide Rooting the Mi 11 with the latest Xiaomi.eu ROM

    Really? That's wonderful. Could you please give me the straightforward instructions to follow? Just grab the apk file, rename it and flash it in TWRP? A walkthrough would be much, much appreciated! Edit: You know what... I was blind, my apologies. Clearly, the link is provided above in the...
  5. malimt

    Post How To Guide Rooting the Mi 11 with the latest Xiaomi.eu ROM

    I am really looking forward to the update (: I'd love to know how we can go about rooting our devices using the .eu ROM and TWRP since Fastboot is no longer being used.
  6. malimt

    Post How To Guide [ROM][MIUI][venus] Xiaomi.eu ROM for Xiaomi MI 11

    No, unfortunately, not. We will have to do updates via TWRP for now as far as I am aware. You have to download the latest stable, boot TWRP img, and flash the update without formatting.
  7. malimt

    Post Software or Hardware charging problems?

    I echo what @XDHx86 has stated. At times, your charging port can be clogged up with dirt, lint, dust, etc... Cleaning it might resolve the issue. However, be sure not to use anything but isopropyl alcohol, preferably 70%+ solution.
  8. malimt

    Post [CLOSED]Stuck on boot logo and can't enter download or recovery mode

    Hi there, First of all, I am sorry that you are experiencing this issue. However, if you are not well-versed or have any doubts when attempting such procedures, please be aware that these things can happen. Moving forward, the good news is that your phone is soft-bricked based on the...
  9. malimt

    Post How To Guide [ROM][MIUI][venus] Xiaomi.eu ROM for Xiaomi MI 11

    @ingbrzy Hey there OP. Great job with this post! I just recently picked up a Mi11, and your post was excellent in guiding me to flash EU rom on the Chinese variant of the device. As a result, I made a small contribution for your time. My apologies for not being able to donate more; I hope that...
  10. malimt

    Post Screen on time

    Yes, well, it was a Sunday, not much activity going on. Netflix streaming on HD, the same goes for YouTube, streaming videos at HD with almost 50% brightness is going to use a decent amount of battery. Also, as aforementioned, some apps such as the stock messaging app that I use and the adobe...
  11. malimt

    Post Screen on time

    I understand. Here you go as promised, two screenshots. I genuinely couldn't use my phone as much as I'd like too, but then again, it is Sunday, not much work-related stuff going on. Still, I think it did very well. Edit: I'd like to clarify one more thing that I had forgotten about when I made...
  12. malimt

    Post Screen on time

    Thank you for pointing it out. Yes, I know how to locate it, but I genuinely forgot about that. I'm going to be starting my day here shortly, and with a 100% charge, I will be using all day. Once it becomes night time, I will upload a pic of the battery status/info as well as the app usage for...
  13. malimt

    Post Screen on time

    Nothing suspicious about it. Check out my latest post; I provided screenshots—5H13M SOT and on 50%. Forgot to take a screenshot of app usage, but I go through this phone a lot. I really do use it a lot with many different apps.
  14. malimt

    Post Screen on time

    Of course. Sorry for the late response. Here are two screenshots taken on separate occasions—one with Bluetooth active for a few hours as well and one without. [/COLOR] Sorry, I forgot to include your quote in my response. I have edited my post to add you as well. Please view the attached...
  15. malimt

    Post No notifications sounds over Bluetooth

    Yeah, I bet that's frustrating. It works fine for me on my Airpods, and I just started using the 4 XL as my primary device yesterday. I didn't fiddle around with any of the settings except for transferring my files over and turning on the blue light filter. Aside from that, I haven't done...
  16. malimt

    Post Peeling glass back

    I wasn't aware of this, but it sure is concerning. I took the case off my 4 XL to check every corner and inch of the back glass to see if there was anything similar, and I didn't see anything. I've had my 4 XL since March but only started using it as my primary device yesterday. It doesn't...
  17. malimt

    Post Screen on time

    The odd thing is that many people seem to complain about the battery of the 4 XL. Even some of my friends aren't happy with it, I'm not sure why, though. I purchased my 4 XL renewed from Amazon back in March, and I have barely used the phone because I was using my OnePlus 7T pro, but that is...
  18. malimt

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][hotdog][10] LineageOS 17.1

    I really love Lineage; there is just one issue with most custom ROMs these days, and that is the Play Store Certification. Has anyone tried this ROM with GApps? If so, please let me know if you are having trouble with Play Store certification, and missing Apps as a result of not being certified...
  19. malimt

    Post [GUIDE] How to flash Lineage OS 16 Official + Gapps from OOS10 and pass SafetyNet

    Awesome! Thanks. I guess I'm liking the OnePlus more than my S10+ now. Samsung makes much more difficult to rollback using Odin and such. But this is just great!
  20. malimt

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][ALPHA][10] LineageOS 17 for OnePlus 7 Pro [20191230]

    As much as I love the Q experience, I'm going to be sticking to the official LOS 16, until this is more ready to use. I hope so that it will be soon. I do understand that there's one person working on this and dedicated his personal time, so no rush there! Great work thus far and thank you for...
  21. malimt

    Post [OxygenOS System Mods] RENOVATE ICE 14.0 | OP7/OP7PRO//OP7T/OP7TPRO

    Honestly, this looks like a really nice ROM, I may give it a try sometime down the road. There's a lot of good ROMS out there for the OP7P, but I really like this one here. For some reason, I can't seem to get off Lineage, only if I could... Then this would be my go-to ROM. I know lineage and...
  22. malimt

    Post [RECOVERY][3.4.0-10][Unified]Official/Unofficial TWRP for OnePlus 7/7 pro/5G (Stable)

    Great work here OP. I used the Pie version of IMG to boot into TWRP, flashed lineage and then let it boot, shut it down after boot, booted into recovery, sideloaded the .zip file of the TWRP from lineage recovery, then I was all good to go! Permanent TWRP, worked flawlessly, so thank you for...
  23. malimt

    Post [GUIDE] How to flash Lineage OS 16 Official + Gapps from OOS10 and pass SafetyNet

    Thank you for your response. Never apologize, you have a great guide here. I understand you were busy and had to step away. Also, I'm not sure why you experienced that because I followed your guide every step of the way and everything went perfectly, aside for the safetycheck but I managed to...
  24. malimt

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][guacamole][9] LineageOS 16.0

    I've just installed the latest build of Lineage Dec 3rd, and I thought I'd go ahead and report a bug I discovered. All of my routers at home are set as Hidden, so you have to manually add the network. When I try to manually add the network (name, security, password, etc.) it does not show up or...
  25. malimt

    Post [GUIDE] How to flash Lineage OS 16 Official + Gapps from OOS10 and pass SafetyNet

    I have followed all of your instructions and have successfully installed Lineage, TWRP, and Magisk. I've even downloaded the Magisk hide prop from downloads. The only thing I DO NOT understand is STEP 7. PLEASE explain what you have to exactly do here. I don't understand what you mean by: "Just...
  26. malimt

    Post [TOOL] TOOL ALL IN ONE (Drivers|Unlock|TWRP|Factory Image|Stock Recovery)

    I read the previous comments about the Windows Defender detecting as a trojan and that it's a false positive? I just want to confirm this. I already gave you a 'thanks' because this is a great tool and I'm sure me along with every other OP owner appreciates it. I hope you don't take offense to...
  27. malimt

    Post [GUIDE] How to flash Lineage OS 16 Official + Gapps from OOS10 and pass SafetyNet

    Magisk is most definitely required. Without it you cannot pass safetynet.
  28. malimt

    Post [GUIDE] How to flash Lineage OS 16 Official + Gapps from OOS10 and pass SafetyNet

    Usually, you cannot dirty flash an older Build to downgrade. This will most likely cause an issue. You need to perform a clean install. I'm not entirely sure in OP7s case, but I do know this applies to Samsung devices and many others as well.
  29. malimt

    Post [GUIDE] How to flash Lineage OS 16 Official + Gapps from OOS10 and pass SafetyNet

    Great guide. I just have one question for you. I have a GM1910 Model of the phone with international rom. I'm currently on Oxygen OS 10.0.2, can I still follow your steps to downgrade to the and then flash Lineage as per your instructions? I'm new to the OnePlus devices and I want to be...
  30. malimt

    Post New FingerPrint UPDATE

    Perfect. Thank you. I was just about to make a post asking if it will... In my mind, I had a feeling that it would but I wasn't very sure. Now any ideas how we'd go about getting this update with root? Also, If not, that's fine. I'll live with it, but how do we go about stopping the...
  31. malimt

    Post Fix Samsung Internet (Browser) secret mode after root

    Hats off to you my good sir! Worked flawlessly!!!
  32. malimt

    Post [ROM] LineageOS 16.0 for S10E/S10/S10+ Exynos

    I'm assuming that you're currently using the ROM yourself or have in the past? How does it compare to the original One UI ROM? Also, in your experience, do you consider it to be relatively safe in comparison to the One UI ROM? I've always been interested in Lineage OS and consider it to be a...
  33. malimt

    Post [ROM] LineageOS 16.0 for S10E/S10/S10+ Exynos

    Hmm. Alright then... Yes, I was using the correct firmware. I made sure to downgrade to the August update, which, in my case, was the ASH1 BUILD. I'm tempted to give it another try next weekend. But at this point, I might as well wait for the next update that is, of course, if there will be...
  34. malimt

    Post [ROM] LineageOS 16.0 for S10E/S10/S10+ Exynos

    Yes, sir, I did. I'm certainly not a beginner either. I've installed custom ROMs successfully on multiple devices in the past, and I've made sure to follow the rules carefully and attempted to install this ROM three times. I've followed every step, and unfortunately, I've had no success. Yes, I...
  35. malimt

    Post [ROM] LineageOS 16.0 for S10E/S10/S10+ Exynos

    Unfortunately, I've had no luck getting this ROM. I was stuck in a boot loop for ages... Attempted to restart the phone two more times to be sure but to no avail. Nevertheless, I settled for HadesROM. A good rom that's close to stock but with a lot of options. I still would love to try and get...
  36. malimt

    Post HTC U Ultra Screen Burn In

    Same here. Issue was resolved with custom ROM, but it comes back from time-to-time if you are using your phone on high brightness levels for long periods. Avoid using phone at high brightness lvls while charging because it tends to get very hard and will leave a burn-in until it cools down again.
  37. malimt

    Post Stock Rom & Recovery HTC U Ultra os 2.19.401.1 - mid 2pzf20000 - cid HTC_J15

    Hello there, I just stumbled upon your thread because I'm looking to revert back to stock. However, I've not been able to find a good - twrp/custom recovery - flashable Stock ROM variant for this device. I just saw this and got excited but the link is broken/down/deleted. Anyone have a...
  38. malimt

    Post [ROM][9.0.0][UNOFFICIAL][OCE] LineageOS 16.0 [STABLE]

    Wow. Werd. I don't believe I'm experiencing that. ^^
  39. malimt

    Post [ROM][9.0.0][UNOFFICIAL][OCE] LineageOS 16.0 [STABLE]

    I'm not surprised tbh. It works with orbot as well. However, when it comes to anything else it doesn't work. Like the popular Hotspot shield, HideMyAss (HMA), Nord VPN, Express VPN, etc. I've tried multiple VPN clients to no avail. It's just not working at all. It simply does not connect. Not...
  40. malimt

    Post [ROM][9.0.0][UNOFFICIAL][OCE] LineageOS 16.0 [STABLE]

    Ah great. Thanks for your reply, I'll have to check that out. Honestly, I like this ROM so much that I'm very well considering changing my VPN subscriptions. Lol -- hope this works for me. Edit: orbit does seem to work. I just wish I could get my other apps to work since I just realized what...
  41. malimt

    Post [ROM][9.0.0][UNOFFICIAL][OCE] LineageOS 16.0 [STABLE]

    Great clean ROM so far. Installed smoothly and everything is going really well. There's only one slight problem that's really affecting me at this time...VPN issues. I cannot connect to a VPN at all. I have two subscriptions, one with HMA and the other Hotspot Shield. Both apps don't even...
  42. malimt

    Post [App] [7.0+] Lineage OS Gallery Apk with photo editing

    Vary good. Works great on my BlackBerry motion running 8.1.1 stock
  43. malimt

    Post [ROM] MOAR Nougatized QC5 - 08/05/2017

    I have the same device and you can unlock it for pretty much free. There's a thread on xda not sure if it's still active but the guy unlocks it for free just search sm-n920p Sprint unlock. I managed to get it unlocked and I was using it while vacationing in Europe. I hate paying roaming charges...
  44. malimt

    Post [ROM] Galaxy Note 5 QC5 Nougat Deodexed (Not Quite) Stock Rom

    A little late to the party, but overall very good rom! I flashed the debloat zip as well. Seems to be working very well except for the hotspot, but I don't really use hotspot on my N5 because it's my second phone that I use mainly for games & media. Thanks for the ROM!
  45. malimt

    Post [GUIDE] What to do/install/add after Root to enchance P20 Experience

    Correct. Most phones are like this. When you unlock the bootloader or root then the warranty is void. I'm sure though there will be a way to relock the bootloader soon.
  46. malimt

    Post Photo quality

    Yeah, I agree. I too hope that it's a software issue. During daylight it works okay, but still overall quite poor. I will be sure to submit a bug report through settings and let them know about this. I just saw this optiom today while looking through the settings. During day light it works...
  47. malimt

    Post Photo quality

    I understand your frustrations I really do. Unfortunately, it's always been like this for me. I've used the Mi Mix and now the 2nd gen mi mix 2 both have had very very bad cameras comparing to other smartphones out there. It's not horrible but it's rather awful lol. Hopefully, it's a software...
  48. malimt

    Post HTC U Ultra Android 8.0 Oreo update

    Well that's good. Like I said before, I'm glad that the single sim users are getting better battery life. I may look into my device further and see if I can do something to further improve the battery life.
  49. malimt

    Post Quality feel (use of materials)

    Unfortunately, I know exactly what you mean... My brother just got the s9+ and he used it only for two days and then basically just handed it to me for free lol... I haven't gotten around to using it much but my brother told me that he hated it. Why? Well apparently, he experienced something...
  50. malimt

    Post Photo quality

    Seconded. I completely agree with you on that!!! It's super smooth and very fast!!!