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    Thread Microsoft Launcher Beta!

    Microsoft Launcher Beta is the way to go! It works so much better! Fixes gesture problems and overall performance. I had to do a Launcher Dance to install it. 1. Install another Launcher, I just installed Nova Launcher. 2. Go to the app settings for Microsoft Launcher and force Stop it. 3...
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    Thread Where is the Live Wallpaper from the introduction video?

    Where is the Live Wallpaper from the introduction video? It's not on the Duo and not seen anyone else with it... https://gfycat.com/amp/desertedmagnificenteyelashpitviper-science-technology-microsoft-surface
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    Thread T-Mobile Trade-in Options?

    Did the NYC pop up or sig stores today have T-Mobile trade-in options? T-Mobile is currently offerring $300-$400 trade-ins for many of their other phones right now...Are there simular options for the OnePlus 7 Pro?
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    Thread Sprint HTC Bolt vs Boost Mobile HTC Bolt?

    Are there any differences between the two? Can you use the Sprint version on Boost Mobile. I see mixed info on them.
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    Thread [Q] [Q/REQ] Use Touch Keyboard Outside of Merto UI

    I Have searched every ware to find a solution and have yet to find a fix. USING TOUCH SCREEN. Problem: When NOT in the Metro UI, Pressing in a text field the typing cursor appears and starts to blink. (ready for typing) (at this point in Windows 7 a keyboard icon will appear for the option to...
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    Thread [Q]Fix SD Card after failed update

    I seen that trying to update the hd2 wp7 with mangoB2WPupdate would distroy your sd card. So i decided to give it a go to see if i could fix it. well after many attempts its still not fixed. Has anyone found a fix for it yet?
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    Thread [app req/prj] Screen MIRROR/Horizontal Flip--Shake2Flip

    Ok here we go. I have been looking for a long time to find an app to MIRROR the current screen. This would mainly be for making a HUD(Heads Up Display) while in a GPS program. I have yet to find one, no do i have the skills to make one. I'm thinking this would be fairly simple, "a capture...