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  1. nu2droid

    Thread Update modem files

    My reception is horrible. I am on the Verizon Note with the Baseband 1AQI5 using Samfail V1 and running Chimera V2.5. I want to know if the modem files can be updated or tweaked for better reception without having to wipe the system or updating to newer bootloader?
  2. nu2droid

    Thread Samsung cloud on vzw

    Had anyone figured out hours to show the Samsung cloud on the Verizon variant? I know it's there but Verizon has it locked out. Shortcut master shows it but does nothing with it. Thoughts? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  3. nu2droid

    Thread Verizon S7e Volume issuses

    I am running the Verizon S7e with the rooted Nougat from post #68 here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/verizon-s7-edge/how-to/root-method-nougat-t3566978/page7 After completing this, I noticed a couple issues with my sound. On the handset, while on speaker, the volume is so low you can not...
  4. nu2droid

    Thread Verizon S7e Volume issues

    Deleted and moved to another forum.
  5. nu2droid

    Thread Sound for messenger calling

    What controls the voice / sound settings when making a call over apps like Facebook messenger? Currently i am running the emotion rom v16.1 and calls over messenger work great. I switched to the noble rom,which runs great... but I was unable to use messenger to make calls. When I made a...
  6. nu2droid

    Thread Dual boot or Multisystem Tool

    I am preparing to start flashing roms and experimenting with different ports. Which is the better tool to use, the Dual boot patcher or the Multisystem tool, and why? The dual boot patcher seems simpler but that's not always better. I have a 200 gb SD card so the space for Multisystem isn't an...
  7. nu2droid

    Thread [Resolved] Unable to send MMS on RAZR Miui Rom

    I am currently running the Miui ROM on my Verizon CDMA xt912. It runs nicely except one thing. I am unable to send MMS on the native messaging app. And even sometimes on the go SMS app. I put the apns from my stock ROM so theoretically it should work. Nothing.... I remember having the same...
  8. nu2droid

    Thread Mobile Hotspot

    I read somewhere here the reason we couldn't get rid of the mobile hotspot software is because they couldn't find where it was attached. Well I don't know if anyone has found it yet, but I do believe I have. It is in your settings.apk in the system\app folder. I was just fishing around and came...