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  1. prot-

    Thread Does twrp work on Android 11 ?

    Does twrp work on Android 11 ? Doesn't seem to work for me
  2. prot-

    Thread does magisk work with android q?

    Thinking of updating to q beta 5 from pie. However I can't live without adblock so need root. Can anyone confirm if magisk root ok on q?
  3. prot-

    Thread Camera microphone broken

    I noticed audio in all my camera recordings (+ audio recording apps) doesn't work any more. I've never dropped my phone. I factory reset but nothing changed. I've looked it up and Google have officially admitted it's a known hardware issue with the soldering :( Looks like I'll have to send...
  4. prot-

    Thread full backup and restore of google pixel?

    Does anyone know of a successful method of full backup and restore of the Google pixel xl? If so, how? I've heard twrp isn't ready and I can't find a way to full nandroid backup either. Some clarification would be most appreciated!
  5. prot-

    Thread Is there a way to change volume button default to media instead of ringtone?

    ia there a way to change volume button default to media instead of ringtone? I couldn't care less if my ringtone is loud or not. I'm always just wanting to change media volume. On previous Android devices like lg g4 and Samsung galaxy, if you are watching media, The volume button will control...
  6. prot-

    Thread Google Assistant with web activity paused?

    Has anyone worked out if there is any way to enable Google assistant with web activity / history paused? It is possible with Google Now. Feel like Google is spying on us
  7. prot-

    Thread full (rooted) device backup and restore?

    Does anyone know if / how to do a full device backup and (have successfully) restored it? I've been told TWRP doesn't work when restoring yet. I can't see nandroid backup as an option in the toolkit.
  8. prot-

    Thread What do the build numbers mean?

    What do the build numbers mean? I want to flash stock rom and OTAs but I'm unsure what these mean exactly and cannot find through many searches where to find the answer. For example on this page I can download otas for NDE63H , NDE63L, NDE63P etc. Are these specific device models for...
  9. prot-

    Thread Anyone know how to change default mp3 application?

    Anyone know how to change default mp3 application? I use poweramp for all my music, but if I look at any mp3 file on my phone in file explorer I have no other option but the crappy music app to choose from. Can't figure out how to change it on this phone
  10. prot-

    Thread Which model is newer: H815v10E or h81510F ??

    Which model is newer: H815v10E or h81510F ?? Confused.. i see 81510F out ages ago, and LG Bridge tells me there is a new model from 25-11-2015 which is version H1510E ??
  11. prot-

    Thread Stagefright

    I have no updates available for my H815. When I did a stagefright detection a week ago there were no vulnerabilities detected. Since then I have rooted my phone. Now it's completely vulnerable besides 1 type out of 6. Not sure if it was the root or what? Anyone know?
  12. prot-

    Thread Snapchat recording problem

    Does anyone else have freezing issue in Snapchat when trying to record video? I've tried numerous roms now on my g900i with same problem on last 2 weeks. I'm sure it's a Snapchat bug with s5 but wanted to make sure i wasn't alone? Sent from my SM-G900I using XDA Free mobile app
  13. prot-

    Thread G900i Stock Kernel (NFC fix) - Sidesync doesn't work

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to point out that the G900i Stock Kernel (NFC fix) is missing the required components which allow the control of the device via Sidesync. If any Dev out there knows how to fix this, it would be great!
  14. prot-

    Thread Sidesync issues

    Hi, I have sidesync 3.0 installed on my lollipop s5 and KitKat galaxy tab s. The phones connect but touches / buttons do not respond. I have reinstalled /updated numerous times but no fix. Anyone else have this problem?
  15. prot-

    Thread Unlock effects on secure lockscreen

    Just thought I'd point out that the Xposed module "Unlock effect before security code" designed for the S4 works nicely on the S5 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2404036 Make sure you turn off security on the lock screen first, set the effect and then turn security (pattern...
  16. prot-

    Thread [Feature Request] Remove Power Saving persistent notification

    The latest firmware update (July 2014) to Samsung Galaxy s5 has a horrible persistent notification in and above the notifcation bar. When power saving mode is enabled and when restrict backround data is enabled in the power savings mode, they are both siting there unremovable. "Power savings...
  17. prot-

    Thread Power Saving mode persistent notification

    I've just updated to the latest Firmware, now I have a persistent notification saying Power Saving Mode Enabled and Background Data Restricted. Very ugly and annoying! Anyone know how to get rid of it? what a ridiculous feature
  18. prot-

    Thread MMS notifications?

    I dont get any notification when MMS's arrive? any idea why? Ive looked at all the settings and nothing is obvious to me as to why?
  19. prot-

    Thread com.sec.msc.android.proxy ??

    com.sec.msc.android.proxy Anyone know what this is? Keep force closing on me.
  20. prot-

    Thread How to remove alarm icon (root)?

    Anyone know how to get rid of it? So ugly Sent from my SM-G900I using XDA Free mobile app
  21. prot-

    Thread Xposed compatible?

    Ive had a look around but cant find any answers. Is xposed framework compatible with the s5? And does Wanam xposed work? I dont wanna brick my phone trying.. Sent from my SM-G900I using xda app-developers app
  22. prot-

    Thread Flashing Roms with ART instead of Dalvik

    is it safe to install CWM and flash a rom if im usign ART runtime rather than Dalvik? or should i revert back to dalvik first? As when flashing roms i know it wipes dalvik cache etc..
  23. prot-

    Thread Gallery auto rotate?

    Soes anyone know how to get photos to rotate automaticaly in the gallery app? Never had this issue on my s3. Auto rotate I set in display settings
  24. prot-

    Thread Lock screen (Camera) widgets?

    Where are they??? just got mine today and no such setting in lock screen settings :( With Telstra Australia - wtf!
  25. prot-

    Thread Instagram crash on video upload. 4.3

    Since upgrading to 4.3 Instagram crashes when ever I try to upload a video. I've seen many reports of it. Rolling back to 4.1 it works again. None of the Instagram updates have fixed issue. Anyone have this or know of a fix?
  26. prot-

    Thread No one can call me - 4.3 roms Telstra

    I swear 4.3 has ruined my reception in Australia no matter what modem I use. No one can ever call me (sometimes they can) Says my phone is off. Sometimes I try call out and just get beeps. Then it works, sometimes not. All sms works fine though. Anyone else have this?? I've even bought a new...
  27. prot-

    Thread Latest kernel?

    Pardon me if this is somewhere else, and im sure it is. But I cant find anywhere. How do we know what is the very latest stock kernel and where can we see a list of releases Wouldnt mind knowing modems either
  28. prot-

    Thread [Q] Red ! at i9305T boot

    I have searched far and wide to no avail When booting my Samsung Galaxy S3 4G i9305T - As I see the i9305T logo screen, I can see a red ! asterisks up the top left corner. I don't know what this means and I cant see any problems on my phone anyway. It is rooted btw