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    Thread understand better the port to a device

    Hi guys, I'm just trying to know better what is needed for building OSS for Arm devices.. as I'm thinking about three projects, lineageos, twrp and postmarketos : for any kind of device, if I ask for the following, would it work better? a/ sources of the original manufacturer ROM b/ kernel...
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    Thread My long quest to LineageOS : Huawei / P8Lite 2015 ALE-L21 Alice 21

    Hi guys, just getting report regarding huawei P8 Lite Alice 21, codename ALE L21, 2015 hw release so firstly to unlock the bootloader, dont pay for it, use potatoNV, and dont forget to add those steps (under linux) : fastboot oem backdoor set 1 fastboot reboot-bootloader fastboot oem...
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    Thread p8lite alice 21, disable sim slot without removing it

    Hi guys, on stock rom of p lite 2015 alice21, it's possible to disable one of the two sim cards, for ex to avoid draining battery? I have lineage 14 working well today, with few problems but I deal with them, but I don't see the option to disable a sim card without removing it from the slot..
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    Thread smg386f : run it with something else than stock rom?

    Hi guys I'm posting there, cause I'm afraid of getting only few information or resources about getting a working alternative for this device. It's a samsung, I'd like to know how to make it running another software than stock rom : SM G386F GALAXY CORE rom stock android 4.2.2 Renesas MP5232...
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    Thread g530fz: little help to kick out stock rom, keep working sim card?

    g530fz Hi guys, Have this device, a bit old as a bit strange : samsung g530fz. g530FZ andro 5.0.2 https://pastebin.com/rBp485KV (1yr) 1/ proc/cpuinfo 2/ df -h 3/ ip a 4/ proc/meminfo 5/ dmesg Tried several twrp on it using odin. Tried several lineage os versions, such as 17.1 and 16. Problem...
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    Thread P8Lite / ALEL21/ 2015

    Hi guys :) I just succeed to unlock with potatoNV my ale L21. but, its looks like there is no twrp for the 2015 version? Im having this last one and it looks like 99% of xda regarding ale_L21/p8Lite towards 2017 version. Isnt it possible to know how to switch to twrp/lineage with 2015 hw...
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    Thread [p8 lite] ale l21

    Hello :) (hope I'm on the right part of the forum) I have an huawei P8 LITE ALE L21, 2017. I want to know how to install Lineage OS on it, but I have difficulties with installing twrp. Is there a way to flash LOS on this device? I thank you vm :)