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    Thread Verizon VoLTE NOT Working

    So I'm on the latest pixeldust and everything is fine except I noticed data cuts off while I'm on a call. Any ideas xda family?
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    Thread Pixel XL Black Screen of DEATH!

    Ok guys I'm hoping you people way way smarter than me can help. So, I was listening to YouTube last night and the phone froze. It was totally unresponsive. I hard reset it with power/vol down and the screen has been black ever since. I'm running PixelDust on it. Never had any issues. Here's the...
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    Thread Fastboot Commands & Errors

    Ok guys I've been away a while and decided to finally update my nitrogen OS to the latest Android. When I try to do this, I get errors and failed commands. I went and bought a new USB A-C piece to try and still the same. I updated everything in the SDK and same thing. It also fails to identify...
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    Thread Nexus 6P HELP!

    Ok guys so I've given my GF my old 6P and it suddenly shut down on her. It wont power on without a charger connected. I go to bootloader and see this. What is my next move?
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    Thread I desperate need help!!!

    Idk what else to do. I've run all the scripts and still can't get booted. It started with unlocking and trying to flash nitrogen. Made it to the nitrogen boot animation and it just hung. Tried to flash the factory img and haven't been in system since. I tried deuces, skipsoft, manual factory...
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    Thread Can't Mount Internal Storage

    So I have a pixel XL and suddenly I can't Mount Internal. I've tried to on 2 PC that I have with several different usb-c to no avail. I've been away a long time. I'm still on nougat PureNexus lol. Any ideas why I can't Mount Internal storage?
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    Thread 8.1 Oreo Broken Tethering

    Ok guys so I was on pure Nexus forever and decided to finally upgrade. I upgraded to fire hound only to find out tethering via WiFi and USB is broken. I have FoxFi and pda and even they are borked. I added the usual tethering=true line to the build prop and no dice. I flashed the tethering...
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    Thread Unlocked Pixel XL 2 on Verizon

    Hey guys, I'm currently on XL and want to pull the trigger for XL2. Can anyone confirm if tethering is working? For some reason, I can't get my XL to tether anymore on Verizon. I'm on the $80 unlimited plan. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Thread NEXUS 6P Screen Replacement? Help

    Guys, I've made a huge mistake. I cracked the screen on the 6p and I can't stand looking at it like this. How do I go about getting it fixed? As far as I know, just the screen is cracked. There are no more issues. Any help or advice from you smarter veterans? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Thread Unlocked Pixel XL with no Video Chat

    Ok so I have the Pixel XL on Verizon. Data instantly drops every time I try to video chat or call from Facebook, Hangouts, etc. I have little Pixel on T-Mobile and it doesn't do that. Any idea why? I'm rooted on PureNexus also. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Thread T-Mobile Tethering LIMITS!

    Is there a way to BYPASS these limits? If someone knows, please fill me in. They have some good tracking on that tethering data lol. Mods move if in wrong section please!
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    Thread Bypass T-Mobile Tethering Throttle

    Is there a way to bypass this? I have unlimited everything with them, but only 14G tethering limit then super throttled. Any ideas smarter rooters?
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    Thread Where's The HTC10 SPRINT Section?

    I haven't seen it and I'm worried I may flash the wrong thing!
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    Thread Sprint v. T-Mobile BYOP

    OK guys ive been with sprint since 2010 and I'm on that old 400 landline minute plan... Grandfathered. Thing is, I have the 6P and was wondering if I could get a better deal with T-Mobile. I pay $79 a month with sprint. I checked the T-Mobile site and it said, even with my own phone, $95 a month...
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    Thread Titanium Backup Weird...

    Hello guys I rarely post, but I'm having a weirs issue. Titanium backup won't back up my apps/data claiming insufficient space when I have 46GB left. I'm on Chroma ROM, not the most up to date one though. Any help, greatly appreciated.
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    Thread Nexus 6p on Sprint

    Are there any sprint users here? I've used HTC for all of my Android life and it's time to move on to true Android in Nexus. Only thing is, I'm hesitant because I haven't seen any sprint feedback. Can you guys assure me, this purchase in N6P is well worth it?